Naturalism It does a body good. What exactly

Naturalism It does a body good. What exactly

Naturalism It does a body good. What exactly is naturalism? Naturalism is a type of literature that attempts to apply scientific principles of objectivity and detachment to its study of human beings. How is naturalism different from realism?

Realism emphasizes the depiction of life as it is lived. Naturalism emphasizes the more brutal aspects of existence. What are the characteristics of naturalism? Characters- ill-educated or lower-class governed by forces of heredity, instinct, and passion.

Exercise free will. Social Darwinism helped determine their fates. Urban Setting Techniques/plots-panoramic drama of degeneration What are the major themes of naturalism??

Survival Determination Nature as an indifferent force acting in human lives The brute withinstorng emotions-conflict-- man vs. nature or man vs. himself

Violence Taboo Difference, deterministic universe Forces of heredity and environment as they affect the individual

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