WELCOME & ORIENTATION 2017 with Womens Services TEAM

WELCOME & ORIENTATION 2017 with Womens Services TEAM

WELCOME & ORIENTATION 2017 with Womens Services TEAM Work Cooperative with Womens Employment Services 7051 Bayers Road, Suite 501 Halifax, NS B3L 2C1 Phone: 902-422-8900 Fax: 902-422-3992 TEAM Work Cooperative with Womens Employment Services is funded through the Canada-Nova Scotia Labour Market Development Agreement under the direction of Nova

Scotia Works and is governed by a community based Board of Directors. TEAM Work Cooperative is a Nova Scotia Works Centre. We are an Inclusive Employment Service Agency. We offer employment services to all Nova Scotians seeking employment or skills development. TEAM Work Cooperative TEAM Work Cooperative is a Case Management Agency. We have specialization in working with

people with unique barriers to employment such as youth, persons with disabilities, and women. We also have designated services for Career Counselling. TEAM Work Cooperative Intake Process Complete our intake form online at teamworkbridge.org or in person at our office. Once we have some basic information you will meet with one of our staff to discuss your employment support needs. Now, let us tell you a little more about

our programs, services, and our staff. TEAM Work Cooperative Information Resource As a client of TEAM Work you will have access to our Resource Room and can use the computers, printer, fax machine, photocopier, and phone for job search purposes. You can usually find James, our Information Resource Specialist, in the Resource Room. James provides: - General job search information and referrals - Basic assistance with resumes and cover letters, and/or computer skills

- Personalized 1-1 job search/skills support when referred through your Case Manager TEAM Work Cooperative Case Management As a client of TEAM Work, you can be assigned a Career Practitioner/Case Manager. They will provide assistance in the form of employment counselling and information on aspects of job search and career planning. Our Case Managers/Career Practitioners are Charlene, MJ, Stephanie, Hannah & Susan. Womens Services are also available with Case Managers/Career Practitioners and Career

Counsellors and they are: Sherry, Marjorie, Kathy, and Robinah. TEAM Work Cooperative Career Counselling Our Career Counsellors work with clients to explore the influence of values, interests, and work styles on career choices. Clients will engage in a process of self exploration through formal and informal assessments. They will identify occupations of interest, review Nova Scotia labour market trends, occupational information, and local upgrading and retraining options if applicable. Clients will be supported in determining and moving

forward with a direction that suits them and meets their employment needs. . TEAM Work Cooperative TEAM Work Workshops All workshops are highly recommended and they include: The Journey to Employment This 2 hour workshop is about the various stages people go through after job loss or when looking for work. It includes coping strategies, resources for personal and professional development and

tips to reduce stress and jump start your job search. TEAM Work Cooperative Other TEAM Work Workshops include Job Search In Todays Labour Market Resume Writing Cover Letters Interview Skills Talking About Your Disability Assessing Your Transferable Skills Customer Service Interactive Interview Skills Ready, Set, GOAL Mock Interviews Specialty Workshops and more

Our Workshop facilitator is Liz. Pick up a copy of our workshop schedule at the front desk! TEAM Work Cooperative Job Development Our Job Developers are great at networking and they can assist you in various ways including: - Helping with building/revising a tailored resume and cover letter. - Advocating for you with hiring managers /

employers. - Providing current Labour Market Information. - Assisting with aspects of job search through in- person, phone, and/or email contact. - Accompanying you to interviews (as required TEAM Work Cooperative and Employment Support Our Employment Support Practitioners (ESPs) transition new employees with disabilities to workplace duties and responsibilities. ESPs assist clients in strategies that support and identify employment maintenance needs to retain employment.

ESPs Act as liaison between the employer and client if required, providing assistance and support to clients to help ensure job success and sustained employment. TEAM Work Cooperative Womens Employment Services The Womens Team brings over 36 years of history focused on the unique needs of women in navigating their career paths through a womens only safe space, one-on-one counselling services, and workshops. Womens Employment Services offer workshops throughout Halifax Regional Municipality. Workshops

include: Addressing Bullying in the Workplace, Career Decision Making, Confidence Building, Essential Skills for Todays Workplace, Job Search over 45, Job Search Working Sessions, Personality Dimensions, Portfolio Development, Racially Visible Women in the Workplace: Body, Mind, and TEAM Work Cooperative Spirit. TEAM Work Cooperative with Womens Services work for the benefit of each individual who wants to develop a plan to prepare for meaningful work. We know you will follow through with scheduled appointments and/or workshops. If you are unable to attend, please let us know in advance

so we can book in someone else who is looking to benefit from our services. We look forward to working with you!! TEAM Work Cooperative The Staff Janice Ainsworth Judy Turner Marcus Jamieson Sherry Battiste Jeanette Paynter David Wareing Charlene Tasco Stephanie Berry Marjorie Janes

MJ Crawford Robinah Kakembo Kathy Horne Angela Bryden Hannah Hefler Gina Kokoska Michelle Barnhill Susan Wheaton Lloyd Thomas Jason Fernandes Daniel Riley James Smith Matthew Jamieson Mike Little

Elizabeth Fitzner Follow TEAM Work on Facebook, Twitter and/or visit our website @ teamworkbridge.org TEAM Work Cooperative

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