APPROACHES Objectives Explain the main assumptions of the

APPROACHES Objectives  Explain the main assumptions of the

APPROACHES Objectives Explain the main assumptions of the Psychodynamic and Humanistic Approaches Outline at least 3 key concepts within the Psychodynamic and Humanistic Approaches Explain each of the debates in Psychology and apply them to two Psychological Approaches Compare, Contrast and Evaluate the Psychodynamic and

Humanistic Approaches. Review- Assumptions You have been named Freud (1) or Maslow (2) 1. All Freuds will be writing on MWBs everything they can remember about the Psychodynamic Approach

2. All Maslows will be writing down on MWBs everything they know about the Humanistic Approach Without MWBs- Freuds find a Maslow and explain everything you can remember. Maslow now explain your approach to Freud Psychodynamic Key Concepts The Structure of Personality In pairs, write a scenario/situation demonstrating Freuds tripartite personality (ID,

EGO, SuperEGO). Psychosexual stages of development Old Age Pensioners Like Gardening Divide the 5 psychosexual stages up amongst your group. Each person should write down what occurs in that stage and what the consequences are of becoming fixated in that stage. Once everyone has done this, discuss the stages as a group.

Extend Can you provide any criticisms of the tripartite personality or the psychosexual stages of development Wallboards- Defence Mechanisms Write a definition of the following (dont know? Have a go). Try to think of examples or evaluation points linked to these. Repression Forcing a distressing thought out of the conscious into the unconscious Denial Refusing to acknowledge some aspect of reality Displacement Transferring feelings from one source of distressing emotion onto a substitute target

Evaluating the Approach- Supporting Evidence Research for the Psychodynamic Approach Little Hans phobia Task1. Discuss the Little Hans study with the person sat next to you remind each other of the key points. What psychosexual stage was Hans fixated in and why? 2. Is the Little Hans case study good evidence for the Oedipus Conflict? (What is good evidence?) 3. Is this a scientific way of investigating phobias? 4. How might a behaviourist explain Hans Phobia? You should know this from homework Do not know? Scan

Humanism- Application- Article Stick the article on the wallboards and complete all 3 questions below Reasons why young women feel life is 'on hold 1. Referring to features of Humanistic Psychology explain why young women feel this way- Annotate and use content from the article to support where possible 2. What other factors are mentioned in the article and how does this challenge the Humanistic approach? 3. Spiral- Highlight any Behavioural, Cognitive and Emotional characteristics of depression

Examples Self Esteem/ The Self- The women have a low view of themselves We dont feel confident. Low self esteem of the women could be linked to a lack of unconditional positive regard from childhood. Congruence- Their self concept (living at home and low wage) does not meet their ideal self (housing, job etc) "I'm at that age now where I'm looking at other people and thinking, oh my god, I'm still stuck in my parents' home," Free Will- Women do not feel they have free will or choice as a result of their situations. Hierarchy of needs and Self actualisation The womens needs are not being met so they cannot meet their potential and participate in personal growth. Belongingness- Evee said being far away from family and support networks sometimes made things harder for her Physiological/safety needs- "Living at home, I don't have my own space - my room is tiny because I'm in a

box room Safety needs 38% were worried about job security Self esteem-needsWe dont feel confident Other Factors?Gender- What other factors might influence depression in females? Socio-economic? Culture? Characteristics of Depression Behavioural- Reduced social interaction, withdrawal Cognitive- focusing on the negative Emotional- Loss of enthusiasn, worthlessness, low self esteem Evaluating the Approaches Issues and debates An introduction As part of your paper 3 you will have to complete a section on

Issues and debates This is weighted as much as your other topics and you may have a 16 mark essay on this We will look at issues and debates related to Schizophrenia, Gender and Forensics and also do stand alone sessions on these All the Issues and debates link nicely to the approaches and you have explored some alreadyCan anyone tell me any? Task- Issues and Debates We must ensure we understand the terminology first. There

may be a couple of terms you do not know but you will after this activity. Activity Take one card each Walk around the room ask someone your question If they answer it correctly swap If they do not answer correctly then tell them the answer then ask them again (this helps to reinforce the answer) If they answer it correctly swap cards Continue until you have had at least six different cards Approaches vs Issues and Debates Grid This is similar to the grid in the back on your Approaches pack but better as can be used for both the Issues and debates and Approaches

topics (staple this to your approaches pack) Individually complete the rows of the grid for Humanism and the Psychodynamic Approaches (You should know most of these points from your summer homework) Try to give examples where possible 1. Core- Do with support from homework, cards, textbooks and the approaches pack 2. Extend- Work in pairs and try to do what you can without notes 3. Challenge- Complete independently without notes Check your grid This should say Psychic not

Physic Check your grid Comparison questions How to compare and contrast effectively We have done work on evaluative essays for the approaches but not comparison essays Outline and evaluate the psychodynamic approach in psychology. [16 marks] Discuss one or more differences between the psychodynamic approach and the humanistic approach. [16 marks] The aim of this activity is to provide you with a template for effective comparison

using the familiar burger technique. Task1- Discuss In pairs what you think the structure of the above essay might be We can use our grid to form these paragraphs for evaluating approaches, comparing approaches and for discussing issues and debates Templates hat Explain (Approach 2) Example (Approach 1) Point Difference: Which two approaches are you contrasting? One difference between the ___________________ approach and the

___________________ is The ___________________ approach suggests [Provide explanation of the difference you are going to discuss] However, the ___________________ suggests [Explain how approach 2 is difference] Psychodynamic vs. Humanist- Example hat Explain (Approach 2) Example (Approach 1) Point Difference: Which two approaches are you contrasting?

One difference between the psychodynamic approach and the humanist approach is the extent to which they argue that our behaviour is determined. The psychodynamic approach suggests that behaviour is determined by unconscious drives (e.g. the ID) and early childhood experiences, an idea termed psychic determinism. However, the humanist approach suggests that humans control their own environment and are capable of change. Therefore the humanist approach argues that humans have free-will while the psychodynamic approach suggest that our behaviour is determined. The Humanist approach could therefore be argued to be more sophisticated

Independent task (MWB to practice? / Notebooks) 1. Core Write a compare and a contrast paragraph using the templates, example and Grid 2. Extend- Write another compare and another Contrast paragraph without the supporting resources 3. Challenge- Pick a different approach and write one comparison and one contrasting paragraph for Humanistic approach Psychodynamic approach Discuss one or more differences between the

psychodynamic approach and the humanistic approach. [16 marks] Exam Practice Choose one you cannot do and practice Psychodynamic Using an example, explain the role of the unconscious (4marks) Outline Freuds Tripartite personality (3 marks) Identify one Freudian Defence Mechanism and explain how it would affect behaviour (3 marks) Humanism Outline what is meant by Congruence and provide an example (4 marks)

Outline Maslows Hierarchy of needs explaining the term self actualisation (4 marks) Outline two assumptions of the Humanistic approach (4marks) Plenary. Wallboards1. In groups write a model paragraph for the Psychodynamic approach and the Humanistic approach 2. Decide whether it is comparative or contrasting Dont forget the So What! A Determinism and Free Will B- Nature vs Nurture

C- Reductionism and Holism D- Idiographic vs nomothetic D- Scientific vs non scientific E- Application/use

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