Little Heath School Work Experience 4th February 2019

Little Heath School Work Experience 4th February 2019

Little Heath School Work Experience 4th February 2019 for one week About Education Business Partnership Who are we? Established 25 years Active network of 1500 businesses Based in Newbury but able to travel county wide and beyond Working with students within primary schools, secondary schools and colleges across Thames Valley and Wiltshire Over 1200 students involved in work related learning activities in the 2017-18 academic year

What do we do? Three core areas: Work related skills programmes Careers Inspiration Activities Work Experience Placements - aimed at inspiring the future work force Why do Work Experience? New opportunities change in routine, new people Gain an understanding of a particular type of job or of work in

general Gain an understanding of a type of work they do not want to do! Employability skills Apply what students are learning in the classroom into work situation Discovery of new skills and interests Valuable experience for when writing Personal Statement for University / College or work application forms, giving real life examples at interviews Contacts for the future and may bring possible work opportunities There are two options for students to find a work experience placement:

Option One students find their own placement using their own contacts Option Two Education Business Partnership will source a placement for the student Option One : Finding an Own Placement The student should consider what they would like to do any jobs, sectors and businesses they are interested in? What interests them ? What would they like to learn more about? Consider who they know who could provide work experience family / friends / contacts ?

Consider logistics eg how they will get there can you help them with transport? When they have found a placement: Employer completes an Own Placement Form and student returns it to school Signatures are required as confirmation from Parents/Guardians, employer and student EBP will undertake Pre Placement Checks Option Two - EBP find a Placement The students complete an Application Form: - Interests

- Three general sectors they are interested in - Locations / where they can get to and how Be realistic, think of types of employers in the area - Medical information Return form to school who pass it to EBP Signatures are required as confirmation from Parent/Guardians EBP may need to interview some students for individual placing EBP will source the placement and undertake Pre Placement Checks Planning and Preparation - applies to all Own Placements and EBP placements:

EBP pre placement checks are undertaken for all placements All students are issued with a job description / summary Parental consent forms must be provided Students must make / maintain contact with their employer prior to start The Pre Placement Checks Checking that the setting is appropriate and safe for the student Health and safety check Insurance Employers asked to undertake a Risk Assessment

Students issued with a job description / summary of what they will be doing during the week Realistic expectations and tasks During the Placement Student completes a log book School staff visit / call the employer Employers provide feedback students may use this in future applications or request a reference from the employer EBP support when needed by the school After the Placement

EBP review all Placements Student debrief at school Students will upload the competencies gained to Unifrog Students should update their CV / Personal Statement to reflect the skills gained during work experience. Students Comments It was more tiring than school but at least I didnt have any homework to do You had to concentrate all the time as you are involved with real customers It was extremely helpful and inspiring, I learnt a lot from the week and would highly recommend it to anyone else.

Employers Comments . . he was quiet at first, but not for long! The student was exemplary. She was hard working, able to use her initiative, demonstrated a positive attitude and was happy to do all tasks that were asked of her. She was a joy to have in our office! Any Questions ? Costs Own Placements cost 40 EBP sourced placements cost 77

Pay through Parent Mail accounts as with a school event / trip All payments by 10.12.18. Bursary students will be funded Costs Own Placements These cost 40 EBP sourced Placements These cost 77

Yes there is a cost but how much would one spend in these situations and what value could this add to your future? Support to find an own placement

Talk to family and friends and explore ideas Mentor will discuss ideas with the students Mrs Wooller ([email protected]) Mr Male ([email protected]) Careers fair 17.10.18. 6-7.30pm HERE! Look online, write a letter, make a phone call. Worth a try!

Dates and Deadlines Hand in Own Placement forms or EBP application form to Sixth Form Reception as soon as ready (do not wait for the deadline) 30.10.18. Deadline to hand in Own Placement or EBP application form to Sixth Form Reception (or before if ready!) 14.01.19. Health and Safety briefing in assembly and final Placement Forms issued Parental consent form signed and returned to Sixth form Reception by 21.01.19. (or before if ready!) LITTLE HEATH SCHOOL

LEARNING FOR LIFE TOGETHER ONE COMMUNITY GROWING STUDENT LEADERSHIP AT LITTLE HEATH SCHOOL During summer 2018 we re-designed the student leadership structure to amplify the student voice within school: To give students an increased influence in shaping the

development and future of the school To offer students opportunities to develop leadership skills and gain leadership experience and training To provide greater leadership opportunities to more students, with the possibility of progression (eg: Prefect to Head Student) To connect Sixth Form student leaders with the entire student body BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY With 564,190 people applying to UK

higher education courses in 2017 We want to provide more opportunities for our students to The New Student Leadership 2 Head Students Structure at LHS Senior Student Year 13 Year

12 Year s 711 Leadership Team (SSLT) 2 Deputy Head Students 8 House Captains

LHS Prefect Team (30 Students) Pastoral Prefects Department Prefects Wider school community School Council House councils Year Councils

AS STUDENT LEADERS THERE ARE ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES PERSONAL BENEFITS Prefects contribute to the wider school To enhance your CV or UCAS Will be the best ambassadors for our

Enjoy coffee and cake with the sixth Show visitors around the school Gain paid employment within the community school Will help interview new employees Will run assemblies Will support at Parents Evening and

other important school events Will have a duty for one lunchtime Can recommend Rewards and Consequences reference form team

school duty team Receive additional leadership training through the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Complete your school service requirement Develop valuable traits that will help

you to stand out from the crowd. Leadership Organisation Resilience Initiative Communication

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