The Tech Classroom YouTube Dr. Victoria Haddad, PhD

The Tech Classroom  YouTube Dr. Victoria Haddad, PhD

The Tech Classroom YouTube Dr. Victoria Haddad, PhD WHY YOUTUBE SHOULD BE PART OF TEACHING AND LEARNING? YouTube videos can be a very powerful learning tool They add a dynamic element to teaching and learning They improve knowledge transfer They demonstrate complex procedures They help explain difficult 8 MAIN REASONS WE SHOULD USE YOUTUBE IN TEACHING AND LEARNING

1. It is really easy to integrate. 2. It can be used to create an eLearning community. 3. It generates and promotes online discussion. 4. It is ideal for mobile learning. 5. It encourages the development of note-taking skills. 6. It enhances comprehension of complex concepts. 7. It allows learners to make their own YouTube videos. EASY TO INTEGRATE. Adding YouTube videos to your teaching is an easy task. Due to the variety of authoring tools and learning management systems out there. You can add it directly into BB or in your PowerPoint presentations.

USING YOUTUBE TO CREATE AN LEARNING COMMUNITY Everyone has a voice in YouTube. Using it as a social learning platform offers you the opportunity to build a strong Learning community where everyone can comment, contribute, and share their opinions and ideas. YOUTUBE HELPING IN PROMOTING ONLINE DISCUSSION. YouTube videos are particularly effective facilitators for analysis. After viewing a YouTube video, you can encourage discussion by asking your learners to add their personal insights: What did they like about the video? Was there anything they didnt understand?

How did the video relate to their personal experiences and feelings? As video enhanced Teaching and Learning, courses increase interest and engagement levels by presenting different perspectives. YOUTUBE GREAT FOR MOBILE LEARNING. YouTube contents are available throughout the YouTube network. Which means that your learners can access it and view it on the go via their smartphones and tablets, devices. It doesnt matter how small the screen is; you can use YouTube as a platform for not only searching online video resources, but also sharing presentations, and inviting your

learners to take an active part through their commenting. YOUTUBE GOOD FOR MICROLEARNING How about short, effective instructional videos on YouTube? YouTube is available on Using videos for all devices and allows microlearning ensures your learners to watch that complex procedures longer videos in short and demonstrations of segments, your audience specific skills are

can watch the videos delivered in small whenever they like and quantities, which take their own time to enhances knowledge absorb the information retention. being offered. YOUTUBE ENCOURAGES THE DEVELOPMENT OF NOTE-TAKING SKILLS. Note-taking skills are important both for students and employees, as the ability to analyze information and focus

on important points helps dealing with the information overload of the modern world. Using YouTube videos as part of your course encourages your audience to develop their note-taking skills by viewing, rewinding, and replaying the YouTube video material until they have fully grasped its essence and key points. You can even create assignments based on

this, for instance by asking your learners to describe in a few words what they have just seen on a video in a specific time frame. YOUTUBE ENHANCES COMPREHENSION OF COMPLEX CONCEPTS. Certain subjects can be difficult to explain; using YouTube as a library to support your Learning content by providing your learners with access to its videos allows you to better illustrate complex concepts, procedures, and ideas. Videos are ideal for demonstrating steps and walking your learners

through a process via a video clip can be truly effective. Visual contexts help learners to easily acquire and retain knowledge, as well as develop specific skill sets, as demonstration is the most effective way to get a message across. YOUTUBE ALLOWS LEARNERS TO MAKE THEIR OWN YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Asking your learners to be involved in a video production, as part of an online group assignment, will help them not only

ensure that they can use the important information they have learned, but also develop and enhance their visual literacy and creativity. Consider providing them with clear guidelines to know exactly what is expected of them, as well as the necessary tools and resources. You can also use their

YouTube videos to encourage feedback exchange among your learners, which promotes discussion and boosts knowledge retention.

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