Baxi Group - key facts Market position No.3

Baxi Group - key facts Market position No.3

Baxi Group - key facts Market position No.3 European Heating Group 4,200 employees Market leader in the UK, Spain, Russia & Ukraine Significant positions in Italy, France, Germany, Turkey and emerging markets Products & Services Focus on heating primarily on boilers with significant market shares in water heaters, radiators and gas fires 950,000 boilers sold each year Leading innovator and technological leader Locations in Europe 1 Falkoping, Sweden - Baxi 2 Tarm, Denmark - Baxi 3 Preston, Great Britain - Baxi Heating UK 4 Dublin, Ireland - Baxi Heating UK 5 Derby, Great Britain - Head Office 6 Birmingham, Great Britain - Valor/Baxi Fires 7 Birmingham, Great Britain - Andrews 8 Warwick, Great Britain Baxi Heating UK 9 Norwich, Great Britain - Heatrae Sadia 10 Rastede, Germany - Brtje

11 Nijkerk, Netherlands- Baxi - Sentry/Rodiac 12 Braine, Belgium Baxi Belgium 13 Villers Cotterets, Baxi France 14 Le Blanc Mesnil, Baxi France 15 La Chartre, Baxi France 16 Hamburg, Germany Baxi Innotech 17 Bischoffsheim, Baxi France 18 Soissons, Baxi France - Ideal Standard/Chappee 19 Pessac, Baxi France 20 Bassano, Baxi Italy 21 Schweinfurt, Germany- SenerTec 22 Istanbul, Turkey Baymak 23 Barcelona, Spain Baxi Roca 24 Colmeias, Portugal Baxi Roca Outside Europe: Russia, China 1 2 4 5 11 9 12 16 10 21 20

14 13 18 1716 15 20 3 68 7 Manufacturing Development Sales Office Head Office 23 24 22 Locations in UK Manufacturing Design & Development Sales Office Head Office Training Centres Glasgow

Belfast Warrington Dublin Sales Office Elsy & Gibbons, S. Shields D&D at Club St. Club Street, Preston Stockton on Tees Derby Group HQ Valor & Baxi Commercial Erdington Warwick UK HQ Heatrae. Norwich Romford Dartford Eastleigh Low Carbon Range Technologies The benefits of micro CHP Better efficiency through local generation of energy and displacement of

primary energy from grid network Feeling of independence from electricity network Fuel savings for the end user Carbon savings for the end user and for Governments to achieve carbon targets 7 EXHAUST 5% GENERATION 15-40% GRID ELECTRICITY IMPORT / EXPORT Fuel 100% micro CHP

unit HEAT 55-80% Baxi micro CHP Use in light commercial and large residential applications Baxi SenerTec Dachs Functional principle: internal combustion engine TODAY Performance data: 5,5 kWel, 12,5 kWth (CHP) Auxiliary heating device: 15,0 kWth Wall hung mCHP appliance for use in residential applications Baxi Ecogen Functional principle: Stirling engine (linear free piston Stirling engine) Performance data 1,0 kWel, 6 kWth Auxiliary heating device: 18 kWth Floorstanding Application in residential applications Baxi Innotech Fuel cell heating unit Functional principle: PEM fuel cell Performance data: 1kWel, 1,7kWth Auxiliary heating device: 15,0 kWth TOMORROW

Baxi Dachs Technical Data 5.5kWe gross electrical output 12.5kW heat output Overall efficiency of 80% - 92% Dimensions 720mm(W) x 1090mm(D) x 1000mm(H) Gas and fuel oil options available (Bio Diesel) Energy cost savings Reduction of electricity normally imported from grid Good electrical export potential Savings of over 5 tonnes of CO2 per year Baxi CHP Products DACHS mini-CHP Unit Over 20,000 units across Europe Over 250 units in UK Applications

Sheltered housing schemes Extra care schemes Social housing developments NHS Trust nursing home Community resource centres Police station Fire station University Sustainability Research Building Primary school Military accommodation blocks Ecogen Specification Wall hung heating only suitable for open vented and sealed systems. 11 Electrical power: 1 kWe Thermal power: 3 - 24 kWth Total efficiency:

> 90% Dimensions: 950h x 450w x 420d(mm) Noise: 45 dB(A) Weight: 110kg Platform Baxi Technology Shell & Coil Heat Exchanger Spark Electrode Spark Generator New Technology Capacitor Engine power discharge Spool Valve Assembly

Distribute air from 1 fan between 2 burners Recuperator Fan Channels engine flue gasses Gas Valves Cools engine seal Mounting Bracket Stirling Engine Sensors Uses heat to generate electricity Controls Springs HMI G83 Control

Eliminates vibration Allows connection to grid Product Evolution 116 Units 29 Units 9 Units PS-unit -unit 6 units on endurance test 13 units on field test -unit 8 units on endurance test 2 units on field test -unit 6 units on endurance test 3 units on field test

NL Build 27 Field Trial. 2008 2007 13 50 units on customer field trial 9 units on R&D field trial 10 units on endurance test Series /-unit Market launch 14 units on endurance test 6 units on field test 2009 Gamma Fuel Cell specifications Technical data:

Electrical power: 1.0 kWel net Thermal power: 1.7 kWth Additional heat generator: 15 kWth Total efficiency: > 80% Fuel pressure: 20-45 mbar Grid connection: 230 Volt / 50 Hz Dimensions: ~ 0.6 x 0.7 x 1.6 m

Noise: < 55 dB(A) Field Trials currently on-going in the UK and Europe Birmingham University Hydrogen Faculty. Black Country Hsg. Development strategies Field test conception Product complexity 1.5 1.5 PLUS components smaller, lighter, more compact - Lab

components Development Series components Technology development Product development today t 2013: Market launch programme Milestones of Fuel Cell Development BETA Development 2002 up to 2005 Design of a field test-unit Targets: Cost reduction Operational performance Service and maintenance experience National Innovation Program (NIP) from

BETA 1.5/ 2008 up to 2012 BETA 1.5 PLUS Demonstration program 2005 up to 2008 Field trial together with with German Utilities for market preparation and gas and power utilities. 15 Units of the BETA 1.5 Market development in other European in 2006 in the field 30 Units of the BETA 1.5 Countries PLUS in 2008 in the field trial Training & integration of installers. 2005 2008 Series GAMMA Unit Market entry 2013 2010 up to 2012

Pre-series for demonstration. Market entry program from 2012 2010 Combined Heat and Power tomorrow's heating solution, tried and tested today

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