SPACECRAFT OPERATIONS Paul Collins Head of Spacecraft Operations

SPACECRAFT OPERATIONS Paul Collins Head of Spacecraft Operations

SPACECRAFT OPERATIONS Paul Collins Head of Spacecraft Operations IOAG 17th September 2019. OFFICIAL SENSITIVE. THE AVANTI FLEET IN-ORBIT SATELLITES 3 Fleet Coverage:

Europe, EMEA & Africa 12 Gateway Facilities 7 Data Centres 18 Gateway Antennas 5 TT&C Antenna 4 Gateway Connectivity: Gateway sites provide the forward service connectivity and have alternate facilities for diversity switching in order to provide service

continuity in the event of maintenance, equipment failure or inclement weather/rain fade. 5 Spacecraft Operations: Originally outsourced to Inmarsat, but taken inhouse in the first half of 2015. Primary Spacecraft Operations Centre (SOC) is located at the Goonhilly Earth Station. Back-Up SOC located at Avanti HQ in London & equipment located in Hameln in Germany. Operational automation significantly reduces human intervention and hence both errors and

24 x 7 staffing requirements. 6 Spacecraft Operations: GMV/HiFly Mission Control System (SCOS2000 based) chosen to enable the operation of multiple spacecraft platforms from a single GCS platform. HYLAS 1, HYLAS 2 & HYLAS 4 are currently operated by Avanti on the GMV/HiFly platform. HYLAS 2B & HYLAS 3 are Avanti controlled hosted payloads, but the spacecraft are operated by SES (Astra 5B) and DLR/ESA (EDRS-C).

7 TT&C Connectivity: All satellites in the fleet are operated by more than one TT&C antenna. Dual-station ranging is periodically performed for each satellite. Azimuth & Elevation data collected via the TT&C antennas is further augmented by azimuth & elevation data collected from gateway facilities in order to improve ranging accuracy and hence orbit determination. Depending on mission requirements,

WAN connectivity to external, thirdparty TT&C resources is also performed as and when required. 8 Spacecraft Operations: Spacecraft Control Team (SCT) 24 x7 satellite control & monitoring Spacecraft Operations Engineering (SOE)

Engineering support & analysis Operations planning Manufacturer interface Out-of-hours on-call support Flight Dynamics Engineering (FD) Orbit determination Manoeuvre planning Conjunction analysis & avoidance

Ground Systems Engineering (GSys) Mission Control System & infrastructure support & development Apprentice scheme 9 OPERATIONAL EVOLUTION & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Automated Monitoring and Alert Systems Integrate and correlate data from a wide range of systems Alerts need to be based on information, not data.

Promotion of Automation Decision Points Automated Reporting and Trending Automated extraction and presentation of data Automated Testing Mission Planning Decision Points Procedures often contains points that require operator input We are moving these up the automation chain

Scheduling Procedure Automation Monitoring and Control System Automated non regression testing of software releases. Automated procedure translation, static and dynamic validation Automated GUI testing 10 Obstacles to further operational automation: Whilst there is a significant level of information available in the public domain, there is still a lack of centralised and current information readily available for certain activities.

Example #1: Relocation & Flyby Coordination Orbital relocation activity is increasing to: Support in-orbit failures Provide in-orbit redundancy Re-distribute capacity Support frequency Bring Into Use activities At the moment there are no regulatory guidelines to direct either flyby or relocation coordination activities, so many operators currently coordinate under a best practice environment. Some do not coordinate at all. In order to reduce the manual workload involved and also the potential for both situational and frequency

interference, the following are required: Operational coordination to provide a centralised database of both operator contact information and accurate locations of all space assets. 11 Regulatory Cooperation: In-line with the FLYBY example provided in the previous slide, industry self regulation could help to ensure that all operators notify and coordinate under a standardised procedure/process. The recent avoidance manoeuvre performed by ESA on the Aeolus weather satellite in order to circumvent a potential collision with a SpaceX Starlink satellite further highlights this problem. Frequency Spectrum is a hot topic in the age of 5G. Regulatory (and operator) cooperation to lobby for continued interference free access to feeder-link GES spectrum is required. Cooperation with other operators to emphasise the value of satellite in everyday life and its indispensable

role in bringing future, ubiquitous, access for people in both underserved and unserved areas on all continents. 12 CONCLUSION Avanti Communications fully supports operational cooperation at all levels Currently provides a Standard Member Director to the Space Data Association (Mr. Lorenzo Arona). Avanti Communications feels that the IOAG should be more involved at an international level regarding interoperability between Commercial satellite operators as well as between Agencies. 13

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