myColumbia Status Report March 10, 2004 Digital Library

myColumbia Status Report March 10, 2004 Digital Library

myColumbia Status Report March 10, 2004 Digital Library Seminar Series What is a Portal? Internet portals provide a variety of useful services, web applications and web links personalized for each specific user or group of users. My Yahoo is an example of a popular Internet portal that may be customized by the user. What is uPortal?

A collaborative open source portal project with contributions shared among JA-SIG member institutions. Two hundred higher education institutions and vendors (e.g., Princeton, Yale, Cornell, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa State, Stanford, UBC) in the JA-SIG. Over 100 university and college portal implementations

in seven countries. Over thirty more are pre-production. uPortal is No. 4 in InfoWorld magazine's Top 100 visionary information technology projects of 2003. What is myColumbia? 1) 2) 3) 4) An Intranet portal for various University communities, large and small (students, administrators, alumni, committees, departments, etc.)

A community toolsetto include announcements, forums, file sharing, surveys, and so on--that builds relationships and fosters communication among campus constituencies A productivity tool giving customized access to information and online business processes An enterprise application integration platform Some myColumbia Projects Projects Student Services Creating a student portal to redesign business processes and provide world class customer service

Human Resources Delivering new job postings application and PeopleSoft features via the portal to improve access to critical information and transactions for [email protected] Enterprise Reporting Presenting a personalized reporting menu and canned reports, charting, scheduling, drill downs, etc. through WebFOCUS, a leader in enterprise reporting technology FinSYS Web-based financial applications, including FFE/Web, DARTS, and other features University Development and Alumni Relations Tools for development officers Purchasing Delivering a DA channel and a purchasing vendor website via the portal Potential Student / Faculty Portal Content

Student Services Student Services On-Line, Financial dashboard, academic information, etc.? AcIS Announcements, helpdesk, rhno, accounts, network status, email status, disk use, vacation message, forwarding, CourseWorks, printing status, computer sales, student group support, grace period support, etc.? Dean of Students Clubs, events, messaging, classified?

CCNMTL Courseware, etc.? Libraries Voyager? Journals? Newsstand? Other Lets Take a Look

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