IPEDS Update J A N I C E

IPEDS Update J A N I C E

IPEDS Update J A N I C E K E L LY- R E I D JAMIE ISAAC R T I I N T E R N AT I O N A L R T I I N T E R N AT I O N A L I S U N D E R C O N T R A C T T O P R O V I D E I P E D S S U P P O R T T O T H E N AT I O N A L C E N T E R F O R E D U C A T I O N S T A T I S T I C S , U. S . D E PA R T M E N T O F E D U C AT I O N A D A P T E D F R O M T H E 2 0 1 2 N E A I R P R E S E N TAT I O N B Y A L L I B E L L , C O L L E E N L E N I H A N, A N D J A M I E I S A A C NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Agenda Data Collection Reminders 2012-13 Data Collection Looking Beyond 2012-13 DFR and Data Tools Update IPEDS R&D Update: CMSS; TRP; NPEC;

and Data Integration IPEDS Staff and Contact Info NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Data Collection Reminders NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Reporting Compliance Mandatory IPEDS reporting for Title IV institutions Timely and accurate

ED relies on institutions to report accurately, and nearly all do Institutions sometimes identify misreporting and work with ED to correct data through Prior Year Revision (PYR) System Revised data now in the Data Center (more later) ED is concerned about instances of intentional and significant misreporting FSA may take administrative action

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Report Mapping Registration/Fall Period Why? IPEDS data integration project with FSA databases What? To describe IPEDS reporting in terms of locations appearing on institutions Title IV Program Participation Agreement (PPA) IPEDS Reporting Maps Last year, keyholders submitted reporting maps for their institution(s)

This year, keyholders are doing reporting maps again PLAN: Starting next year, keyholders will verify mapping each year and only have to account for new locations on PPAs NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Report Mapping Lessons Learned Not all PPAs are up-to-date Keyholders may not be aware of current PPA data

Keyholders may need to work with campus financial aid office Interest exists for both less, and more, consolidation in reporting relationships NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Preview Screens AIR/IPEDS Web Tutorials SHORT data submission tutorials based on

key concepts needed for data reporting, rather than step-by-step. Available from: Survey screens Data Collection System Help menu Data Provider Center IPEDS website, Training & Outreach AIR website NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

Listserv IPEDS listserv >1,800 KHs and other interested individuals Lively discussions Thanks to those who chime in with answers Sign up available from Data Provider Center NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 2012-13 Data Collection NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 2012-13 Data Collection Calendar Registration Fall

(6 wks) Winter (9 wks) Spring (18 wks) Aug 8 Sept 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Keyholder close date

Oct 17 Feb 6 Apr 10 Coordinator close date Nov 5 Feb 20 Apr 24 SFA

EF GR GR200 F HR Open date Includes Registration Mapping Institution ID IC-H IC C

E12 NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Prior Year Revision System Components will be open for revision during their regular data collection period Example: Revisions to the Student Financial Aid (SFA) component will need to be made during the winter collection period. Data for the College Affordability and Transparency Center are pulled from the Prior Year Revision System

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Origins of 2012-13 Changes Technical Review Panel (TRP) Collecting Data on Distance Ed, 4/08 Institutional Characteristics, Completions, Fall Enrollment Improvements to Completions, 12/09 Improvements to Human Resources, 6/10 2010 Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) NCES Institutional Characteristics, Student Financial Aid NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

IC/SFA IC in Fall Collect cost data for 2012-13 only Display cost data for 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10 Use PYR to revise 2011-12, 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09 SFA in Winter Collect fin aid data for 2011-12 only Display fin aid data for 2010-11, 2009-10 Use PYR to revise 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09 CATC 2013 Net Price All data from 2011-12 PYR: 2010-11, 2009-10, 2008-09

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Fall Enrollment Distance Education Add new screens to collect data on the # of students enrolled in any distance ed courses and the # enrolled exclusively in distance ed courses Break out by level (undergraduate, graduate) Distance education course: A course in in which the instructional content is delivered exclusively via distance education. Note: Requirements for coming to campus for orientation, testing, or academic support services do not exclude a course from being classified as distance education. NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Fall Enrollment For students enrolled exclusively in

distance ed courses: Break out by student location In same state/jurisdiction as institution In US but not in same state/jurisdiction In US but state/jurisdiction unknown Outside US NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 HR and 2010 SOC Changes to occupational categories on IPEDS Human Resources component to align with 2010 Standard Occupational Classification System

Institutions need to be ready to report in 2012-13 using the new categories Each job at institution needs to be categorized according to 2010 SOC NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 HR and 2010 SOC HR/SOC Information Center available on the IPEDS website, IPEDS Resources 2010 SOC Definitions (PDF and Excel versions) 2010 SOC Classifications Principles and Coding Guidelines Comparison of New IPEDS Occupational Categories with Previous Categories

Web tutorials FAQs SOC Browse Tool CUPA-HR Resource NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 New IPEDS Category SOC Management Occupations 11-0000 Management Occupations Business & Financial Operations Occupations 13-0000 Business & Financial Operations

Occupations Computer, Engineering, & Science Occupations 15-0000 Computer & Math Occupations 17-0000 Architecture & Engineering Occupations 19-0000 Life, Physical, & Social Science Occupations Community Service, Legal, Arts, & Media Occupations 21-0000 Community & Social Service Occupations 23-0000 Legal Occupations 27-0000 Arts, Design, Entertainment,

Sports, & Media Occupations Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations 29-0000 Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Occupations New IPEDS Category Service Occupations Sales & Related Occupations Office & Administrative Support Occupations Natural Resources, Construction, & Maintenance Occupations Production, Transportation, &

Material Moving Occupations N/A SOC 31-0000 Healthcare Support 33-0000 Protective Service 35-0000 Food Prep & Serving 37-0000 Building & Grounds Cleaning & Maintenance 39-0000 Personal Care & Service 41-0000 Sales & Related 43-0000 Office & Administrative Support 45-0000 47-0000 49-0000 51-0000 53-0000 55-0000

Farming, Fishing, Forestry Construction & Extraction Installation, Maint, & Repair Production Transportation & Material Moving Military Specific Occupations New IPEDS Category SOC Instruction Instruction/Research/Public Service Research 25-1000 Postsecondary Teachers

Public Service Archivists, Curators, & Museum Technicians 25-4010 Archivists, Curators, & Museum Technicians Librarians 25-4020 Librarians Library Technicians 25-4030 Library Technicians Other Teaching and Instructional Support Occupations

25-2000 Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Special Ed Teachers 25-3000 Other Teachers & Instructors 25-9000 Other Ed, Training, Library NOTE: Graduate Assistants are also reported separately by the following categories: Teaching; Research; Management; Business and Financial Operations; Computer, Engineering, and Science; Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media; Library and Other Instructional Support; and Healthcare Practitioners and Technical. Highlights of Occupational Category Changes Grouped by discipline instead of skill level New: engineers, engineering techs all in 17-0000 Old: engineers in Other Profs, techs in Tech & Para Loss of a lot of trend data NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

New HR component structure. Section names (EAP, Fall Staff) have been eliminated For degree-granting institutions with 15+ full-time staff Part A Full-time instructional staff Part B Full-time non-instructional staff Part G Salaries of instructional and noninstructional staff

Parts D & E Part-time instructional & noninstructional staff Part H New hires NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Screening Questions NEW: (degree-granting) Does your institution have graduate assistants? NEW: Does your institution have a tenure system? NEW: 3 new non-tenure track/no tenure system categories: Multi-year contract Annual contract Less than annual contract Used in Parts A, B, E

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Part A (degree-granting 15+) Full-time instructional staff R/E (optional) and Gender (-or- totals) by rank, tenure NEW: Part A does not include Research, Public Service; those categories are in Part B as 2 separate categories Tenure status by medical/nonmedical NEW: functions report instructional staff by credit noncredit combination NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Part B (degree-granting) Full-time non-instructional staff

R/E (optional) and Gender by occupational category NEW: Research, public service staff are here now, as separate categories Tenure by occupational category by medical/nonmedical NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Part G (degree-granting) Salary outlays Instructional staff NEW: eliminate contract length differentiation NEW: add column after salary outlays to collect # of months covered by salary outlays To calculate weighted monthly average salary NEW: worksheet to help calculate # of staff reported and total # of months covered

NEW: Non-instructional staff Total salary outlays by occupational category NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Part D (degree-granting) Part-time staff R/E (optional) and Gender (-or- totals) by occupational category R/E (optional) and Gender (-or- totals) for grad assts NEW: grad asst categories Teaching Research Management Business & Financial Operations Computer, Engineering, & Science Community Service, Legal, Arts, & Media Library & Instructional Support Healthcare Practitioners & Technical

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Part E (degree-granting) Part-time Tenure by occupational category by medical/nonmedical NEW: functions report instructional staff by credit noncredit combination NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 The Rest. Part C Summaries of Parts A, B Part F Summaries of Parts D, E

Part H New Hires unchanged NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 HR Concerns Issues commonly being raised with the Help Desk: Unfamiliar with the survey uncertain how to proceed. Suggestion: Review the survey form, and read the instructions thoroughly. Uncertain how to categorize staff and/or uncertain how to use the SOC codes, e.g., Institutional Researcher. Suggestion: Become familiar with 2010 SOC codes and how they relate to IPEDS categories. Suggestion: Use the SOC Browse NCAIR/SCAIR

| March 2013 tool to locate SOC codes. Use the CUPA descriptions and Looking Beyond 2012-13 NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Changes to IPEDS for 2013-14 Timing changes only. There are NO proposed changes to the actual data collected! GR, GR200 will become Winter surveys Prior year cost of attendance will now be revisable in the current year SFA component,

rather than being revisable in the Prior Year Revision system. NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 2013-14 Data Collection Calendar Registration Fall (6 wks) Winter (9 wks) Spring (18 wks)

Aug 7 Sept 4 Dec 11 Dec 11 Keyholder close date Oct 16 Feb 12 Apr 9 Coordinator

close date Oct 30 Feb 26 Apr 23 IC C E12 SFA GR GR200 EF F

HR Open date Includes Registration Mapping Institution ID IC-H NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Proposed Changes to IPEDS for 2014-15 and Beyond Will be included in next OMB clearance

For 2014-15, 2015-16, and 2016-17 If approved, proposed changes to IPEDS will be implemented starting in data collection year 2014-15 Preview screens available 2013-14 NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Proposed Changes to IPEDS (so far) for 2014-15 and Beyond Changes resulting from TRPs

Collect information which would replace the current Academic libraries survey Collect information on veterans benefits, including financial aid received by veterans Collect additional information on student outcomes, including part-time and non-first-time students Collect additional financial information from private-for-profit institutions (e.g. data that are comparable to public and private-not-for-profit institutions) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 DFR and Data Tools Update NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

Data Feedback Reports (DFR) The 2012 DFR used IPEDS data submitted in 2011- 12, and was emailed to KHs and mailed to CEOs in 10/2012 DFRs from 2005 through 2012 are available in the Data Center. Use ExPT for additional reports and/or additional comparison groups Email for additional copy of DFR available on the Institution Identification screen For the 2013 DFR, custom comparison groups can be submitted (using the data collection system), through mid-June of 2013 NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Data Use Tools

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 College Navigator NEW this past fall Search by Distance learning only Net Price Calculator URLs HR Data Link to College Affordability & Transparency Center (CATC) NEW this spring Fall 2012 data collection now available Distance Education added to the program search functionality Programs/major tab now identifies degrees/programs offered via Distance Education. Undergraduate and graduate distance education offerings are now listed under the General information tab

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 New Data Release Procedures 3 stages for quick release via Data Center No logins necessary for data use Still need Power User login for uploading to Data Center Procedures posted on IPEDS website under Resources NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Data Center Enhancements Recent enhancements include: Variables are now color coded to identify the type

of variable (continuous, categorical and alpha/string) When using the compare individual institutions function, there is now an option to include a list of values and value labels for all of the categorical variables in your downloaded file As of 2/21/13, the most recent SFA, GR, GR 200, EF, and Finance data are now available in the Data Center. These data were reported to IPEDS in 2011-12. NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 New IPEDS Data Release Policy Preliminary Data have been edited but are subject to further NCES quality control procedures

Imputed data for nonresponding institutions are not included First Look publication released Provisional Data have undergone all NCES data quality control procedures Data are imputed for nonresponding institutions First Look publication reissued Final Data include revisions to provisional data that have been made by institutions during the subsequent data collection year NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 College Score Card A White House initiative, launched in

February 2012. It uses IPEDS data, along with other data. http://www.whitehouse.gov/issues/education/higher-education/college-score-card NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 NCES DataLab IPEDS Tables Library Link from Data Center, home page Sample survey tables available, too IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project Database 2010 update posted 8/14/12

http://nces.ed.gov/datalab NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Trend Generator NEW! View Trends Create trends for selected IPEDS data National, by region, by state Institutional and student characteristics Export and print data NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS R&D: An Update on NPEC & TRPs C OM M I TT EE O N M E A S UR E S O F S T U D E N T

SUCCESS I P E D S T E C H N I C A L R E V I E W PA N E L N AT I O N A L P O S T S E C O N D A RY E D U C AT I O N C O O P E R AT I V E D ATA I N T E G R AT I O N E F F O R T S A N D T O O L S NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 About CMSS Established by the HEOA to advise the Secretary of Education in assisting 2-year degree-granting institutions in meeting the graduation rate disclosure requirements in the Act Submitted its final report to the Secretary in December 2011: http://www2.ed.gov/about/bdscomm/list/acmss.html

NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 ED Action Plan Departments Action Plan released April 2012 http://www.ed.gov/edblogs/ous/initiatives Focus: Wider scope of outcomes for a wider group of students at all institutions Different offices within the Department responsible for activities within the plan NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 ED Action Plan

IPEDS-related activities in the action plan More comprehensive measures of success for a broader group of students Outcomes for part-time students Outcomes for non-first-time students Clarification of IPEDS definitions NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 ED Action Plan Activities will be implemented under the Departments current authority and using existing processes

Process for proposing changes to IPEDS Technical Review Panel Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Clearance NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Technical Review Panel (TRP) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 What Is the IPEDS TRP? Group of technical experts that meets ~3x/yr to: Implement legislation and regulations into IPEDS Address emerging areas of concern

Decrease reporting burden and retain federal data necessary for policy making and analysis Meetings conducted by RTI International TRP Website, hosted by RTI (IPEDS Newsroom) Summaries of meetings and calls for comment Dates for upcoming meetings NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Recent and Upcoming TRP Meetings Date Held TRP Topic Nov 2011

Collecting Data on Veterans Feb 2012 Selected CMSS Outcomes: Outcomes for Firsttime, Part-time Students; Clarifications to IPEDS Definitions June 2012 Using IPEDS Data to Construct Institutional Groups for Consumer Comparisons Aug 2012 Improving Finance Survey Forms for For-profit Institutions Oct 2012

Selected CMSS Outcomes: Outcomes for Non-firsttime Students March Managing IPEDS Burden 2013 Summaries available at TRP website (IPEDS Newsroom) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 National Postsecondary Education Cooperative (NPEC) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

Role of NPEC Promote the quality, comparability, and utility of postsecondary data and information that support policy development at the federal, state, and institution levels NCES has assigned NPEC responsibility for developing a research & development agenda for IPEDS in support of its mission Lead/serve on working groups to explore specific R&D topics Serve on the IPEDS Technical Review Panel http://nces.ed.gov/npec NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 What is NPEC? Group of 15 members

Six representatives: ACE, NAICU, AASCU, APLU, APSCU, and AACC Nine representatives: a non-profit college a for-profit college a community college a public 4-year college a regional organization (e.g., SREB, WICHE, MHEC) a data user group (e.g., TICAS, IHEP) a state higher ed agency or system a community college system a state independent college association Ex-officio representation by AIR and SHEEO

Staffed and supported by NCES Support for related contractual R&D work NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 NPEC Members Gary Andeen Sandra Kinney Oregon Independent Colleges Association Technical College System of Georgia Julie Carpenter-Hubin Emily Parker

Bryan Cook Kent Phillippe American Council on Education American Association of Community Colleges Mary Ann Coughlin Chris Rasmussen Springfield College Midwestern Higher Education Compact Alisa Cunningham

George Rezendes Institute for Higher Education Policy Three Rivers Community College Christy England-Siegerdt Dawit Teklu Tammy Halligan Wendy Weiler The Ohio State University Washington Student Achievement Council

Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities Christine Keller Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities American Association of State Colleges and Universities Strayer University National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 2012 NPEC Publications

Released: 60 Information Required to Be Disclosed Under the Higher Education Act of 1965: Suggestions for Dissemination A

Supplemental Report Suggestions for Improvements to the Student-to-Faculty Ratio in IPEDS Full-Time Equivalent for Graduate and Doctors-Professional Practice Students IPEDS Data for Graduate-Only Institutions Systems of Postsecondary Education Institutions Reported in the IPEDS Institutional Characteristics Survey Student and Guidance Counselor Feedback on the College Navigator Website Defining and Reporting Subbaccalaureate Certificates in IPEDS (working group report) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 NPEC Publications 61

Forthcoming: Improving Survey Materials for IPEDS Program Reporters Examining the Impact of the New Race/Ethnicity Categories on IPEDS Reporting College Representative and Consumer Feedback on Institutional Disclosure Requirements Under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as Amended NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 NPEC Working Groups & Projects Working Groups Campus Safety and Security and Athletics Reporting

Institutional Groupings Other Projects Consumer information disclosure template IPEDS data aggregation tool NPEC Research and Dissertation Grant Program NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Data Integration and Tools NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Data Integration Efforts Working with EDs Federal Student Aid (FSA) and with Veterans Affairs Data Merging Tool Link publicly available data from IPEDS and FSA

Utilizes IPEDS Reporting Maps (link IPEDS reporting to Title IV Program Participation Agreements) Expected release in 2013 IPEDS Reporting Maps Last year, keyholders submitted report mapping for their institution(s) This year, keyholders did report mapping again PLAN: Starting next year, keyholders will verify mapping each year and only have to account for new locations on PPAs NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Staff NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Staff Acting Program Director (since May of

2012) Jessica Shedd [email protected] NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Staff Data Collection Team Jan Plotczyk, Team Leader [email protected] Alli Bell [email protected]

Tara Lawley [email protected] Institutional Characteristics (IC and IC-H) , Student Financial Aid (SFA), universe, and report mapping Colleen Lenihan [email protected] Fall Enrollment (EF) and Graduation Rates (GR and GR200), and Data Feedback Report (DFR) 12-month Enrollment (E12), Finance (F), and IPEDS Analytics: Delta Cost Project database liaison

Jan Plotczyk (acting) Human Resources (HR), Completions (C) NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Staff Data Dissemination Team Sam Barbett, Team Leader [email protected] Data quality and dissemination, Data Center, College Navigator

Andrew Mary [email protected] Publications, data quality and dissemination specialist R&D, Training and Outreach Team Jessica Shedd, Team Leader (Acting IPEDS Program Director) Training and outreach Matt Greene [email protected]

Data integration, Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) liaison NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 IPEDS Contractor Staff Project Director Janice Kelly-Reid [email protected] Data Collection Team Jamie Isaac, Task Leader [email protected]

Amy Barmer [email protected] Jennifer Mize [email protected] IPEDS Help Desk [email protected] IPEDS Data Tools Help Desk [email protected] NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013 Questions? NCAIR/SCAIR | March 2013

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