MBSE for PDES Expand INCOSEs Relationship and Contribution

MBSE for PDES Expand INCOSEs Relationship and Contribution

MBSE for PDES Expand INCOSEs Relationship and Contribution Mark Williams, The Boeing Company 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 1 Why PDES ? PDES, Inc. is an international consortium joining industry, government and academia. Formed in 1988 to standardized data exchange and accelerate the development and implementation of standards. PDES = Product Data Exchange using STEP PDES, PDES, Inc. Inc. Model-Based Model-Based Sys Sys Eng. Eng. The PDES Focus on STEP STEP is officially called ISO 10303 ISO 10303 is the standard for the digital representation and exchange of product modeling information STEP standards are computer sensible STEP = Standard for the Exchange of Project model data 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 3

Why Standards? Reduce Cost $$ Control Part and Process Quality Support for Design Reuse Avenue for Data Exchange PDES 1980 2/8/20 AP203 1990 AP210 AP209 AP239 2000 www.incose.org/IW2018 AP233 2010 AP242 2020 4 MBSE Data Standards Company Data Model FMI AADL

SysML ReqIF MoSSEC Company Company Profile Profile Execution/Translation Communication Communication Analysis Simulation OWL Ontology OSLC Info Data Model Modeling Modeling XMI AP239 AP233 Critical Enablers ! FMI Modelica Modeling Architecture Process

Standard Body Legend Company OMG OASIS OASIS W3C W3C ISO SAE/other SAE/other CREDIT: Bill Chown, Mentor Graphics; MBSE Roundtable, 2015 GPDIS 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 5 Why LOTAR? LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval LOTAR is Enabled by Standards Justification: Safety, Accident Investigations, Maintenance, Regulations, Obsolescence Assume Application versions 3yr; storage/access 10yrs; translate to stable formats for 50yr product cycles. 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 6 LOTAR Parts Structure EN/NAS 9300 Specifications LOTAR International is a working

group, supported by the AIA and PDES Inc. in the US, and ASDSTAN and the ProSTEP iViP Associations in Europe. LOTAR began in late 90s; Europe and USA initiate merger in 2005; first pubs in 2012. In 2013 there was no plan for SE (MBSE). http://www.lotar-international.org 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 7 Who is a LOTAR for MBSE poster child !! (ISO 10303-243) 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 8 LOTAR for MBSE (scope) Systems Architecture design artifacts that are generally created prior to, and may contribute to, the definition of the CAD/EBOM, (spatial/ engineering bill of material). Designs that apply to the mechanical, electrical, network, and loadable/embedded software implementations. 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 9 MBSE for PDES MBSE Architecture, analysis and product defined as integrated digital models MBSE The foundation of the Digital Thread

Design Definition 2/8/20 Manufacture and Build Finished Product www.incose.org/IW2018 Customers 10 What is MBSE? Architecture, analysis and product definition defined as integrated digital models that are explicit, coherent, and consistent Consistent Correct Complete MBSE Documentation and models the transition from the existing documentation process will take time 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 11 The Systems Engineering Evolution Do it the old way? = documentation Cant afford to write the software Cant manage the complexity

Cant hire the people/skills How to integrate and build? V-Diagram source: Clarus Concept of Operations. Publication No. FHWA-JPO-05-072, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 2005 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 12 Cost and Complexity - Tied to Process Source: DARPA AVM 2014 GPDIS Presentation: Dr. David Redman, Director, Aerospace Vehicle Systems Institute (AVSI) 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 13 The MBSE GAPS Global Product Data Interoperability Summit | 2017 Define/Justify MBSE 13% Training-Implementation Integrate with PLM Standards - Interoperability 17% Vocabulary Tool Integration (Vendors) 13% 30%

Standards Data from 2016 GPDIS MBSE Workshop Roadmap Modeling just because you have a model doesnt mean you are model based 98 participants, 12 teams, 33 written submissions and 104 comments BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company Copyright 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved. Copyright 2017 Northrop Grumman Corporation. All rights reserved. MBSE Roadmap, Industry Perspective Global Product Data Interoperability Summit | 2017 2015 System Architecture System Modeling Requirements Mgmt Data Management Standards Analysis, Simulation Ontology, Semantics Process Skills Organizations Tools Interoperability 2016 2017 Not OEM to Suppliers Random Data Models Requirement Models 2018

High Risk Confidence Changing Tool-Data Mismatch Limited Vendor Support FMI in Auto Industry First OSLC Implementations Home Grown Few Trained Modelers Dedicated MBSE 20 SysML Brands Data Loss Data from 2017 GPDIS MBSE Workshop BOEING is a trademark of Boeing Management Company Copyright 2017 Boeing. All rights reserved. Copyright 2017 Northrop Grumman Corporation. All rights reserved. Digital Definition Affects the Results Federated Distributed logy o n h c Te tion u l o v E 2/8/20 90% market penetration cars 80 years TVs 20 years

Smart Phone 5 years airplanes 60 years www.incose.org/IW2018 CREDIT: IBM Innovate conference in Orlando, 2014. IBM presentation "Continuous Engineering" 16 The Need for Harmonization Exchange standard not implemented in the tools Process Support Requirements Allocation Design Authoring Analysis Verification Data / Info Context Data Exchange Suppliers Enables Digital Thread 2/8/20 Product Structure is not exposed in PLM systems Need specification support for Requirements traceability ReqIF Limited support for Requirements development and traceability strategies www.incose.org/IW2018 Source: Eurostep PDES-LOTAR MBSE Working Group INCOSE 2017 International Workshop, Torrance CA

17 AP233 + AP239 + AP243 MoSSEC = Modelling and Simulation Information in a Systems Engineering Context 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 18 Our Memorandum of Understanding What INCOSE can do for PDES, and what PDES can deliver to INCOSE? INCOSE already contributes to PDES with Membership, technologies, SysMLv1.4, and Use Cases PDES formalized AP233 (thanks INCOSE members!) and the industrialization of SysML applications 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 19 MBSE for PDES Affiliations ProSTEP iViP LOTAR International System Modeling and Simulation Group, NAFEMS Aerospace & Defense, PLM Action Group Now - INCOSE Tool Integration and Model Lifecycle Management Working Group (TIMLM) 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 20 PDES Request (INCOSE SOW) Prioritize MBSE LOTAR artifacts and applicable standards (or technologies that need a standard) INCOSE to help define Industrys BEST MBSE practices / deliverables

INCOSE assistance to define SysML Exchange strategy and differences with UML (vs. wait to modify UML), Where is UMLDI? (Is activity owned by INCOSEs Standards Initiative?) Methods supporting traceability of requirements and observed best practices Design data model for complex products with networks OEM Supplier data exchange Use Cases Security and data protection for exchange/archiving (Block-Chain, OAIS/ISO 14721) Implementation/future use cases for AP233? How to ConfigManage model properties and parametric data (SAE 649c?) 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 21 MBSE for PDES Priority Use Cases System Models Industry stds (SysML, AADL) Architecture Rep Definition (leaves) Architecture Views Architecture Context (tree) Data Exchange Requirements development Other modeling languages (UML, Modelica) Model mgmt. Integration,

Consistency verification Analytical/performance models Unified data model for design iterations Analysis, Sim, test, logistics, training Process Compatibility Requirements Mgmt Artifacts, e.g. Views, products, deliverables Security and IP protection Recipe for lifecycle states Status, milestone, measurement for completeness, quality, and closure Task goals and Tool applicability Business data exchange type/ timing/agreements Versioning, ConfigMgmt BPMN Business Process Modeling Notation Requirements V&V distinctions Product design specific Tool Exchange Lifecycle states Derivation and linking Hierarchy/history OEM-Supplier Mgmt Models and docs Meta Data

Use Case defines transition to digital from document based process 2/8/20 Meta Data Model application Model Identification/Activity/Mgmt Collaboration Terminology/taxonomy/ontologies Suitability for Exchange Who, What, When, Why, Where www.incose.org/IW2018 22 Possible INCOSE Deliverables 1) Drivers for Long term archive of SE outputs a. How many System Engineers are required to keep some or all of their output over time (say more than 3 years)? b. Where is the requirement coming from? c. How is it done at present? i. If not being done, why not? d. How many System Engineers have had to go back to previous projects after, say, more than 2 years? i. What challenges/issues if any were encountered in doing so? ii. Were you involved in the previous project? 2) Form of outputs? a. Documents ( see Frank's list as produced by DOD for an example) b. Models ( types, formats, non-binary forms) c. Data d. Records of process i. V&V ii. Analyses and simulation records iii. Decisions and reasoning e. Other and what gets archived or otherwise retained? 3) What standards(including de facto as well as formal) are: a. Followed? b. Used to hold output? c. Referenced from outputs?

2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 23 Saturday, 1/20/2018 Date Start End 10:30 11:00 11:00 Leader/Speaker Subject TIMLM Leader/Speaker Subject John Nallon, Rene King TIMLM WG Opening Session (Room TBD) John Nallon, Mark Williams TIMLM WG - LOTAR for MBSE Overview (Room TBD) 12:00 12:00 until 13:00 LUNCH TechOps Leadership and Working Group Chairs

13:00 John Nallon, Rene King TIMLM WG - Tools Database Project Overview (Room TBD) John Herrold User's Perspective of SysML v2 (Room TBD) Axel Reichwein, John Herrold, Bill Chown OSLC: What's new and open discussion (Room TBD) 14:00 Saturday 1/20/2018 14:15 - 15:00 Future Directions for SysML v2 (Sandy Friedenthal) Grand Ballroom 6&7 15:00 - 15:30 BREAK 15:30 - 16:45 16:45 - 18:00 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 24 Sunday, 1/21/2018 Date

Sunday 1/21/2018 Start End Leader/Speaker Subject Leader/Speaker Subject 8:00 9:00 Robert Malone Criteria for a Robust MBSE Environment Room: City Terrace 9 9:00 10:00 Robert Malone Modeling Standards and Boeing Methodology (IS2017 Paper Review) Room: City Terrace 9 10:00 - 10:30 BREAK TIMLM 10:30

12:00 Don Tolle, Mark Williams Modeling and Data Interoperability Standards: Where to Next? Room: City Terrace 9 12:00 until 13:00 LUNCH Sunday 1/21/2018 13:00 14:00 Frank Salvatore Digital Artifacts (Frank Salvatore) Grand Ballroom 6&7 14:00 14:20 Don Tolle Digital Engineering / PLM (Don Tolle, CIMdata) Grand Ballroom 6&7 14:20 14:40 John Nallon TIMLM WG Update

(John Nallon, DXC) Grand Ballroom 6&7 14:40 15:00 Mark Williams LOTAR for MBSE (Mark Williams, Boeing) Grand Ballroom 6&7 13:45 - 14:00 AWG Request for Support of the Tools Database (Room TBD) 15:00 - 15:30 BREAK MBSE 2/8/20 15:30 16:00 Axel Reichwein An Overview of OSLC (Axel Reichwein, Koneksys) Grand Ballroom 6&7 16:00 16:30 Roger Burkhart NAFEMS-INCOSE Collaboration (Roger Burkhart, John Deere)

Grand Ballroom 6&7 16:30 17:00 Bill Schindel ASME Standardizing V&V Models (Bill Schindel, ICTT) Grand Ballroom 6&7 17:00 17:30 Joe Walsh ASSESS Initiative Overview (Joe Walsh, IntrinSIM) Grand Ballroom 6&7 www.incose.org/IW2018 TILML WG requested to attend by AD 25 Monday and Tuesday Date Monday Monday 1/22/2018 Speaker Greg Pollari 9:00 Subject MoSSeC (AP243) Standard and Model Interoperability, Room: City

Terrace 7 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 BREAK 10:30 12:00 none 15:00 15:00 - 15:30 BREAK 16:30 - 18:00 John Nallon, Rene King 9:00-9:15 9:15-9:30 9:30-9:45 none 12:00 until 13:00 LUNCH 13:00 Monday 1/22/2018, City Terrace 9 9:45-10:00 10:00-10:30 10:30-10:45 TIMLM Tools Database, Room: City Terrace 7 (John Nallon, DXC) (Rene King, PPI) 10:45-11:00 11:00-11:15 End of the Day

Date Tuesday 8:00 Leader/Speaker Subject John Nallon, Rene King TIMLM Tools Database Room TBD (John Nallon, DXC) (Rene King, PPI) Requirements Working Group Tools Database Joint Meeting 11:15-11:30 11:30-12:00 Welcome and Overview of SMSWG What is Functional Mockup Interface (FMI)? What is Systems Modeling and Simulation? Perspective on Standards for Systems Modeling and Simulation Break Updates on specific standards activities being tracked by SMSWG Modelica Association: Modelica, FMI, System Structure and Parameterization (SSP) PDES and ISO STEP: MBSE for PDES, LOTAR, MoSSEC, STEP APs Object Management Group: SysML v2, SysML Extension for Physical Interaction and Signal Flow Simulation (SysPhs) Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) SMSWG roadmap and scheduling of 2018 activities

Roger Burkhart (Chair) Hubertus Tummescheit (Modelon) Roger Burkhart (John Deere) Don Tolle (CIMdata) Hubertus Tummescheit (Modelon) Mark Williams (Boeing) Greg Pollari Sanford Friedenthal (OMG SIG), Conrad Bock (NIST) Axel Reichwein (Koneksys) All 10:00 10:00 - 10:30 Break Tuesday 1/23/2018 John Nallon 10:30 12:00 Prep for WG Bazaar 12:00 until 13:00 LUNCH 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 26 Participation Benefits Through pilot projects and implementer forums, PDES, Inc. participants gain hands-on experience in using STEP and implementing the standard within

their own organizations. In addition to realizing competitive advantages from their use of STEP, the participants work together to influence both enhancement of the STEP standard and the development strategies of organizations that provide commercial STEP software products. Benefits of participating in PDES, Inc. activities include: VISION: Provide the Digital Enterprise strong business value through collaboration in standards development and best practices This is a great spot for a mission statement s Jack R. Harris l Te Vi chn ew ic a Contact us today for more information: es si n Bu ew Vi Participation in focused projects in highpayoff areas STEP product testing in a dynamic environment Insight into industry Enterprise

Integration strategies Ability to work closely with customers and suppliers Rapid access to STEP experts and expertise Knowledge sharing through technical workshops Awareness of vendor product capabilities and plans Access to Recommended Practices and extensive Lessons Learned from STEP deployments in industry Hands-on experience using STEP tools and technology Direct influence on setting and extending the STEP standard Focused cost sharing and collaboration through resource pooling Leverage vendors to support new requirements Up-to-date knowledge on how industry implements standards across the supply chain and product life cycle CRITICAL STANDARDS FOR THE DIGITAL ENTERPRISE CEO/General Manager (319) 432-3407 [email protected] Dr. Michael R. Jahadi President and Chairman, Executive Board, (817)-935-4537 [email protected] www.pdesinc.org

AIRBUS BAE Systems Boeing Boost-conseil Capvidia CT Core Technologies Dassault Systmes Engisis Eurostep Georgia Institute of Technology International TechneGroup, Inc. (ITI) JOTNE EPM Technology Lockheed Martin National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) ManTech Purdue University PTC Sandia National Laboratories Theorem Solutions University of South Carolina Wichita State University Vision Provide the Digital Enterprise strong business value through collaboration in standards development and best practices . Mission PDES, Inc. is an international industry/ government/academia consortium committed to accelerating the development and implementation

of critical technical standards that reduce cycle time and costs, improve quality, and enable model based integration, interoperability, and sustainability for its participants. Program Description PDES, Inc. focuses on modelbased information standards that enable modelbased engineering, manufacturing and sustainment. These standards support 3-D product data that describes company products in all stages of the product life cycle design, analysis, manufacture, sustainment. PDES, Inc. participants recognize that the effective flow of product information within a company and across its supply chain drives down costs, reduces cycle time, and improves quality. Due to the complexity of supply chains required to bring goods to market, standards that support interoperability across diverse systems is critical to success. Currently, PDES, Inc. supports ISO 10303 (the STEP standards), and the EN/NAS 9300 (the LOTAR standards). PDES, Inc. Key Strategic Goals PDES, Inc. Strategic Plan and TMP Efforts are organized under a project focused Technology Management Plan (TMP), which aligns with business driven strategic goals. Participants define the strategic plan at the Board-level and their technical resources develop projects that align with those goals How We Support the Digital Enterprise PDES, Inc. helps participants enable the digital enterprise across the entire product

life cycle and through the entire supply chain. Participants get their requirements into the relevant standards, The testing forums ensure the standards are implementable. Participants can also be assured that the standards are harmonized with related standards due to the long-standing relationships PDES, Inc. maintains with other organizations, such as the 3D-PDF consortium, ProSTEP, and INCOSE. In addition to access to expert resources in ISO 30303 and LOTAR standards, participation in PDES, Inc. as resulted in: 1. Technical Team Efforts PDES, Inc. technical teams are comprised of the participant organizations resources. Teams leverage knowledge across industry to solve shared problems, such as maintaining data quality. Currently, project areas include, LOTAR, Systems Engineering, Product LifeCycle Support, Model-based Engineering and related areas such as PMI, CAE, PDM, EWH and composites. Additionally, testing forums, such as the Computer-aided X Implementor Forum, enable vendors to implement the standards by developing best practices Preparing for future technologies PDES, Inc. is working to incorporate requirements for cutting edge technologies, and is currently focusing on the following advanced manufacturing techniques: Composites more products are being created using composites and this area of the standards is being updated, supporting manufacture, analysis and archiving for composites Additive manufacturing the additive

manufacturing team is currently involved in updating the ISO10303 standard for this breakthrough technology. 2. 3. Quality improvements our quality project demonstrated the use of standards to improve quality of data exchanges Cost savings the Customer Supplier Interoperability project estimated $35million in savings on a single large project. Reduced rework quality product data exchanges result in less rework to heal 3-D designs Design for manufacture manufacturing information becomes accessible to the designer Configuration CAx Implementor Forum Solid models testing Surface models includes: Tessellated geometry Supplemental geometry Mixed models

Assemblies management CAD/PDM integration Geometric accuracy PMI 3D presentation Colors and layers Validation properties Production models User defined attributes AP203, AP214, AP242 https://pdesinc.org/ F-35 Lightning Howard Mason, 17 years as ISO SC4 Chairman 2/8/20 www.incose.org/IW2018 29 www.incose.org/IW2018

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