Online Safety 6th grade Rules to know Protect

Online Safety 6th grade Rules to know Protect

Online Safety 6th grade Rules to know Protect your privacy Protect your password Protect the privacy of others Beware of contests, clubs, prizes, & gifts Beware of strangers

Dont break the law Practice Netiquette Protect your privacy People that you meet online are strangers Never tell anyone private information about yourself Dont use your real name - invent

a nickname* Protect your privacy 2 Dont give out your address or phone number Dont tell your age or where you go to school Dont tell where or when youre going on vacation

Never send your picture Protect your password Passwords should be very private Dont tell them to anyone, not even your best friend Dont use something obvious:

Name Address Phone number Birthday BE UNIQUE

Change your password often Protect the privacy of others Never give out private information about your family or friends Never tell anyone where your parents work

Never give private numbers to anyone Protect the privacy of others 2 Never tell anyone the real names of your friends or where they live Never enter the email or text files of anyone else without permission

Beware of contests and Check with a trusted adult before

Entering a contest Joining a club Accepting a prize or gift Purchasing anything Creating a myspace or other social networking account You could be sharing private information without meaning to.

Why do they need to know? Register to use this site Just because they ask doesnt mean you have to tell Beware of Strangers People you meet online are always

strangers! Never agree to meet with a stranger in person Never agree to speak on the phone Beware of Strangers 2 Never send your picture Never let anyone send a picture to you

If a stranger is asking you to meet them, to call them or to send a picture, DONT WAIT--Tell a parent right away! Dont break the law Never let anyone talk you into breaking the law Never send hateful or threatening

email Never use someone elses passwords Dont break the law 2 Never try to access other computers Never copy and use commercial software or music files

Practice Netiquette Treat others with courtesy and respect Dont use nasty language Dont be cruel Practice Netiquette 2 Dont spread rumors or lies

Dont SHOUT Dont hold down the enter key when youre not sending a message Choose a screen name wisely Dont use one that indicates boy or girl

Dont use one that has sexual or drug related connotations. If you know what it means, then its a sure thing that someone else will too. Other Stuff Never answer a message that makes you feel uncomfortable or bad

Show weird messages to a parent or adult right away Dont get suckered into a cyberfight Remember, you always have the power to leave Web Wise Kids Internet Safety Tips

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