CO/1stSgt Introduction and Initial Guidance 26 JUL 17

CO/1stSgt Introduction and Initial Guidance 26 JUL 17

CO/1stSgt Introduction and Initial Guidance 26 JUL 17 v.20170726_2000 Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 1 Agenda

Mission Intent Background TRNGCMD and SOI-E Commanders Principles, Rules, and Priorities Specific Areas of focus Actions to avoid Way-ahead Questions and informal discussion Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 2 AITB Mission Develop infantry small unit leaders and provide advanced skills training through professional instructors in order to empower Marines for service

throughout the Operating Forces. Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 3 Intent Purpose: Provide all members of the command with an understanding on the background and vision of the AITB Command leadership. Method: Informal presentation (interaction encouraged) Display alignment with HHQ Focus on critical areas Endstate: All hands gain an understanding of individual and unit

performance expectations, areas of specific focus, and guidance for future command actions. Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 4 Background CO Infantry Officer Proud Irish heritage Operational experience: UDPs, Iraq, Afghanistan, MEUs, Foreign Disaster Relief, Joint & Multinational operations, Security Forces, and Ground/SOF Planner Majority of service on West Coast and Hawaii Married, 4 children

1stSgt Aviation Ordnance Born and raised in Louisiana Operational experience: Afghanistan (MALS-16), MEU (3/6) Drill Instructor, AMOI Married, 2 children Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 5 Training Command 5 Principles

Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 6 Diggers Rules 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 21:33 Do Unto Others What You would Have Done Unto You. Viewed from the Prism of a Mentor, Teacher, and Parent. Lead by Example, Morally, Mentally, and

Physically. Never be an Enabler to an Individuals Decision to give up their Hope or their Integrity. Maintain Accountability of all Personnel, Equipment, and Ammunition. Never assume someone knows, or that someone has done it. Add depth to the bench: mentor! UNCLASS-FOUO 7 Combat Instructors The COG and the CV Leaders dont create followers they create more leaders Tom Peters Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impacts lasts in your absence. Sharyl Sandberg 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO

8 Digger-6s Priorities 1. Safety 2. Example (Morally, Mentally, Physically) 3. Mentoring 4. Professionalism (Master your trade) 5. Ethics 6. Resilience 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 9 Expectations

E Pluribus Unum Self challenge Team enable Be a proactive thinker and eternal student Set the example and make enduring impacts Envision and prepare Marines for realistic employment the current and future Operating Environment Above and beyond service for those we lead and serve Endurance Peak of combat, mental, and spiritual fitness Repair, reflect, and prepare Balance Safety with challenging training Work and personal life/family Quiet, unspoken professionalism Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO

10 Actions to avoid Any unprofessional behavior Unsafe acts Incompetence Failing to perform specifically assigned duties Sub-standard cleanliness Decreased levels of fitness (all types)

Lack of attention to detail Sourcing information without citing specific reference Mismanagement of time Poor processes Actions without effects Identifying problems without presenting proposed solutions Assigning blame to others (especially external USMC units) Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 11 Way-Ahead

Formal Command Philosophy Updated Command Policies Command Climate and EEO Surveys Formally meet every member of the AITB Team Counselings, observations of performance, and proactive development Battle Rhythm and process refinements Constant engagement with service-level leadership, and adjacent and sourcing units Proactive SA on USMC employment that impacts/shapes AITB and SOI training Tuesday, Janu 21:33 UNCLASS-FOUO 12

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