Dr. Carole Goldsmith Vice Chancellor WHCCD The C6

Dr. Carole Goldsmith Vice Chancellor WHCCD The C6

Dr. Carole Goldsmith Vice Chancellor WHCCD The C6 Consortium, representing 11 Capital Investments Central California community colleges committed to change, is working together to lead reform efforts that will

change educational practice and policies in California. Capital Investments Capital Investments Central Valley Region

Only California consortium to be funded Capital Investments Nearly $20 for the Valley over 3 years (4 years) Focus on: Employer need Ag/Manufacturing All the trades that support manufacturing - Electrical, welding, mechanic Health care Psych Tech, LVN-to-RN upgrade,

Psych Tech-to-RN, and other allied health Alternative Energy Solar Technician, Hybrid Tech, Retro-fit, Clean energy Source: Complete College America Students

who earn a California Community Capital Investments College degree or certificate nearly double their earnings within 3 years Associate degree holders earn 33% more than those with a high school degree only For associate degree holders, the

unemployment rate is 30% lower than those with only a high school diploma

Cerro Coso = Health COS = Health, Ag and Manufacturing Fresno City College =

Health Care Reedley = Agriculture, Manufacturing, Welding LVN/RN, ACE Bakersfield = Health Care Alternative Clean Energy

Porterville = Psych Tech Merced = Health, Ag and Manufacturing San Joaquin Delta =

Psych Tech WHC Coalinga = Health, Ag and Manufacturing Alternative Clean Energy WHC Lemoore = Health Care TOTAL = 3,069

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Design an Integrated Program Enact Cohort Enrollment Implement Block Schedules Compress Classroom Instruction Embed Remediation Increase Transparency, Accountability and Labor Market Relevance

Transformative Technology Innovative Student Support Services West Hills Overall coordination of RED Teams Capital Investments

RED Teams Faculty, Administration and employers

Reedley Lead for Agriculture Manufacturing Fresno City Lead for Health Care WHC Coalinga Lead for Alternative Energy Bakersfield Basic Skills Embedding Year 1 Planning, curriculum redesign, open source, cohort/individual data collection system development

Align multiple resources with C6 project Better use of technology to support students

Common centralized diagnostic assessments Capital Investments Develop alternative basic skills curriculum Prescriptive student approach Require student assessments Require students to participate in support resources Address basic skills deficiencies while in CTE Provide students with full time block schedules Improved Instructional Delivery + Completion =

Employment This is a really big Capital Investments deal. Publicly funded

resources should be open educational resources. Forward thinking requirement Lets get it right

Open Licensing vs. Some Rights Reserved All Rights Reserved

1 20millionminds Our Big Bet Depends Upon Faculty Faculty are working together across disciplines. Faculty are working with employers in new waysmutually

beneficial Educators will to offer their knowledge for the benefit of all--for free or low cost (e.g. Creative Common licenses). A faculty that can create a open textbook from existing free open

content, matching or bettering the publisher versions. The proliferation of computer technologies offering low costs websites, collaboration software, databases (repositories), and

document processing Expansion of print-on-demand providers. Authors and educators embracing computer technologies. Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is

progress. Working together is success. ~ Henry Ford Employer Partners Can Make this a Huge Win. 20millionminds

Become engaged in the dialogue at your local collegetell us what you really think! OER Textbooks Regional and state certifications

Allow students to serve as interns (paid or unpaidthey are looking for the experience) Thenhire an intern! www.westhillscollege.com

Capital Investments C6 Consortium http://www.westhillscollege.com/district/ about/partnerships/c6/taaccct/

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