EPAM Cloud Orchestration V.2.1.77 V.2.1.77 September September 3,

EPAM Cloud Orchestration V.2.1.77 V.2.1.77 September September 3,

EPAM Cloud Orchestration V.2.1.77 V.2.1.77 September September 3, 3, 2016 2016 EPAM Orchestration v.2.1.77 Update Overview India, Welcome on Board! Infrastructure Updates EPAM-IN1 region is introduced SSD Introduction in Minsk Migration to Open Stack EPAM-RU1 decommissioning, EPAM-RU2/US2 introduction New Services: Splunk, Magento, ATG Existing services improved ACS service unified Cloud UI Updates Security Updates

Knowledge Sharing IAM Users control for advanced management group Managed policies resolution See more at https://epa.ms/cloud-2173 Cost Estimator updated Cloud Monitoring: more project details Access to EPAM Services PUBLIC Platform Services Updates 3 documents updated Service Catalog Updated Cloud trainings in progress EPAM Cloud Badges introduced

2 Trainings: Become a Certified Expert with EPAM Cloud The first session of Effective Cloud Computing Training was completed. 72 people attended the course. Most attendees subscribed for the course in order to improve their knowledge. Still, there are those who are absolutely new to the subject Attendees are absolutely satisfied with the course. There were no complains. 44 EPAMers passed free AWS certification after the training was completed See more on AWS Partner Network program at https://epa.ms/cloud-apn PUBLIC 3

New Region: India, Welcome on Board! EPAM Cloud introduces a new region, EPAM-IN1. The new region is based in the OpenStack (Mitaka 9.0.1) technology and has the following specifics: Billing coefficient: 1 Storage volumes are billed by provisioned, not by used, space Checkpoints are disabled Graceful shutdown (or2stop) functionality is not available The commands from other groups (as listed in Maestro CLI Reference Guide) are mostly available, but some are disabled. View instance pool scope is not available + Network specifics

Activate at EPAM Support Portal: https://epa.ms/cloud-activate PUBLIC 4 Infrastructure Updates In addition to a new region, we started big infrastructure restructuring processes, and we are already gradually implementing them: SSD Introduction in Minsk. About 40% VMs in EPAM-BY1 were moved to SSD. Within a year, region migration to SSD will be completed. Migration to OpenStack. The gradual migration to OpenStack Mitaka 9.0.1 has started. It is planned to complete the migration by the end of summer 2017. EPAM-RU1 Decommissioned. Over 300 VMs were moved from Saratov datacenter.

Instead, EPAM-RU2 region (OpenStack + SSD), hosted in St.Petersburg, will be introduced. EPAM-US2 Region Coming Soon. The region is designed for large shapes usage and will allow VMs of up to 6XL shape (8CPU, 46GB RAM) PUBLIC RU2 6XL 5 New Platform Services Big Data: Splunk as a Service, based on Splunk Enterprise 6.3.1. You can request the service in the basic configuration, and, if necessary, apply additional proxy settings. E-Commerce: Magento as a Service, based on Magento 2.0 E-Commerce: ATG as a Service, based on ATG 11.2. Service activation in CLI or2ms p PROJECT r REGION a activate s splunk/magento/atg

PUBLIC 6 Existing Services Updates Adobe AEM: PaaS mode allowed for AEM 6.2. Each instance, both author and publish, is created with its own dispatcher. Sitecore: Large mode enabled. The configuration involves several VMs each dedicated to a particular function: Sitecore Server + MongoDB MS SQL Jenkins Master Jenkins Slave Load Balancer Jenkins: Updated to Jenkins 2.0. Gerrit: Database changed to PostgreSQL. PUBLIC 7 Cloud Monitoring Updates Monthly Financial KPI is added to both Project and Region levels.

VM Lifetime and Optimization metrics are now available not only on Project, but also on Region level. PUBLIC 8 IAM User Control via Maestro CLI or2-aws-iam (or2iam) command allows to provide the information about IAM users registered for the project and to allow the Advanced Management group (Project Managers/Coordinators, Account Managers, and Delivery Managers) delete the specified IAM User account or reassign it to another project member. The default action for the command is describe Standard command call: or2iam p PROJECT a describe Response: IAM User name User creation date IAM User group names MFA devices serial numbers

Last password usage date PUBLIC 9 EPAM Cloud: Be a Hero! We always highly appreciate this input, and want to thank all our contributors and trainings attendees for their enthusiasm and interest in EPAM Cloud. There are six badges you can get by participating in Cloud educational and development activities: PUBLIC Passing Cloud basic education programs Passing Cloud advanced education programs Passing Cloud expert education programs Sharing own solutions with Cloud team Having high skills in Cloud automation and solutions

Passing AWS Partner Network certifications 10 Documentation Updates Maestro CLI User Guide EPAM Cloud Services Guide Hybrid Cloud Guide https://epa.ms/cloud-doc-cli https://epa.ms/cloud-doc-services https://epa.ms/cloud-hybrid Service-related commands updated IAM users management command added Glossary

New services added Existing services info updated FAQ https://epa.ms/cloud-faq IAM users management info added EO v.2.1.77 Update Documents https://epa.ms/cloud-glossary Main concepts included Gives references to related sources

Reviewed New questions added https://epa.ms/cloud-2177 Whats New Release Notes Video Overview Find all documents on https://epa.ms/cloud-doc PUBLIC 11 Thank You For Attention! EPAM Cloud Consulting team ([email protected]) PUBLIC 12

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