LLW 8CG ACtion Project - Renewable Energy What

LLW 8CG ACtion Project - Renewable Energy What

LLW 8CG ACtion Project - Renewable Energy What 8CG Has Done In LLW 8CG have spent their time in LLW working on the different ways that we could make

energy for the school, because we already use solar energy We researched these methods: Geothermal Hydro Electric Biowaste Electric Bikes Kinetic Energy Energy Costs of The

School We wrote a letter to the bursar asking how much the energy costs of the school were. She replied with these figures: Gas - 32,083.73 Electric-88,316.14 Per Year Geothermal Energy

How Geothermal Energy Works The Advantages of Geothermal Energy Geothermal energy is very efficient and wastes almost none of the energy produced. This will help keep heating costs of the school low during winter.

It's very efficient! The Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy Although this type of energy saves money, the initial installation is expensive. Another disadvantage is the generator may release harmful gases.

How Geothermal Energy can affect Running Costs Geothermal Energy requires no fuel, only a pump is required. The cost of drilling however is expensive.

Where it Would be placed The generator would in the grass area behind the tennis courts as this is not being used for

anything else. Credits Lewis Marks - Typer Robbie McCartney - Animator Amal Mathew- Final Drafter Adam Mckee - Proofreader Calum Lyons - Editor Google Slides + Mrs Forbes- For being awesome and allowing us to

do this LLW PROJECT Hydro Electric Energy The design:

Gauge Info This massive energy producer has a giant rain gauge which gathers water until it has been filled to its maximum capacity. After a button is pushed, a door under the water opens, releasing the water onto the wheel which will turn with the force of the water, creating energy. There is a pipe under the wheel which is where the water will go after flowing through it. The force of the piston pushes the water through

the rubber tubes around and back up through another pipe dumping all the water back onto the wheel. Therefore, creating an energy circuit. At night-time at the end of every week, the The Benefits 1. It would be self sufficient as it only needs to be filled up with rain to start producing energy. 2. There is plenty of rain in Northern Ireland so when we need to collect

more it wont be a problem! 3. The rain gauge will be cost effective to build, as it is made from rubber, glass and plastic. 4. Thanks to the rubber tubing the water can travel in a circuit and supply constant energy. 5. It uses a renewable source so once built does not need any more money The Disadvantages: spent on it ( unless damage occurs to the rubber tubing or rain gauge) 1. It could be blocked by snow or

hail stones 2. It will be less effective during Summer as there would a The Energy and Money Saved The price the school is currently paying for gas and electricity: 32083.73-Gas 88316.14-Electricity This device should produce an average of around 0.7 kwh.

which means that it generates 6131.9 kilowatts per a year. The cost of this is about one-third the cost of using fossil fuel or nuclear energy and one-sixth the cost of using natural gas, saving the school about 10,694.57 for gas and 29,438.71 for THANKS GO TO:HARVEY IMAGING THOMSON

= DEsiGning & GREGORY THOMSON = editing & writing MICHAEL TRESIDDER = designING CALLUM CULBERT = WRITING & coordinator

Ryan cunningham = proof -reader AND CO-ANIMATOR Bio-Waste . By Jack, Johnny, Adam, Ben and Theo. What is Bio-Waste Energy? Bio-Waste energy is waste that comes out of your body and waste food formed into energy. It is useful

as many people go to the toilet in school so often it will provide energy for the school just by taking the energy from your Body waste. It goes through a series of tubes to get to a plant which will turn the waste into energy. How it gets to the plant. The body waste is transported through a pipe to the plant and is held from the liquid and is sent to be incinerated. A ton of bio waste is approximately

51. The plant The plant burns the waste and generates energy. We save about 50 every month using bio-waste.

19.87p per kWh How we will use it! We will use it as a backup power source for when the electric goes off.The energy created will be stored until it is needed. Other uses for Bio-waste Bio-waste will reduce

the school's carbon footprint waste in landfills fossil fuel energy It will produce... organic fertiliser to farms cost saving for customers There is even a bus in London that runs on biowaste

Electricity Generating Bicycle How much electricity can we save? How much money will it cost? It will cost approximately 700 pounds per bike. We need 30 bikes to effectively

produce electricity. 30*700=21,000 How much electricity will be made? The bikes cost 700 each and we want 30 which will cost 21,000 and the will pay for themselves in the first year with a total profit of 9,000. One bike generates 100 Watts an hour. 100*5=500 500*5=2,500

2500*30=75,000 Watts per week from all 30 bikes put together. That means in a school year we would generate 3,000,000 Watts (3000 kW). This amount of electricity is worth approximately 30,000. We created a short timetable to express what form class and year cycles to make electricity. it will be a period to cycle to create electricity to power the school. It can

be found on the next slide Timetable Monday Tuesday Wednesday

Thursday Friday Period 1 8HMM YEAR 9

YEAR 10 YEAR 13 YEAR 14 Period 2 8STH

YEAR 9 YEAR 10 YEAR 13 YEAR 14 Period 3


Period 4 8MCA YEAR 9 YEAR 10 YEAR 13

YEAR 14 Period 5 8CG YEAR 9 YEAR 10

YEAR 13 YEAR 14 How playing sports can produce energy. Kinetic Tiles There is a school in Kent called Simon Langton. This School is floored with kinetic

tiles.The students are encouraged to run and jump in the corridors, as this produces energy. Where are they used? The tiles have been used underneath a football pitch in Rio de Janeiro. How much energy does a kinetic tile produce?

Kinetic tiles produce, enough to be able to power 4 floodlights, in a year, 12m of tiles can fully charge 853 mobile phones, one hockey pitch floored with kinetic tiles can produce 107520 watts of electricity per year, this is hopefully enough to power the school. Even a football can generate

energy The football only weighs 17 ounces, It produces energy when it is kicked. How much energy does the football produce? The football produces, enough energy to power an LED for three hours from a 30 minute game, this is 1 hour of led light for a ten minute game, or one

hour of playing to six hours of electricity. Bangor Grammar Bangor Grammar should put kinetic tiles underneath the hockey pitch it would cost 6,160,000. After 51 years the school would save a massive amount of money.

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