Quality Assurance for Emulsified Asphalt Surface Treatments ETF

Quality Assurance for Emulsified Asphalt Surface Treatments ETF

Quality Assurance for Emulsified Asphalt Surface Treatments ETF Meeting Indianapolis, Indiana November 28 & 29, 2018 Larry Galehouse, P.E., P.S. National Center for Pavement Preservation Qualified Personnel Training is essential for successful

pavement preservation projects. Qualified Personnel Contractor and agency employees need to acquire knowledge about how to build a pavement preservation treatment. Qualified Personnel Technicians conducting material sampling

and testing for quality acceptance or quality control activities need to be certified by a nationally recognized organization. Qualified Personnel Certain contractor employees need to be certified for the treatment(s) they construct. These employees should include: Superintendents

Foreman Operators of major equipment Qualified Personnel Certification is confirmation that a person has the necessary knowledge of a specific pavement preservation treatment and through verification by examination from a recognized independent third party specializing in the field.

Project Selection Fiscal constraints and pressure from legislators and administrators force agencies to work on pavements too far down the deterioration curve. Project Selection Pavement Management Systems Pavement Inventories

> Type, Age, Location, etc. Ride Quality Measurements Distress > Functional and Structural Rutting Faulting Project Selection Field Review (Windshield Survey)

Asphalt Pavements > Oxidation > Early Raveling > Bleeding > Drainage Issues Concrete Pavements > Joint Seals > Pop-outs

Project Selection Poor choices for pavement preservation. Causes of Poor Pavement Performance in USA Workmanship - 66% Material Failure - 9%

Design Deficiency - 21% Natural Disaster - 4% Quality Control The system used by a Contractor party to monitor, assess and adjust their production or placement processes to ensure that the final product will meet the specified level of quality.

Acceptable Quality Control Plan 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. Scope and Reference Documents Definitions Quality Control Personnel Quality Control Testing Facilities and Equipment Materials Control Quality Control Sampling and Testing

Production Equipment Treatment Placement and Workmanship Documentation Non-Conformance and Corrective Action Quality Control Plan Parts 1. SCOPE and REFERENCE DOCUMENTS

ASTM Standards AASHTO Standards Guidelines and Technical Bulletins Standard Specifications and Project Special Provisions Quality Control Plan Parts

2. DEFINITIONS Making Terms Used in QC Plan Clear and Distinct Quality Control Plan Parts 3. QUALITY CONTROL PERSONNEL Company Personnel Responsible for QC Subcontractors Responsible for QC Material Suppliers Meeting Testing Requirements

Quality Control Plan Parts 4. QUALITY CONTROL TESTING FACILITIES and EQUIPMENT Laboratory Used for Material Sampling and Testing Laboratory Used for Mix Designs > Must be Accredited Laboratories Quality Control Plan Parts 5. MATERIALS CONTROL

All Materials Used in Treatment are Identified List of Approved Material Sources Storage Requirements and Stockpiling Provisions Quality Control Plan Parts 6. QUALITY CONTROL SAMPLING and TESTING

Lot Size Defined for Sampling Sampling Identification System Storage and Retention Procedures for Samples Sampling Methods, Test Procedures and Frequency Quality Control Plan Parts

7. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT Identify All Equipment Used During Construction Provide Spec Sheets for Major Equipment Quality Control Plan Parts 8. PLACEMENT and WORKMANSHIP

Calibration Procedure for Equipment Equipment Checks, Inspection Methods and Frequency Pavement Surface Preparation Procedures Pre-Production Quality Control Checks Related Production Activities Traffic Control

Tack Coat, etc. Quality Control Plan Parts 8. PLACEMENT and WORKMANSHIP - continued Critical Factors That Can Affect Production Results Identify Protocols for Proper Workmanship Production QC Activities, Test Frequencies, and Inspection Methods Cleanup

Daily End of Project Quality Control Plan Parts 9. DOCUMENTATION Examples of Reporting Forms Production Quality Control Reporting Sampling and Testing Results Daily Production Records

Non-Conformance Report Document Retention Details Quality Control Plan Parts 10. NON-CONFORMANCE and CORRECTIVE ACTION Corrective Actions Described for: Materials Not Meeting Specifications All Potential Defects in Workmanship

Quality Control Plan Parts APPENDICES Supporting Documents

Company Organization Chart Resumes of QC Personnel Employee Certifications Equipment Specifications Examples of Report Forms Agency / Owner - Acceptance Acceptance is the process which the Agency, Owner, or Designated Agent determines

whether the quality of the product meets the contract requirements. Agency / Owner - Acceptance The Agency, Owner, or Designated Agent will verify the degree of compliance by independently performing: Random Material Sampling and Testing Inspection of Workmanship

Agency / Owner - Acceptance The objectives of acceptance are to: Perform sampling and testing for key quality characteristics. Inspect to identify visually deficient work. Measure the quality of all materials produced and placed by the contractor. Determine the corresponding payment the

contractor should receive. Questions

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