Welcome to: Branding & Your Job Search Hands

Welcome to: Branding & Your Job Search  Hands

Welcome to: Branding & Your Job Search Hands On LinkedIn Scott Raether & Jason Boone Class Administration A&FRC Marketing Bathrooms

Breaks Smoking Areas Cell phones SIP Transition According to recent data collected from military veterans*, 5 of the most important elements of the military-to-civilian transition process are: Networking - 68% Being patient - 66%

Start preparing early 65% Have a transition plan 59% You need a strong network outside Translate military skills of the military to find meaningful 59% work, and your online presence is the key. Gaining employee referrals makes you 11 times more

likely to get a specific job, so branding yourself, engaging people with content, and developing a strong network is becoming more and more important. Why Network? Why Social Media? Recruiter Cost The avg. cost/hire is $4,425 in 16 up from $4,129 in 15 The avg. time to fill a job is 36 days in 16 vs 42 days

in 15 Quality hires have risen to 28% in16 compared to 18% in 15 According to Society for Human Resource Management's (SHRM's) 2017 report Recruiters Cost Job Board Costs: 1. Monster = $18K for 4 recruiters over 1 year 2. CareerBuilder = $20K for 4 recruiters over 1 year

3. LinkedIn = $195 for 30 days (Recruiter License) 1. Job Slots 15 slots = $28K/year 4. Indeed = Post for free but pay per click 5. Glassdoor = $7K for 4 recruiters over 1 year Mid Level Positions Senior Level Positions Who are you? Tag Line

Seasoned project manager who excels at identifying and solving problems Elevator Pitch I am a seasoned project manager with experience enhanced through service in the Air Force. I have been recognized for my unique ability to creatively solve problems. I interested in how we can do business together . Branding Statement

I have a documented track record of business development, operational planning, and leadership. My ability to find solutions that lead to success, foster team cohesion, and work with a high degree of integrity. I have led the Air Force in projects that have saved the government over $15M. Branding Yourself What is a Brand? The powerful, clear, positive idea that comes to mind whenever other people think of you.

It is what you stand for the values, abilities, and actions that others associate with you. Professional makeup designed for the purpose of influencing how others perceive you , and turning that perception into opportunity. People Brand Themselves Think about the way the following people have branded themselves: Michael Jordan

Steve Jobs Jimmy Fallon Miley Cyrus Social Media 1. Social vs. Professional Friends & Family can help 2. Update your profile 3. Post content relevant to your job search 4. Find and follow companies 5. Define who you are as a person

6. 25% of recruiters vet candidates on Facebook Social Media 1. Use your real name for account (@johndoe) 2. Profile with branding statement and link to LI account 3. Implemented your branding statement 4. Same picture as LI 5. Professional tweets only 6. Follow companies and experts 7. Professional tweets & re-tweets only

AND MILITARY SPOUSES!!!! www.veterans.linkedin. Premium Service 1. Featured Applicant Status - Your name is first when you apply for a job. 2. Job Search Badge Shows you are looking for a job. 3. Profile Views - Shows everyone that has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. 4. InMail 5 InMails per month. Can be carried over. 5. Advanced Search Fine tune your search for people and companies.

6. Open Network Allow anyone to connect with you. 7. Competition Level See where you stand with the competition before you apply for a job. Premium Service LinkedIn Learning Premium includes a library of 10K+ business, technical, and creative courses. Specifically for veterans, LinkedIn has created two learning paths. Transition from Military to Civilian Employment: Navigate your job search, build your professional identity, prepare for interviews, negotiate salary, and get promoted LinkedIn for Veterans: A LinkedIn 101 tutorial for everything from selecting and uploading the right picture to searching and applying for

jobs. Translating Your Military Skills to Civilian Employment: Understand civilian hiring process and empower you to demonstrate your best self to employers. Finding Your Purpose After Active Duty: This course is all about the intangibles of transition understanding your value, dealing with the uncertainty of transition, and wrestling with some of the challenges inherent in this process. Finally we also have a course specifically dedicated to Learning LinkedIn Premium Career. For those taking advantage of our Premium offer, this course builds on the LinkedIn for Veterans course LinkedIn All-Star LinkedIn

Profile Complete profiles are 40x more likely to receive opportunities via LI. Complete profiles rank higher in LinkedIns search LinkedIn How to Obtain an All-Star LinkedIn Profile What does it take to achieve a perfect LinkedIn

profile that ranks All-Star profile strength? 1.Your industry and location 2.An up-to-date current position (with a description) 3.Two past positions 4.Your education 5.Your skills (minimum of 3) 6.A profile photo 7.At least 50 connections LinkedIn The LinkedIn Banner. A picture is worth a thousand words. It represents your brand, personality, and cultural fit.

Its a Billboard. Keep it simple; easy to read; fit properly; and proper sizing. Toshows createyou your customised banner, and there are It areown serious about LinkedIn your

several free online programs you can use: brand. Canva https://www.canva.com/create/banners/linkedin/ PicMonkey - https://www.picmonkey.com/ Adobe Spark - https://spark.adobe.com/ Social Media LinkedIn Profile Picture.which one? LinkedIn Privacy & Settings

Profile Updates on/off Accounts Privacy Communication Customized URL Groups LinkedIn Your Name

Within your last name you get 40 characters. (#1 for SEO - LinkedIn looks for keywords is in your name field) Dont add too many keywords LinkedIn The Header The Headline gets 120 characters. (#2 SEO) A. Mary Smith Transitioning Military Member ----- or ----B. Mary Smith

Experienced Marketing Professional ----- or ----C. Mary Smith Transitioning Military Member Logistics Manager Supply Chain Transportation Supervisor Fleet Coordination LinkedIn Symbols LinkedIn Character Count LinkedIn The Header Hack # 1: My current search for LinkedIn, that I learned at a Recruiting Conference that had upwards of 1000 recruiters in attendance: (seeking OR seeker OR "looking for" OR "in search of" OR "open to" OR "new job" OR "actively pursuing" OR "pursuing new" OR

"searching for" OR "new opportunity" OR "new opportunities" OR "available for" OR "transition" OR "transitioning" OR "separating" OR "unemployed") ..And then I put in the terms that I am looking for Seeking Human Resources Bottom line: Recruiters ARE looking to make long-term connections? But when positions need filled, we need to know that who we are reaching out to are available soon, if not immediately. LinkedIn The Summary Gets 2000 characters. The digital first impression Does it have

spice? Is it authentic? Where is the value? How is it formatted? Are there keywords? Ready/Set/Action LinkedIn The Experience Job Title 100 characters (#3 in SEO) Description: 2-3 sentence overview (paragraph) with 2-3 accomplishments

(bullets). Front load achievements Use action verbs Use keywords Demilitarize Less is more Proper grammar and spelling LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements Extra weighting in search algorithm 50 skills to be endorsed, make them count! Allows connections to quickly affirm your skills and expertise

Keep skills relevant and up to date LinkedIn Recommendations They solidify you as a person, employee, and talent. Very important to your profile. You can ask your connections to write a recommendation of your work that you can display on your profile: Go to your profile and click the down arrow to the right of the button near your profile picture. Click Ask to be recommended from the dropdown. Follow the prompts to request the recommendation. Click Send.

LinkedIn Recommendations Hi [first name], I hope all is well with you. I am preparing to depart from the military and pursue a civilian career. I have been reflecting on my past accomplishments and I really enjoyed working with you on/at [project/company], and I was wondering if you would write a brief LinkedIn recommendation of my work. I'd love it if you could touch on Y initiative and our collaboration on Z. Just three to five sentences is all I'm after. I know a recommendation from you will significantly elevate my profile. I greatly appreciate your time, and hope to hear

from you soon. Thank you, LinkedIn Connections 50 connections for a complete profile and 500 connections to be taken serious. Always add to the connection request. Connect to 2nd degrees (coworkers, peers, recruiters, decision makers). Participate, Post, Participate. Save connection templates for future use.

Build Your Network With Peers, Recruiters, Advocates LinkedIn Kymberli Tucker - BJC Build Your Network Corey Williams Combined

Scott Raether AFRC

Jason Boone Spectrum Donna Baylor TAP Daniel Savage LinkedIn Michael Quinn LinkedIn Pro Beth Brueggemann MiTek Industries Brian Scott Adaptive Solutions Matt Miller Leidos Jessica Fritz SAIC Dean Espenschied Archer Daniels Ashley Maetas Ascent, LLC Katelyn Blair BJC Brandi Smith Scull Construction Chris Coughlin AIC

John Wesley BNSF Railway Samantha Graham Bunge DeAnn Mooney C5T Sanford Artman Averitt Express Brian Draper Centene Sean Sawyers Chameleon Integrated

Insurance Ann Heinly Enterprise Patrick Christie Aegion Corp. Christine Wojda Flying Colours Corp. Jay Miller Edgewell Personal Care Chris Anderson Aegion Corp. John Hansley Monsanto Brian Dillard NGA Lewis Collins NGA Jonas Patterson NJVC Linda Hoffman PNC Bank Anna Carr Ameren Michelle Isenberg Ameren

Nya Grimes Ameren Jessica Barattini A&FRC Sarah Lynch A&FRC Jennifer Welch A&FRC Richard Wegner UPS Duane Butler Chenega Garrett Doerr SSM Healthcare Emilie Hoffman Hire Level Ola Ayeni Claim Academy Groups Join up to 100 Groups on LinkedIn Your Industry Your Job Function Your Geographical Location

Bonus!!! Both Job Function & Location Now what??? 1. Engage Add value to a comment; share your expertise 2. Ask Questions; Seek Advice; Share Content Remember Branding 3. Check for Jobs Yes, it is a job board also 4. Connect with Fellow Members You all share a common interest or bond. 10 Best Job Search Groups 1. A Job Needed A Job Posted Most productive group in career and recruitment segment. About 9k members.

2. Career Change Central Job changers and people in career transition; meet with hiring managers, and career coaches. 3. CareerLink Network Holistic approach to your career and life, helping you with spiritual and personal growth. 4. Corporate Recruiters Corporate, in-house if you will, recruiters. This will get you in direct contact with companies. 5. Executive Suite A massive group connecting executives and recruiters mainly in the US. 6. Job Openings, Job Leads and Job Connections A self explanatory title and also the biggest LinkedIn group of them all. 7. Jobs Alert Career opportunities at middle and senior level of management.

8. Linked:HR A group for managers, corporate recruiters, and now you. Biggest HR group on LI. 9. Personal Branding Network A group about using your brand for your job search and career in general. 10. Undercover Recruiter Ask questions about careers and recruiting. LinkedIn Groups to Join

Scott AFB Community Job Board St. Louis Networking Event St. Louis Employment Network LinkedIn Working St. Louis

AFCEA Scott St. Louis Chapter Metro East St. Louis Network St. Louis Recruiter Professionals US Air Force Full Scope Poly Recruiters Scott AFB Cleared Professionals Military Spouse Employers The Recruiter.com Network St. Louis Job Angels Military Spouse Professionals Top Secret Careers

Job Postings Group Veterans Hired

G.I. Jobs Scott Air Force Base Military Veteran Recruiters Hiring Our Heroes Veteran Mentor Network Social Media for Job Search Scott AFB Transition Recourses Connected STL Networking Group Veteran Job Opportunities Military Transition Assistance SAFB IT Professionals St. Louis Talent Acquisitions Network We Hire Heroes Veterans

Employment ACTIVE or ENGAGED? Liking what others write Active Hitting the like button and moving on. Engaged Actually reading, commenting, and sharing Sharing Posts Active Sharing everything and anything Engaged Quality vs. Quantity.share relevant information to your network. Share an article vs. Writing an article Active You hit share and move on

Engaged Actually writing an article related to your profession. Know your audience Wallflower Effect Active You say the generic congratulations and move on Engaged Make a unique comment the makes you stand out The Job Search!! Scrapped Jobs on LinkedIn Takes you to company website to apply. They pay LI to take from their site. Dedicated Jobs on

LinkedIn Application process is different. Easier 1. After you see a position on LinkedIn, Indeed, Simply Hired, Glassdoor, Monster, etc. go to LinkedIn and search for the company 3. Filter Employee Profiles on LinkedIn 2. Search Employee Profiles on LinkedIn All Location of the

job Filters Search past companies you worked for to find people that used to work for the same organization. Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, CG Industries: Staffing & Recruiting, Human Resources, industry of the job you are pursuing, a peer in your industry. Recruiter or

Results Based On Search: Location: Greater St. Louis Industry: Human Resources Based On Search: Location: Greater St. Louis Past Companies: United States Air Force 4. Contact them about the job opportunity

Options: 1. 2. 3. 1. Connect Send Connection Request with message 2. InMail For Premium Accounts. Allows for longer

messages 3. Referral Ask someone in your network to refer you to him/her. Connection Approach Pros: 1. It is quick, short, and less disrupting. 2. You dont need premium. Cons: 1. Only allow 300

characters. 2. Sometimes it is overlooked. 3. No attachments InMail Approach Pros: 1. It is seen as an email and stands out. 2. Longer character limit. 3. Serves as a cover

letter to show qualifications. 4. Attach your resume. Cons: 1. It is not a connection request. You do both 2. You must have Premium. Referral Approach Pros: 1. Referral is #1 approach to job

application. 2. Recruiters prefer referrals. Cons: 1. You have to have a relationship with referral. 2. No guarantee the referral will do it. 3. Becomes out of your hands. What the Employer See When You Easy Apply

1.The Candidates Name 2.The Headline beneath their name 3.Current Job Title 4.Past Employment Job Title 5.Education 6.Recommendations 7.Connections 8.Contact Information Important information to consider when applying 1.90% of have ZERO RECOMMENDATIONS 2.Craft Headline to Meet Criteria 3.Read Announcement Carefully; update

profile 4.Employers dont get the whole picture 5.Make Contact and Reach Out LinkedIn ICE Comment Card Please take a moment to tell leadership about the wonderful services offered at the A&FRC

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