NC FAST Project Updates 100 County Director Call

NC FAST Project Updates 100 County Director Call

NC FAST Project Updates 100 County Director Call March 27, 2019 NC FAST Updates The Learning Gateway underwent maintenance on March 1st. When users log in for the first time after the maintenance they will will be directed to update their Learning Gateway user profile before the system will allow them to perform any other navigation or functions in the Learning Gateway. This process will take approximately five minutes. We are asking that all NC FAST users complete this process by March 31; profiles not updated by March 31 will be considered inactive. Please reference the communication sent on Friday, February 22nd for additional information regarding the Learning Gateway upgrade and how to receive a report of the user profiles that still need to be updated in your county.

NC FAST Project 4 Updates Ongoing functionality updates will be deployed for use by the Pilot Counties beginning on May 20th Pilot Counties will be invited to participate in County testing from April 23rd May 3rd. Eastern Paper-Based Intake and Assessment Go-live date has changed The March 25th Go-live has been delayed by one week and is now scheduled for April 1st Each County has the option to opt-in or opt-out. Please communicate your countys intent to Susan Osborne no later than noon today (March 27th) An updated list counties going live will be distributed March 29th Counties that do go-live will receive county support from NC FAST for 4 weeks. A support agenda will be sent to counties Thursday, March 28th

All other Go-live dates and plans are currently under review Scheduled training and readiness activities have been postponed until further notice NC FAST Project 12 Updates During the March release, the All Documents tab was made available on Child Welfare Intake and Assessment case types. The Datacap application was also updated to reflect the taxonomy changes that were implemented in February. NC FAST is in the process of working with the Datacap Pilot counties to restart the use of the Datacap application. NC FAST is continuing to work with Richmond and Durham counties on the conversion and federation models. Managed Care Changes Release + Launches Soft Launch Managed Care Status assigned for NC Medicaid clients in NC FAST PHP and PCP preference selection available for new applicants in

NC FAST Tailored Plan/HIPP information available in NC FAST Beneficiaries can begin contacting the Enrollment Broker to select their Prepaid Health Plan (PHP) and Primary Care Provider (PCP) Auto-Assignment PHP auto-assignment in NC FAST for beneficiaries who have not selected a PHP PCP auto-assignment by PHPs Medicaid/Plan Cards for Medicaid Managed Care members sent by PHPs Go Live Medicaid Managed Care coverage begins Beneficiaries may begin receiving services from their PHPs and associated PCPs Managed Care Changes Release + Launches

NC FAST Soft Launch Release Medicaid Managed Care Soft Launch AutoAssignment Go-Live Phase 1 Regions 2,4 May 20, 2019 June 3, 2019 Sept. 16, 2019

Nov. 1, 2019 Phase 2 Regions 1,3,5,6 May 20, 2019 Sept. 2, 2019 Dec. 16, 2019 Feb. 1, 2020 NC FAST P14 4.0 Soft Launch Release On May 20, 2019 NC FAST will be updated to include new functionality related to P14 4.0 Managed Care Changes. Person page

New tab: Tailored Plan / HIPP Benefit History tab: Updated to include Managed Care information Evidence Dashboard on Income Support and Insurance Affordability Applications and Cases Managed Care evidence renamed Primary Care Provider Fee for Service Four new pieces of evidence One county entry One state-user entry

Two automatically completed by Enrollment Broker, PHP, or NC FAST P14 4.0 Key Dates and Additional Information Key Training and Readiness Dates April 12, 9:30 11:00 am: NC FAST County Readiness Call with Medicaid Transformation April 15 and April 29: Soft Launch Training Available in Learning Gateway Early-May: P14 4.0 Training Webinars More Information County Readiness Materials on FAST Help Economic Services Managed Care Changes (MCC) NC FAST County Readiness Liaisons See March County Readiness Call for County Readiness Liaison assignments

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