Welcome to the Pope High School Band !

Welcome to the Pope High School Band !

Welcome to the Pope High School Band ! Dont believe everything you hear ! The internet is not always the truth

(or even accurate) -Unbelievable community stories that are full of false information -Those who are barely involved are not good resources they havent experienced everything -Go to those who are in charge of creating it The Band Curriculum: Fall Semester: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, 9th Grade Band,

Percussion Class Spring Semester: Wind Symphony, Symphonic Band, Concert Band These are daily classes that receive grades and show on your transcript for credit Extra-Curricular Options at Pope: -Competition Marching Band -Friday Night Marching Band

-Jazz Ensembles -Percussion Ensembles -Winter Color Guard -Chamber Groups Other musical options (offcampus): -District Honor Band -All State Band -Area Honors organizations -University activities -National Honors groups

-Private Lessons COMMUNICATIO N: Website www.popeband.com PBPA Meetings Newsletter Remind Messaging service

Printed materials E-mail WHY CONTINUE BAND IN HIGH SCHOOL ? Turns out human brains are wired for music and numerous studies have demonstrated that kids who learn music also are more adept at language, mathematics, and demonstrate higher verbal IQ scores. Music also is a great stress alleviator, which is especially important for teens.

Like any team activity, band members must learn to play within and as part of the larger group. This commitment to teamwork, the discipline and dedication, the memorization and mastery of an instrument all combine to develop life skills that will help your child as he or she moves into adulthood and forms lasting relationships. Those skills also help us overcome professional and personal obstacles and hurdles.

Now add in the marching part. Anyone who has ever played an instrument knows that adding an extra task to the mix increases the complexities involved. Not surprisingly, band members who must march and play develop multitasking neural connections that benefit them for a lifetime.

The friendships and networks. Fraternities are always celebrated for the networking connections they foster, but they dont hold a candle to band. Kids who play together for years in band will enjoy lifelong friendships that, coupled with their potential for higher achievement, make them ideal networks for professional advancement (remember, most people still get jobs through

personal connections). Every parent from time to time reminds their child that life is hard. Fortunately, participation in extracurricular activities like band with their constant requirement for kids to fail and try again until they at last succeed teaches kids grit and determination. And these two qualities better than most are predictors of how well kids will do in life. The bottom line: Kids who participate in band, (and marching band) will enjoy numerous benefits that far

outweigh the hassles associated with practice. Looking ahead to college: Question: I would like to know what grade is ideal to start compiling extracurricular activities and community service if my goal is to go to Harvard?

(Gathered from online resources pertaining to college admissions) The sooner the better! If youre already setting your sights on Harvard, you should already be thinking about what kinds of qualities youd like to show when you apply to college. Join organizations or clubs that spark your interest, and devote meaningful time to those activities. Instead of joining many things at once, try to pick carefully and lean towards

activities youll want to continue for several years. Schools like Harvard expect students to have more than just top grades and test scores. You also need to demonstrate that youre an ambitious student with a desire to participate in your community. Remember, though, that while its great to set your sights on a school like Harvard, there are also many other colleges and universities that offer an excellent education and

college experience. Dont limit yourself to just aiming for Ivy League schools. Research broadly and think about your specific goals and desires. I understand that colleges want to see applicants that have unique factors that make themselves stand out in the flood of applicants wanting to seek great colleges. Could you give me a list of some specific activities or qualities that would make an applicant stand out in the abundance of

eager and competitive applicants? By the way, the information you have provided for other high school students like me is fantastic. This is a great question, but unfortunately the answer is not cut and dry. In general, activities that demonstrate leadership, service, and commitment tend to stand out. But, this could mean something different for each student. For example, a student interested in a medical or science major might stand out due to having many

hours of volunteer work in hospitals and clinics. However, a student aiming for a sports scholarship at a state university might stand out by having a competitive sports record and a history of sports leadership. No two activities can truly be compared against one another, because the type of activity will always correspond to the students overall profile. Instead of aiming for extracurriculars that may look good, try finding activities you are passionate about that build skills, serve the

community, or challenge you to lead. When you translate those experiences into life lessons in your college essay, admissions counselors will be able to see what you gained from the experiences. Whatever you choose, make sure you have active participation and strive to become a leader or core member of the group or organization. Good luck! The high school band experience provides many avenues for growth

and development in both music and inter-personal skills. The lessons learned through participation can ease the transition into college, assist with job interviews, and can give the student specific experiences that will set them apart when measured against others with little to no group activity during high school.

We are seeing tremendous amounts of stress and numerous student meltdowns due to overwhelming pressure to take academics beyond what they are prepared to handle and frustration when they cant all be the top achiever academically. Students need an outlet during high school to relieve the stress of an often overwhelming amount of pressure for academic achievement. We see more and more students struggling and having issues due to the constant push to take more difficult classes and do tons of after school preparation for

standardized tests. Band is a great place to put those concerns behind, enjoy some creative/expressive time, and let off steam. Non-Musical Skills that band teaches:

Communication Goal Setting Teamwork Long-term planning Commitment Cooperation Analytical Skills

Listening Skills Cruise ship set to leave at designated timethis lady showed up 15 minutes late. Ship sailed with her family as she screamed from the dock she obviously wasnt in band in high schoolthis is one of our most

established rules! What does it cost? About the same as any other quality activity on the high school level Scholarship and fundraising opportunities to offset expenses Depends on your level of involvement

YES, YOU CAN !!! High school band students participate in a variety of other activities, sports, clubs, community groups, and some work part-time. If you want to make the situation work, you will find a way. Bonus Experiences: Trips

(We have gone to London, Hawaii, Chicago, Washington D.C., and other major cities across the US.) Performances in community (We have done TV commercials, performed on stage at the Fox Theater, and played for the cast of the Peanuts moviealong with numerous local appearances) Connections in the music world (Through guest conductors , performers, and clinicians)

Visiting college campuses (Many of our events take us to the universities that students might later apply for admissions) Specialized Awards/Varsity Letter (One of the only activities in which you can earn a varsity letter for 4 years) March On! 10 Benefits of Playing

in Marching Band #10 Marching band graces the resume of many whos whos. Gwen Stefani , Alanis Morissette, Halle Berry, and Tina Fey all played flute in high school marching band. Clarinetists include Jimmy Kimmel, Julia Roberts, Sara Evans, Steven Spielberg and Gloria Estefan. Saxophone was the high school instrument of choice for Norah Jones, Jennifer Garner and Lionel Richie. Steven Tyler, Samuel L. Jackson and Ke$ha played trumpet, while Nelly Furtado chose trombone. And we doubt its

merely coincidence that so many successful individuals played in marching band because #9 Marching band requires discipline and dedication. Long rehearsals in the aforementioned elements are not for the faint of heart. To work strenuous hours through tough conditions instills a mental fortitude and ethic that will serve you throughout your life.

#8 Marching bands are the best teams around. Teamwork is a necessity when youre part of a marching band, no one gets left behind. When you work hard together, each contribute your important part, and trust each other marching forwards, backwards and every-which-way, theres a camaraderie unlike any other. Plus, you automatically have a whole bunch of friends to share the experience with. #7 Marching band may just make you smarter.

The neurological benefits of playing music are well documented, and weve discussed them on our blog previously. However add marching, often at a different tempo than which you are playing, to the mix, and youll soon be a multitasking pro. #6 Marching band provides automatic exercise. No need to hit the gym from July through midNovember. Youll be marching mile after mile carrying anywhere from a 15 oz. piccolo to a 40 lb. bass drum, controlling your breathing

the entire way. #5 Marching band is a crash course in time management. Balancing school, homework and practice can be quite the challenge. But again, this is a skill that youll appreciate more and more as you get older. As the saying goes early is on time, on-time is late. #4 Marching band teaches you to

grow from adversity. You cant win every competition or knock-emdead at every show. So, you take critical feedback, be it from judges or your director, and use it as fuel to make yourself better next time around. #3 Marching band directors are awesome people to know. This may come as a shock, but most marching band directors arent in it for the money. Those who take on the task are some of the most dedicated educators around, and

their love of music and learning is infectious. Its no small feat to take 50 to 150 diverse students and turn them into a well-oiled marching machine (and make sure they sound good doing it). #2 Marching bands make you a better allaround musician. After playing in 100-degree heat while marching in formation, sitting in concert band and zipping through Tchaikovskys 1812 seems like a walk in the park. You also have the instrument in your hands and on your faces for many extra hours per

week. #1 Marching band camp for life! The hours are long, the weather dicey, the tan lines wicked but theres no other way youd want to spend your summer. Plus, youve already made a whole bunch of friends to start the school year with. A brief commercial about our band program:

http://vimeo.com/74084183 Unique opportunities in the Pope Band : XPLOSION! Show (Theatrical extravaganza) Friday Night Band option Swingphonic Jazz Band (open to ALL instruments) Band Yearbook (our own production) Leadership opportunities

What about other electives / scheduling? -Students schedule a variety of courses and band in high schools across the county every year. -Make a four-year plan -Know the requirements vs. the suggestions -Move On When Ready initiative -Summer School

Universities are no longer solely looking at GPA and test scores for admissions. They understand how parents and students are gaming the system and loading up on weighted courses to inflate GPA. Almost all (California schools excepted) universities convert your GPA to a 4.0 scale and look more closely at your curriculum for rigor and relevance. They also are looking more closely at the amount of involvement in extracurriculars and community service rather than accepting a long list of clubs and groups in

which the student did very little. Being a part of something over the long term that teaches useful success skills for the real world shows the university that you are the type of student who will achieve rather than crumbling under the pressure of a What do past students say? Better grades during marching band Life lessons pay off in college Musical connections open doors for college Strong friendships

Meet others with common experiences Organization skills valuable in college/career You get ONE opportunity to experience high school band. Once its gone, you cant go back. You can play most sports, be a part of community groups, and have many other experiences as a college student or into your adult life but you cant do the things available in high school band after you graduate.

Take advantage of this opportunity while you have the chance! We would love to have you as a part of our band family! Question s? Contact the band directors through the email link on the band website www.popeband.com

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