Can be used to review for the ILST

Can be used to review for the ILST

Can be used to review for the ILST Review of vocabulary and concepts Introduces some concepts that will be expanded on in LE and ES Appropriate level text with text

dependent questions Lexile Score The Lexile Framework for Reading This is a measure of the readability of the text.

Text can be measured using the website. The Stretch Text Measures are the ones developed by NYS to increase rigor and are the appropriate ones to use Lexile Score

Whose Air is it Anyway? 1130 Lexile the 8th grade range is: 1040L 1160L How do we teach CC ? Teacher reads article to students Students should read the passage at least

one additional time Go paragraph by paragraph Check for comprehension Vocabulary - Teach context clues Concepts Write summaries

Slide 1 - introduction Slide 2 Prereading Use this slide to introduce the concept of Main Idea prior to students reading the article Return to slide 1 and ask students what they think the article is about (class discussion)

Slide 3 Prereading After students have predicted what the article is about use this slide to further develop the concept of the main idea and introduce slide 4 Slide 4 - Prereading

This is the introductory paragraph of the article Read, or have students read, the paragraph and then discuss what they think the article is about with this additional information

Prereading Give students copies of the article to read This can be assigned as homework or done as silent reading The first reading of the article can be done (modeled) by the teacher for ELL or Special Education students followed by the

students rereading the article independently This can be given to the students as a written assignment or done as a class discussion after they have read the article This slide can be used for follow-up (class discussion)

Slide 5 - Prereading Use this slide to introduce the students to developing their own understanding of the Main Idea and the use of supporting evidence This can be assigned as a written assignment or given as something for the students to think about as they read

Slide 6 Group reading Using Context Clues This slide is used to introduce the Vocabulary Sheet (slide 7) The students should fill out the sheet for unfamiliar words and what they think the

meaning is from the context clues during their independent read Slide 6 Group reading Using Context Clues Depending on student levels/needs (SWD, ELL) this sheet can be discussed and assigned to be

used during the reread or an example can be done with the class first before assigning the independent read Slide 7 Group reading Using Context Clues Students should fill out the vocabulary sheet

for any unfamiliar words while reading the article During the reread students should discuss each word that they included on their sheet as each paragraph is read and fill in the corrected definitions

Day 2 - Group reading Have students come to a consensus on the main idea of the article (class discussion) Have individual students share their supporting ideas (class discussion) Day 2 - Group reading

Reread, or have students reread, the article a paragraph (or short section) at a time Depending on the level of your students (ELL, SWD, gifted) it may be distracting to stop too often Day 2 - Group reading

The Excel spreadsheet is a teacher resources to be used as the article is reread. It is broken down by page and paragraph and includes: Vocabulary Science testable vocabulary on the ILST is in bold face Non- science

Conversational phrases not literally interpreted Day 2 - Group reading Locations Social Studies link Science topics Concepts and text dependent questions by paragraph

Day 2 - Group reading The following slides explain the Smartboard lesson designed to be used during the reread The intent is to make the lesson interactive for students and to enhance class discussion of both science topics and vocabulary

Slide 8 Group reading Paragraph 2 After reading the paragraph have a brief review of breathing and respiration With this slide concentrate on breathing Have students draw arrows from the

descriptions to the to the appropriate location on the model Slide 9 Group reading Paragraph 2-3 Respiratory System review interactive class

discussion Students can move the green boxes to reveal the labels for each organ after they have identified it Slide 10 Group reading Paragraph 3

Respiration Review Major Understanding 5.1c of the Intermediate Core Curriculum Use the slide to initiate a class discussion comparing aerobic and anaerobic respiration Slide 11 Group reading Paragraph 3

Vocabulary Review interactive slide to initiate class discussion about what the relationship is between the paragraph and the words on the left Students can pull the words to the left to reveal the definitions

Slide 12 Group reading Paragraph3 This interactive slide allows students to pull each word from the paragraph into the column that they think it belongs Class discussion will probably develop over some of the choices

Slide 12 Group reading Paragraph 3 Students will most likely group the grass and trees under the Photosynthesis column After students have said they are happy with their results I move the grass and trees to the

respiration column initiating a discussion about plant respiration We decide to put them in the middle between the 2 columns Slide 13 Group reading Paragraph 4 This slide is from the Earth Science Reference

tables Initiates a class discussion on global wind patterns Slide 14 Group reading Paragraph 4 Students fill in the student sheet and correlate

areas on a globe Slides 15 18 Group reading Interactive: Students fill in the equator 30o, 60o and 90o latitudes Students draw in the prevailing winds

between the latitude lines prior to locating the points on each slide Slide 15 Group reading Paragraph 5 Students locate and label Florida and the Sahara desert

Class discussion on the direction of the prevailing winds and movement of dust Slide 16 Group reading Paragraph 5 Students locate the Gobi Desert (map segment added to aid in location) and the East

Coast of NA Class discussion regarding wind patterns Slide 17 Group reading Paragraph 5 After locating the US and Europe and

discussing wind patterns introduce the concept of the shift in global wind patterns with the seasons and the possible reversal of prevailing winds at a location Slide 18 Group reading Paragraph 6

Locate Asia, China, Japan and southern California Class discussion of wind patterns Slide 19 Group reading Page 7 Color slide of picture at top of page 7 with

arrows pointing to dust in clouds Haze over Cape Mendocino Slide 20 Group reading Paragraph 8-11 Use this slide to discuss the structure of ozone

Discuss how there is not a true hole in the Discus ozone layer but that concentrations are lower there Slide 20 Group reading Paragraph 8 Discuss ozone as an oxidizer The explanation of ozone as an oxygen

donator to willing compounds may be alright at this level, and explanation of oxidation in terms of electrons my be appropriate for better students Slide 21 Group reading Page 7 - radiosonde/ozonesonde picture

These are pictures of a radiosonde release in Topeka Kansas Upper left balloon is filled with Hydrogen, red parachute is visible Right instrument box in plastic bucket to insulate from static electricity Lower left released balloon

Slide 21 Group reading Page 7 - radiosonde / ozonesonde picture These are pictures of a radiosonde release in Topeka Kansas Lower left radiosonde instrument before release, being linked to computers

Upper left, right computers acquiring data Slide 21 Group reading Paragraph Slide 20 Group reading Paragraph

Slide 20 Group reading Paragraph 14

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