WHAT IS SAFETY STAND DOWN? Safety Stand Down is an event designed to bring together frontline workers and senior executives to discuss the prevention of injuries and illnesses This years theme is Step Up for Young Workers With increased industry activity, more young and inexperienced workers are entering the industry. These workers are at a high risk of injury. This risk demands action! HOW MUCH RISK? T o ta l C la im R a te ( p e r 1 0 0 P e rs o n Y e a rs ) Young workers (under the age of 25) have a claim

rate that is double the other age groups Ten Year Claim Rate Trend by Age Groups - AB and SK Combined Data 9.0 8.0 7.0 6.0 5.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 1.0 0.0 2008

2009 2010 2011 Less than 25 Years 45-54 Years 2012 2013 25-34 Years 55 Years and Above

2014 2015 2016 2017 YTQ 35-44 Years *Data represents AB and SK WCB injury and illness claim data aligned with Statistical Canada employment age demographics data. BC data is not represented, because age of worker injured is not available to Energy Safety Canada. For any updates on this data please visit

energysafetycanada.com. OTHER VULNERABLE WORKERS Other vulnerable workers that may be at increased risk for injury are: New workers Inexperienced workers Short-service workers Do you know who your vulnerable workers are? WHAT CAN WE DO? Step Up for Young Workers is about being a leader and taking action to reduce risk. Step up by ensuring the following is conducted:

Training Direct Supervision Coaching Hazardous Energy Education Line of Fire Assessment and Control Stopping and Asking Questions TRAINING

Young and inexperienced workers need to be properly trained Training should consist of: 70% on the job training 20% coaching and support 10% formal training Are young and inexperienced workers being properly trained? DIRECT SUPERVISION Young or inexperienced workers need direct supervision. Direct supervision should consist of: A trained supervisor in health and safety leadership The supervisor being physically present and actively conducting on the job training until each worker is

competent Coaching only a few workers at a time Are your supervisors providing direct supervision to vulnerable workers? COACHING Coaching should be task-based and involve sharing knowledge and expertise: Tell them how to do it safely Show them how to do it and review the risks and controls in place Practice the tasks with them numerous times, ideally ten times

Review job procedures and reinforce safe behaviors and correct at-risk behaviors HAZARDOUS ENERGY Young workers are at a higher risk of injury from hazardous energy Hazardous energy comes in many forms: Mechanic al Hydraulic Pneumatic

Thermal Gravitatio nal Chemic al Electrica l Nuclear HAZARDOUS ENERGY

Can you identify some line of fire hazards in the worksite? Standing at the end of a pipe that is being steamed Disconnecting pipe when you have no way to confidently verify that it is not under pressure Standing in front of moving equipment Standing on equipment during a lightning storm Working in potentially flammable atmospheres Standing beneath suspended loads Standing down line of a tree about to be felled Working adjacent to hazardous energy such as during simultaneous operations (SimOps) LINE OF FIRE Ensure line of fire is included in hazard and risk

assessment processes both in the field and during equipment design processes: Assess work situations where line of fire may be present and determine what controls can mitigate the risk Be mindful of body position and whats going on around you i.e. adjacent line of fire hazards Stop the work and notify your supervisor when existing controls are not adequate to mitigate the risk Are there any line of fire hazards that you need help mitigating? STOP THE JOB Stop the task when an uncontrolled hazard is

identified: Notify affected worker and a supervisor Investigate, review the hazard assessment and controls Correct and modify the hazard assessment as needed Resume work Does anyone have any questions about when and how to stop work? SUMMARY How can we step up for young and inexperienced workers?

Can we do a better job of managing the risks with young and inexperienced workers? Does everyone know the types of hazardous energy present? Have we conducted line of fire assessments? Are there any line of fire risks that you need help with? RESOURCES Line of Fire Safety Bulletin Training Young Workers Coaching and Mentoring Safety Bulletin Stop the Job Safety Bulletin Supervisor Leadership Course Alberta Government - Supervisor Roles and Respo

nsibilities VIDEOS Lost Youth, WorkSafeBC The Supervisor, WorkSafeBC Young and New Worker Programs, WorkSafeBC Why Focus on Young Workers, WorkSafeBC Questions?

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