EndNote: Managing References for Systematic Reviews The Systematic

EndNote: Managing References for Systematic Reviews The Systematic

EndNote: Managing References for Systematic Reviews The Systematic Review Team Eileen Harrington Sarah Over Stephanie Ritchie Health & Life Sciences Librarian Engineering Librarian

Agriculture & Natural Resources Librarian [email protected] [email protected] Public Health Librarian [email protected] Priddy Library Shady Grove STEM Library College Park [email protected]

STEM Library College Park STEM Library College Park Nedelina Tchangalova Todays Presentation: Reference management EndNote options Getting started

Account Creation Web Desktop Cite While You Write (CWYW) Organizing your references Deduplication Role of Reference Managers in Systematic Reviews SAVE TIME! Direct import from databases Organization capabilities Deduplication + Collaborate and share with your colleagues EndNote Choices: Online (Basic)

Desktop (Full) Free $$$ Organization: Organization:

Integration of Web of Science One library Numerous libraries

Word Plug-in (CWYW) Groups Group sets & groups Web Capture tool Collaboration:

Both: Shared groups Less customization 2 GB storage PDFs attached only Collaboration: Shared library and groups

Lots of customization Your computers storage PDF search and notes Drag & Drop PDF reference import Getting Started: EndNote Account On-Campus:

Off-Campus: Getting Started: EndNote Online Getting Started: Hands On with EndNote Create a group: Organize (manage my groups) New group Importing: Collect (online search)

Pick a database perform a search import references into a new group Exporting: Format Export references

Select a group (or whole library) Pick a style (such as BibTeX) Getting Started: EndNote Desktop Getting Started: CWYW Cite While You Write Getting Started: CWYW Formatting Organization of References for Deduplication

Create a separate folder for each database Import references into these folders Tip: It is important to import references from a database of choice. This database will serve as a main database against which all duplicates will be deleted from other databases. (Gavel & Iselid, 2008) Deduplication Guidance for EndNote

Change display fields shown for visual screening, including: Author, year, title, secondary title, volume, issue, and pages Sort by different display fields Know your databases! MEDLINE on OvidSP: abbreviated page numbers, full journal titles

PubMed: abbreviated page numbers, abbreviated journal titles For more guidance and directions see: Bramer, W. M., Giustini, D., de Jonge, G. B., Holland, L., & Bekhuis, T. (2016). De-duplication of database search results for systematic reviews in EndNote. Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA, 104(3), 240 243. https://doi.org/10.3163/1536-5050.104.3.014 Deduplication Practice 1. Perform a search of choice in one database 2. Import references (pick top ~50) 3.

Repeat with another database 4. Try deduplication options: 5. Web: Organize Find duplicates Desktop: Select all references or group of choice select a reference References (menu) Find Duplicates (press cancel to see all or go through one by one)

Either delete selected references or go through found duplicates manually Other Reference Organizers www.zotero.org www.mendeley.com Thanks! Additional Systematic Review Help Contact: Systematic Review Libraries Team [email protected] Prezi: EndNote For Systematic Reviews

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