ECE/CS 757: Advanced Computer Architecture II Instructor:Mikko H

ECE/CS 757: Advanced Computer Architecture II Instructor:Mikko H

ECE/CS 757: Advanced Computer Architecture II Instructor:Mikko H Lipasti Spring 2009 University of Wisconsin-Madison Lecture notes based on slides created by John Shen, Mark Hill, David Wood, Guri Sohi, and Jim Smith, Natalie Enright Jerger, and probably others Multicore Processors Readings: CMP design space exploration (thermal vs. power) Heterogenous CMP Hill's Amdahl's law Piranha Multicore CPUs for the masses Victim replication 2

Objective Use available transistors efficiently Provide better perf, perf/cost, perf/watt Effectively share expensive resources Socket/pins: DRAM interface Coherence interface I/O interface On-chip area/power Mem controller Cache FPU? (Conjoined cores, e.g. Niagara) 3 High-Level Design Issues 1. Where to connect cores? Time to market:

at off-chip bus (Pentium D) at coherence interconnect (Opteron) Requires substantial (re)design: at L2 (Power 4, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo) at L3 (Opteron, Itanium) 4 High-Level Design Issues 2. Share caches? yes: all designs that connect at L2 or L3 no: all designs that don't 3. Coherence? Private caches? Reuse existing MP/socket coherence Optimize for on-chip sharing? [Zhang reading] Shared caches? Need new coherence protocol for on-chip caches

Often write-through L1 with back-invalidates for other caches (mini-directory) 5 High-Level Design Issues 4. How to connect? Off-chip bus? Time-to-market hack, not scalable Existing pt-to-pt coherence interconnect (hypertransport) Shared L2/L3: Crossbar, up to 3-4 cores (8 weak cores in Niagara) 1D "dancehall organization On-chip bus? Not scalable (8 weak cores in Piranha) Interconnection network scalable, but high overhead E.g. 2D tiled organization, mesh interconnect 6

Shared vs. Private Caches Bandwidth issues Data: if shared then banked/interleaved Tags: snoop b/w into L2, L1 if not inclusive Misses: per core vs. per chip Shared: cold/capacity/conflict/comm Private: cold/capacity/conflict/comm 7 Shared vs. Private Caches Access latency: fixed vs. NUCA (interconnect) Classic UMA (dancehall) vs. NUMA Complexity due to bandwidth:

Arbitration Concurrency/interaction Coherent vs. non-coherent shared cache LLC can be "memory cache below coherence 8 Multicore Coherence All private caches: reuse existing protocol, if scalable enough Some shared cache New LL shared cache is non-coherent (easy) Use existing protocol to find blocks in private L2/L1

Serialize L3 access; use as memory cache New shared LLC is coherent (harder) Complexity of multilevel protocols is underappreciated Could flatten (treat as peers) but: Lose opportunity May not be possible (due to inclusion, WB/WT handling) Combinatorial explosion due to multiple protocols interacting 9 Multicore Coherence Shared L2 is coherent via writethru L1 Still need sharing list to forward invalidates/writes (or broadcast) Ordering of WT stores and conflicting loads, coherence messages not trivial Shared L2 with writeback L1

Combinatorial explosion of multiple protocols 10 Multicore Interconnects Bus/crossbar - dismiss as short-term solutions? Point-to-point links, many possible topographies 2D (suitable for planar realization) Ring Mesh 2D torus 3D - may become more interesting with 3D packaging (chip stacks) Hypercube 3D Mesh 3D torus 11

On-Chip Bus/Crossbar Used widely (Power4/5/6, Piranha, Niagara, etc.) Assumed not scalable Is this really true, given on-chip characteristics? May scale "far enough" : watch out for arguments at the limit Simple, straightforward, nice ordering properties Wiring is a nightmare (for crossbar) Bus bandwidth is weak (even multiple busses) Compare piranha 8-lane bus (32GB/s) to Power4 crossbar (100+GB/s) Workload: commercial vs. scientific 12 On-Chip Ring Point-to-point ring interconnect Simple, easy

Nice ordering properties (unidirectional) Every request a broadcast (all nodes can snoop) Scales poorly: O(n) latency, fixed bandwidth Optical ring (nanophotonic) HP Labs Corona project Latency is arguably O(sqrt(n)) Covert switching broadcast not easy any more Still fixed bandwidth (but lots of it) 13 On-Chip Mesh Widely assumed in academic literature Tilera, Intel 80-core prototype Not symmetric, so have to watch out for load imbalance on inner nodes/links 2D torus: wraparound links to create symmetry Not obviously planar

Can be laid out in 2D but longer wires, more intersecting links Latency, bandwidth scale well Lots of existing literature 14 CMP Examples Chip Multiprocessors (CMP) Becoming very popular Processor Cores/ chip Multithreaded ? Resources shared

IBM Power 4 2 No L2/L3, system interface IBM Power 5 2 Yes (2T) Core, L2/L3, system interface Sun Ultrasparc 2

No System interface Sun Niagara 8 Yes (4T) Everything Intel Pentium D 2 Yes (2T) Core, nothing else

AMD Opteron 2 No System interface (socket) 2005 Mikko Lipasti 15 IBM Power4: Example CMP 2005 Mikko Lipasti 16 Multithreading vs. Multicore MT Approach

Resources shared between threads Context Switch Mechanism None Everything Explicit operating system context switch Fine-grained Everything but register file and control logic/state Switch every cycle Coarse-grained

Everything but I-fetch buffers, register file and con trol logic/state Switch on pipeline stall SMT Everything but instruction fetch buffers, return address stack, architected register file, control logic/state, reorder buffer, store queue, etc. All contexts concurrently active; no switching CMT Various core components (e.g. FPU), secondary cache, system interconnect

All contexts concurrently active; no switching CMP Secondary cache, system interconnect All contexts concurrently active; no switching Many approaches for executing multiple threads on a single die Mix-and-match: IBM Power5 CMP+SMT 2005 Mikko Lipasti 17 Multicore Summary Objective: resource sharing Where to connect

Cache sharing Coherence How to connect Readings 18

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