Above: Frontal View. Legend: 1- Mental tubercle. 2-

Above: Frontal View. Legend: 1- Mental tubercle. 2-

Above: Frontal View. Legend: 1- Mental tubercle. 2- Body of mandible. 3- Ramus of mandible. 4- Anterior nasal spine. 5- Canine fossa. 6- Infra-orbital foramen. 7Zygomatic-facial foramen. 8- Orbital surface of maxilla. 9- Temporal fossa. 10- Lateral surface of ethmoid. 11- Superior orbital fissure. 12- Lacrimal bone and groove. 13Optic foramen. 14- Ethmoidal foramina. 15Temporal line. 16- Supra-orbital notch. 17Glabella. 18- Frontal tuberosity. 19Superciliary arch. 20- Parietal bone. 21Naso-frontal suture. 22- Pterion. 23- Great wing of sphenoid. 24- Orbital surface of

great wing of sphenoid. 25- Squamous part of temporal. 26- Left nasal bone. 27Zygomatic bone. 28- Inferior orbital fissure. 27- Zygomatic bone. 28- Inferior orbital fissure. 29- Zygomatic arch. 30- Apertura piriformis, displaying nasal septum and infeior and middle concha. 31- Mastoid process. 32- Incisive fossa. 33- Angle of mandible. 34- Mental foramen. 35Symphysis menti

Above: Lateral View. Legend: 1Mental foramen. 2- Body of the mandible. 3- Maxilla. 4- Ramus of the mandible. 5- Zygomatic arch. 6Styloid process. 7- External acoustic meatus. 8- Mastoid process. 9Asterion. 10- Superior nuchal line. 11- External occipital protuberance. 12- Lambdoid suture. 13- Occipital bone. 14- Lambda. 15- Obelion. 16Parietal bone. 17- Lower temporal

line. 18- Upper temporal line. 19Squamous temporal. 20- Bregma. 21- Coronal suture. 22- Stephanion. 23- Frontal bone. 24- Pterion. 25Temporal fossa. 26- Great wing of sphenoid. 27- Zygomatic bone. 28Zygomatic-facial foramen. 29- Fossa sacci lacrimalis. 30- Nasal bone. 31Infra-orbital foramen. 32- Anterior nasal spine Above: Basal View of the lower surface of the

cranium (mandible is removed). Legend: 1External Occipital Crest. 2- Superior nuchal line of the occipital bone. 3- Foramen magnum. 4Occipital condyle. 5- Mastoid notch. 6- Mastoid process. 7- External acoustic meatus. 8- Styloid process. 9- Mandibular fossa. 10- Foramen spinosum. 11- Angular spine of the sphenoid. 12- Foramen ovale. 13- Lateral pterygoid lamina. 14- Hamulus of medial pterygoid lamina. 15- Vomer. 16- Posterior nasal spine.

17- Horzontal part of palate bone. 18- Palatine process of maxilla. 19- Incisive foramen. 20Intermaxillary suture. 21- Greater palatine foramen. 22- Zygomatic process of maxilla. 23Inferior orbital fissure. 24- Infra-temporal fossa. 25- Zygomatic arch. 26- Left choana. 27Pterygoid fossa. 28- Scaphoid fossa. 29Foramen lacerum. 30- Opening of osseous part of auditory tube. 31- Carotid canal. 32- Jugular fossa. 33- Stylo-mastoid foramen. 34- Jugular process of occipital bone. 35- Groove for occipital artery. 36- Mastoid foramen. 37Canalis condyloideus. 38- Inferior nuchal line of

occipital bone. 39- External occipital protuberance.

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