Euphem ism A Study in Connotation and Doublespeak

Euphem ism A Study in Connotation and Doublespeak

Euphem ism A Study in Connotation and Doublespeak Euphemism Made up of three bound morphemes:, all

Greek in origin: eu (good) + phem(voice) + ism (act/result) Examples of Euphemisms 1.garbage man

2. old people 3. pregnant 4. die 5. the dead 6. burier 7. lunatic asylums

sanitation engineer senior citizen in the family way pass away the deceased /the late undertaker / mortician mental institutions

The term "concentration camp," was once used to describe camps used to house civilian prisoners in close (concentrated) quarters, by the British during the Boer War, primarily because it sounded bland and

inoffensive. After the Third Reich used the expression to describe its death camps, the term gained enormous negative connotation. Connotations change "Idiot," and

"moron" were once neutral terms for those of limited mental ability. Negative connotations tend to crowd out neutral ones, so the phrase mentally retarded was pressed into service to replace them. Now that, too, is considered rude.

A similar progression occurred with lame crippled handicapped disabled physically challenged differently abled Comedian George Carlin gave a famous

monologue of how he thought euphemisms undermine attitudes towards serious issues. For example: Shell shock (World War I) Battle fatigue (World War II) Operational exhaustion (Korean War) Post-traumatic stress disorder

(Preferred since Vietnam) Thank you for your attention Dead Parrot The Dead Parrot sketch

from Monty Python and the Flying Circus contains many euphemisms for dead

Sanitary landfill for garbage dump Ill-advised for bad decision Pre-owned vehicles for used cars A student being held back a grade level for having failed. Correctional facility for prison Enhanced interrogation technique

for torture.

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