ASNNA Conference Revolutionizing Community Health Improvement through Partnerships

ASNNA Conference Revolutionizing Community Health Improvement through Partnerships

ASNNA Conference Revolutionizing Community Health Improvement through Partnerships and Collaboration Emily Yu | @ DCxChange February 6, 2018 Improving Health Through Innovative Collaborations 2 Audience Poll How many of your organizations: Actively seek out and forge partnerships with organizations across different sectors?

Focus on tackling social determinants of health in your community? Use data from both your communities and clinical sources in your efforts? 2014 The Advisory Board Company 3 Health isnt made in a doctors office. Its the result of the air you breathe, the food you

eat, and the places you live, work, and play. 2014 The Advisory Board Company 4 As much as 70% of health outcomes can be attributed to the interplay and influence of social, physical, and economic environments on health behaviors. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth Partners 2017The BUILD Health Challenge

5 #BUILDHealth What Is It? The BUILD Health Challenge is contributing to the development of a new norm in the U.S. One that puts multi-sector, community-driven partnerships at the center of health in order to reduce health disparities caused by systemic or social inequity. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 6 #BUILDHealth

What is BUILD? Objective To increase the number and effectiveness of hospital, community, and public health collaborations that improve health, lower costs and promote health equity BOLD UPSTREAM INTEGRATED LOCAL DATA-DRIVEN Partnerships that

aspire toward a fundamental shift beyond short-term programmatic work to longerterm influences over policy, regulation, and systems-level change Partnerships that focus on the social, environmental and economic factors that have the greatest

influence on the health of a community, rather than on access or care delivery Partnerships that align the practices and perspectives of communities, health systems and public health under a shared vision, establishing new roles while continuing to draw upon the strengths of

each partner Partnerships that engage neighborhood residents and community leaders as key voices and thought leaders throughout all stages of planning and implementation Partnerships that use data from both clinical and community sources

as a tool to identify key needs, measure meaningful change, and facilitate transparency amongst stakeholders to generate actionable insights 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 7 37 Communities in 21 States and DC 2017The BUILD Health Challenge

#BUILDHealth 8 #BUILDHealth Upstream Efforts 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 9 #BUILDHealth 10 Healthy Homes Des Moines Des Moines, IA Minimizing pediatric asthma through improvement of household environment and family lifestyles.

48 Families received asthma education and home assessments 44 Homes were repaired 38 Families completed all intervention steps $150,000 worth of repairs were completed $17,000 total in supplies given to families 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 6.2 more asthma

symptom free days per month #BUILDHealth 11 International District Healthy Comm Seattle, WA Reduce chronic stress, social isolation, and sedentary lifestyles by increasing investments in public spaces and safety. 2 New community surveys provided evidence that the physical and social environment impacts community health 100+ Trainings that fostered understanding of issues

affecting community safety 100+ Events hosted in support of community safety and livability. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge $700K raised to address upstream SDOH #BUILDHealth 12 The Harris County BUILD Health Partnership 2017The BUILD Health Challenge

13 GOAL #1 To transform vacant public land into a source of local food production, job training, and place making. 2014 The Advisory Board Company 14 GOAL #2 To expand the local network of healthy food suppliers and distributors through

restaurants, corner stores, and schools. 2014 The Advisory Board Company 15 GOAL #3 To develop a coordinated system of programs and policies in Pasadena that help residents access food and make healthy food choices. 2014 The Advisory Board Company 16

2014 The Advisory Board Company #BUILDHealth 17 A Bold, Upstream Vision for Pasadena Population with limited food access, % by tract, FARA 2010: 2017The BUILD Health Challenge In zip code 77506: Residents make $24,000 less in household

income than the county 34% live in poverty (vs. 23% for the county) 47% have not graduated high school (vs. 21% for the county) 11% do not have a vehicle (vs. 7% for the

county) Focus of a DOJ investigation into voter suppression #BUILDHealth 18 An Integrated, Local Response for Pasadena Their story began with a local coalition and action plan

Which revealed BUILD anchors and model 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 19 An Integrated, Local Response for Pasadena 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 20 A Data-Driven Outcome for north Pasadena 6 Healthy Corner Stores 6 Food Rx and Food Scholarship sites

3 Healthy Dining Matters locations 3 school-based food co-ops (Brighter Bites) 1 new food pantry (Food FARMacy) Location and financing for CLARA, a combination greenhouse, vertical farm, and classroom space 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 21 Changing Upstream Conditions

2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 22 Healthy Dining Matters! Restaurant program aimed at helping restaurants made healthier options, create a healthy dining environment, and educate the customers on how to eat healthy. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 23 Healthy Corner Store Network Corner store program aimed at transforming corner stores into places that provide numerous healthy food and beverage options. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge

#BUILDHealth 24 Brighter Bites Brighter Bites is a non-profit that delivers fresh fruits and vegetables directly into families hands primarily through the schools, while teaching them how to use and choose a different kind of fast food. 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 25 Evaluation 2014 The Advisory Board Company #BUILDHealth 26

Logic Model 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth 27 Evaluation Details To evaluate the dosage, buy-in, reach, and fidelity of the various programs, they developed key common measures: Acceptability and usage Demographics Food received

Nutrition education Nutrition environment Sales Program cost Program enrollment Data management system: REDCAP 2017The BUILD Health Challenge To assess factors at the systems and organizational level that influenced program implementation and success, all

BUILD partners completed a survey focused on: Project capacity and management Communication Sustainability Qualitative interviews: To better understand the lived experience of participants and program acceptability, we conducted key informant interviews #BUILDHealth 28 Harris County Partnership North Pasadena, TX

A community-supported food system to eliminate conditions that lead to limited or uncertain access to food. 1st Farm to open in the area providing fresh, local produce 38K Pounds Of vegetables from the local food bank taken home by families 200+ Food scholarships and food prescriptions awarded to help community members access healthy foods 2017The BUILD Health Challenge Developed a

local network of health food access points via corner stores, restaurants, and schools #BUILDHealth 29 Collaborative Products Key Reports and Products: CLARA Business Plan October 2016 BUILD Evaluation Report anticipated August 31, 2017 Sustainability Plan (Transition Implementation Phase) anticipated September 2017 National Case Studies on: Collaboration, Equity, Policy, and Data-Sharing

Examples of Successfully Leveraging BUILD: GE HealthyCities Pasadena o Learning opportunities and technical assistance leveraged for all of our efforts o Accelerator/competition for sustained funding Harris County Public Health (HCPH) and Healthy Living Matters (HLM) o BUILD Community Trustees engagement in HLM Pasadena o Access to and deeper understanding of how to engage with community development Houston Food Bank o Leveraged into new Food for Change initiative

MD Anderson Cancer Center o Alignment with a Healthy Communities initiative Memorial Hermann o BUILD Food Rx leveraged for expansion in partnership with Target 2017The BUILD Health Challenge #BUILDHealth Lessons Learned Collective Impact Lessons

Our Partnership sweet spot: a 4-legged table of public sector, healthcare, nonprofit, and commercial partners Formally Chartering our BUILD Health Partnership has had long-term process and outcome benefits. Equity Lessons Collective Impact runs the risk of reinforcing inequitable decision-making unless equity is proactively baked in: Project Lessons Bold public-private partnerships come with complex and concurrent legal and fiscal dimensions Sustainability planning begins at the beginning; a local food system isnt sustainable if its grant-dependent 2017The BUILD Health Challenge 30 31

Collaborations to Consider ISSUE AREA Lead Poisoning/Toxins KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT Peer Learning Network Maternal and Child Health Breastfeeding Physical Activity Research/Reports Community Design and Safety Early Childhood Development AMPLIFICATION

Social Media Campaigns Conferences 2017The BUILD Health Challenge Evaluation Thank You! Emily Yu [email protected] @DCxChange Improving Health Through Innovative Collaborations

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