RANDY GAUGLER Center for Vector Biology Center Personnel

RANDY GAUGLER Center for Vector Biology Center Personnel

RANDY GAUGLER Center for Vector Biology Center Personnel Who Are We? Why? New Jersey: a Sentinel State Extensive coast line Climatological diversity Major ports of entry

New & Emerging DISEASES of Public Health Significance 1959 Eastern Equine Encephalitis New & Emerging DISEASES of Public Health Significance 1964 & 1975 St. Louis Encephalitis New & Emerging DISEASES of Public Health Significance 1980s Lyme Disease

New & Emerging Diseases of Public Health Significance 1999 West Nile virus New & Emerging VECTORS of Public Health Significance e.g. Aedes albopictus Efficient lab vector of >30 arboviruses Naturally infected with dengue, Japanese encephalitis, Potosi, KEY, Tensaw, Cache Valley, EEE, chikungunya & West Nile viruses Principal vector of dengue virus, dog heartworm,

chikungunya virus Degradation of human environmental quality Where Are We Going? What is Our Mission? Generate new knowledge on vectors of public health significance

Re-establish world class leadership in public health through excellence in insect vector research, education, and surveillance. The Center predicts, prevents and manages vectorborne diseases

Contribute to academic instruction Center for Vector Biology Provide vector and disease surveillance

Provide research-based education programs and materials to stakeholders How Do We Get There? Excellence Urgency Change

Center for Vector Biology Action Goals Transitioning from Good to Great 1. Entitlement to Entrepreneurial 2. Assume Broader Mission

3. Balance between Basic & Applied Research 4. Regional to International 5. Integrate Surveillance and Research 6. Develop New Alliances and Partnerships in Public Health 7. Reinvigorate Old Partnerships 1. 1. Entitlement Entitlement to to Entrepreneurial Entrepreneurial Translation: Develop New Funding Sources

Increase Increase and and broaden broaden funding funding support support Mechanism Mechanism Aggressively Aggressively pursue pursue funding funding opportunities

opportunities with with emphasis emphasis on on federal federal grants grants Cutting-edge Cutting-edge facilities facilities and and faculty faculty to to be

be competitive competitive Proposal Activity (past 12 months) Funded Pending_____________ Hatch (2) Rutgers Capital Fund SMCC (2) Multimedia II PESP NIH

DEP Smith Fellowship USDA/Multistate NJMCA Fellowship USDA/NE-IPM NSF (2) Busch Biomedical USDA/NE-IPM (3) US-Egypt Tech Fund NJAES Equip Fund NIH-NIAD USDA-ARS ____________________________________________ Totals $6.5 million

$4.2 million Proposals not funded: Multimedia I ($70k), Equine Center ($50k), EPA-STAR ($750k) 2. Assume Broader Mission 3. Balance between Basic & Applied Research Current Research Activity o Exotic arbovirus discovery o WNV risk assessment model o Tick management

o Black fly mating systems o Insecticide resistance o Guide to the Mosquitoes of New Jersey o Avian surveillance o Trap Studies: NJ light, BGS, resting boxes o Sand fly biogeography o Malathion residues & larval competition o Ae. albopictus suppression o Avian sentinels o Dina 4. Integrate Surveillance and Research

5. Regional to International Add international facet Mechanism International Grants International Students Presidents Malaria Initiative 6. Develop partnerships and alliances in public health Mechanisms Mechanisms

Masters Masters in in Public Public Health Health Distinguished Distinguished Lecture Lecture Series Series in in Vector Vector Biology Biology Multistate

Multistate Research Research Project Project Summit Summit Bridge Building developing collaboration oCounties oState (NJDHSS) oConnecticut Agricultural Experiment Station oNew York State Health Department oUniversity Delaware oUniversity of Florida

oBrandeis University oRutgers Marine Science Extension Center for Remote Sensing DIMACS Center oUSDA-ARS Gainesville Beltsville 7. 7. Reinvigorate Reinvigorate Old

Old Partnerships Partnerships (our (our historical historical base base w/ w/ the the counties) counties) -S Su h

urrvve h c rrc a eiilllla a e e ss e an e

R ncce R -e -- T s s y y Trra e e v v

aiin r r u niin u S ng g -- S Research Partnerships with the Counties - 2007 Ae. albopictus area-wide IPM (2) Exotic arbovirus discovery (6 counties participating)

Undergrad Research Internship Program (3) BGS trap evaluation (3) Sand fly biogeography (13) Birds as WNV sentinels (1) NJ light trap comparison (12 counties) EEE/Parity (1) Special relationship w/ Monmouth Ct Publication Activity - 2007 o Shamseldean et al. Immune responses of Anopheles quadrimaculatus. Nematropica 36:243-9. o Shamseldean et al. Role of the surface coat of the mosquito parasite Romanomermis culicivorax. Nematology 9:17-24.

o Bartlett-Healy et al. Phonotaxis in Cx. territans. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Amer. (in press) o Reed et al. Selected adaptation of crows to West Nile virus. Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases (in press) o Kilpatrick et al. Genetic influences on mosquito feeding behavior. Amer. J. Trop. Med Hyg. (in press). o Fonseca et al. Population genetics of Culex pipiens pallens. Amer. J. Trop. Med Hyg. (in press). o Bartlett-Healy et al. Seasonal and temporal heterogeneity in Cx. territans. J. Med. Entomol. (submitted) o Williams et al. Traps & WNV surveillance. JAMCA (submitted) o Williges et al. Colonization of Ae. japonicus. JAMCA (submitted) o Bartlett-Healy et al. Cx. territans and trypanosomes. (in manuscript) o Farajollahi et al. WNV and NJ 2001-06. (in manuscript)

Improve Improve flow flow of of biologists biologists into into counties counties to to promote promote emphasis emphasis on on science-based

science-based decision decision making making Mechanisms Mechanisms Undergraduate Undergraduate Research Research Internship Internship Program Program Beating the buzzer Intern collects specimens to test

Sunday, August 19, 2007 Carina Sitkus will never look at a puddle the same way again. Or a tree hole. Or an abandoned mine pit. Develop Develop new new avenues avenues for for dissemination dissemination of of information information

to to county county biologists biologists Mechanisms Mechanisms Initiate Initiate NJ NJ mosquito mosquito biologists biologists quarterly quarterly meeting meeting

Become Become an an international international training training center center for for mosquito mosquito biology biology and and control control

Mechanisms Mechanisms Develop Develop videoconferencing videoconferencing network network capability capability Initiatives o Center status o 22 proposals o MPH in Vector Biology (RU-UMDNJ partnership)

o Experiential learning Undergraduate Research Internship o JB Smith Commemorative Stamp o JB Smith Fellowship o Distinguished Lecturer Series in Vector Biology o Golf Tournament Fundraiser o Facilities: renovations, new equipment, additional space o Multistate Project o Tire Tax o Bridge-building visits to premier labs in NE o Biologists meeting o New research projects in mosquitoes, sand flies & bflies o Summit o One new faculty hire

Cannot realize our goals without additional faculty Criteria for new hires: o Sustainable federal funding available o Able to link with existing centers & departments o Meets multiple needs Needs: o Virologist? o Wetlands Ecologist? o Epidemiologist? GREAT

Good QUESTIONS? RG Notes o Send one pager primer to mod/recorders o Rossi to train our moderators (8:30 9:15 a.m.) DONE o Have Recorders attend same meeting. o Coffee Breaks purposefully long to promote informal interaction o G: renaissance, change and the danger of doing same thing same way, multidisciplinary, springboard.

Paradigm shift Create sense of community CVB Goals and the five SEBS impact areas!!!! Revitalize a program that looks to the future while keeping its feet firmly in its historical strengths with the counties

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