WETA Parent Engagement Webinar Series Home and Family

WETA Parent Engagement Webinar Series Home and Family

WETA Parent Engagement Webinar Series Home and Family Literacy Thursday, September 27, 2012 Who We Are TRCs Mission: To improve the lives of at-risk children and families by helping them create and sustain literacy-rich environments and motivation for reading. TRCs Vision: That every TRC kid becomes a

regular and passionate reader. What We Have Done Twenty-four years ago, three Arlington teachers started reading aloud with some of their students at a nearby, newly opened homeless shelter. That was the beginning of the ReadAloud program, where volunteers read aloud each week with at-risk kids.

Today, four programs offer a continuum of service for at-risk families. They are The Read-Aloud Program The Book Club Reading Families Workshops Literacy Advocates Trainings The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children. Becoming a Nation of Readers, 1985

Polling Question Where do you provide services for your kids? At school, during the school day At school during after-school programming At another site like a recreation center In their homes Other Read-Aloud Program Volunteers read

aloud, do bookrelated activities and provide free, new books to keep for kids where they live. Book Club TRC's Book Club encourages families to read by sending new, age-appropriate books through the mail to

their homes. Participating families are clients of partner social service agencies. Reading Family Workshops TRC staff and volunteers work with parents at playgroups and parent-only sessions where they help

parents learn how to encourage reading and support literacy development in their own homes. Literacy Advocates Trainings TRC staff train partner agency staff about the importance of reading aloud and elements of

literacy development. Agency staff learn how to model book-sharing strategies, build parents confidence and answer frequently asked questions. Research basis for TRCs program In developing its programs, TRC started from a bestcase scenario. We asked, What are the factors that contribute to creating regular and passionate readers?

Kids who are the strongest readers Have been read aloud to Have access to books at home and can choose which books they want to read and keep Have adults who will read and talk with them about what they are reading and act as reading role models Are motivated and encouraged to read for fun Have many opportunities to build comprehension skills and background knowledge

Why real-world experiences matter Real-world experiences build vocabulary and background knowledge. These two factors influence reading comprehension. Word Knowledge Background Knowledge Strong

Weak Adequate High Low Inadequate Moderate

Nil Probability of comprehension Dr. Joan Kindig, University of Virginia, TRC Volunteer Training, April 2009 Polling Question Which factors affect your kids? Are they being read aloud to?

Do they have access to books at home? Do they have adult reading role models? Are they motivated or encouraged to read? Do they have opportunities to build vocabulary and background knowledge, especially during the summer? How do we fill the gaps? Provide access to books kids want to read and adults to read and talk with them

How do we fill the gaps? Provide opportunities, motivation and rewards for reading for fun How do we fill the gaps? Provide a wide variety of real-world, hands-on experiences for the kids and link them to high quality childrens books What we dont do: We do not conduct an adult literacy program

or a tutoring program. We do not ask kids to read-aloud. We do not provide direct service to families. We work through partner agencies. We do not use paid staff for most of our program implementation. We use volunteers. We do not use used books for book ownership. We buy new books for the kids to choose. Sources for free or low-cost books to give away

Many publishers make discounted books available to nonprofit agencies who give books away to kids. In Search of Free Books article on the Reading Rockets website http://www.readingrockets.org/article/57 FirstBook: Their marketplace allows you to purchase multiple copies of specific titles and you pay only for the cost of shipping. You must purchase in quantities they specify. They also have grants allowing you to purchase specific books in quantities you want. Their book bank distributes books to program serving low-income families. http://www.firstbook.org Scholastic Literacy Partners: You choose from their catalog at a discount of at least 40% off of retail. All paperback or board books. Some Spanish titles available. Free shipping and bonus books for every $150 spent. http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/literacypartners/about.asp

All About Books: Same idea as Scholastic Literacy partners. Free shipping and bonus books for every $100 spent. Good selection of Spanish and bilingual titles. www.allaboutbooks.org Other publishersStarbright offers great board books in many languages and Barefoot Books offers picture and board books in English and Spanish. http://www.starbrightbooks.org/about_us.php http://www.barefoot-books.com Resources Richard C. Anderson, Elfrieda H. Hiebert, Judith A. Scott, Ian A.G. Wilkinson, Becoming a Nation of Readers: The Report of the Commission on Reading, ChampaignUrbana, IL: Center for the Study of Reading, 1985. Patrick J. Finn, Literacy with Attitude: Educating Working Class Children in Their Own Self-Interest, State University of New York Press, 1999.

Mem Fox, Reading Magic: Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever, Updated and Revised Edition, Harcourt, 2008. Linda Gambrell, Closing the Summer Reading Gap, Reading Today, April 2008 National Summer Learning Association, Summer Can Set Kids on the Rightor Wrong Course, http://www.summerlearning.org/resource/collection/CB94AEC5-9C97496F-B230-1BECDFC2DF8B/Research_Brief_02_-_Alexander.pdf Jim Trelease, The Read-Aloud Handbook Sixth Edition, Penguin, 2006. Questions? Contact me! Eileen Hanning Education Specialist [email protected]

703.528.8317 ext. 11 Also check out our website and our blog: www.thereadingconnection.org http://trctraininghub.blogspot.com

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