make sure you have signed in to this

make sure you have signed in to this training. Beyond your degree treasurer trai ning Katie Binder Student Group s Administrat or

being a treasurer what am I expected to do? creating the budget for the year Liaise with external companies and Union for purchasing and payments Seek external sponsorship Lead on fundraising Watch your ledger (your society/club account) Apply for grant funding Know our finance information and how to work with the app general finance

union definitions Subs account this is where the money that people pay to join your society or club goes. When you pay for things or pay people back, this is where it comes from. Expense365 this is the name of the app we use to help you pay back your members for things they have bought or paid for on behalf of the society general finance Receipts You will need to submit receipts as evidence you bought something Your receipt must:

Have the total cost visible Show what was purchased clearly DO NOT APPROVE APP CLAIMS IF THESE AREN'T VISIBLE. These will not be paid by finance. If your club/soc approves a claim without valid/legible receipts, it will take far longer for members to be reimbursed. invoices general finance what is an invoice? Invoice: a bill for what you have purchased. It

will contain the products or services you are buying, the total cost of the order, and the bank and contact details of the company you are buying from. If you are buying something from any company and will be paying directly from your subs account, you must get an invoice from the company. general finance how do I get an invoice? Contact the company you want to purchase from and get an invoice (a bill) for what you want to purchase Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers each need to confirm by email to

[email protected] with the invoice attached. The email needs to give authorisation to pay the invoice (3 emails in total) - remember to attach the invoice! YOU MUST CC IN THE OTHER TWO APPROVERS WHEN YOU SEND ANY EMAIL EXAMPLE email subject line: History Soc - Invoice for Hoodies 230 EXAMPLE email body: As [committee position] of [soc] I authorise payment of the attached invoice for 230 to [company] for our hoodies. general finance invoices continued Once finance have received all three committee authorisations, the invoice will be processed aiming to be paid within 7 working days. Please ensure that the invoices and authorisations are sent through in good time

factor in the 7 working days considering your payment deadline. If this will take too long, you can pay the invoice yourself and raise a claim on the app to get the money back. For this, you will need to attach proof of payment (e.g. an invoice with a corresponding bank statement or receipt). Then you will be reimbursed into your bank account. However, invoices are always the best way. cash general finance cash DON'T TAKE MONEY on behalf of another student - this incudes, cash, bank transfer,

membership and expense app reimbursements Create tickets on the SU website for events/activities if taking cash is essential, you must speak to us to pre-arrange this To deposit any cash, pick up a deposit form from the Union Office, and pay it into the bar This money will be paid into your subs account If you might need a float, you must give 2 days notice so bars can organise change 3 approvals needed purchase orders general finance

what are purchase orders? A purchase order is effectively the step before an invoice if you can get an invoice, you have already skipped this step. Always ASK for an invoice first! Some businesses mostly the UEA's print services require a purchase order before they will send you an invoice. If in doubt email [email protected] and they will tell you what you need to do! In certain circumstances, having a purchase order could simplify the process e.g. large scale event with lots of payments to be paid the app: eXpense365 the app: eXpense365

download it now! We will do a demo at the end of this section where I will show you how to Raise a claim Approve or deny a claim Check your ledger and balances You can download it for android and IOS If you have a different phone, there is a tablet behind union house reception in the union office that you can borrow

Alternatively, you can create an account and sign in on a friends phone Online demo the app: eXpense365 who is it for? Presidents, secretaries and treasurers will use it to: Keep track of spending in your subs account Approve or deny claims from members Check balances

General committee members and paid members will use it to: Submit claims for reimbursement for the money they have spent on behalf of the society (e.g. paying for a taxi, buying pizza for a social, paying a ref etc). PUT ALL RECEIPTS FOR THE SAME SOCIETY OR CLUB ON THE SAME CLAIM. Don't raise two claims one after the other. Instead add them onto the same claim, and it will calculate the total reimbursement for you charges could be incurred if multiple claims are put through separately consistently Please note: General committee members will not be able to see balances on the app.

the app: eXpense365 claiming for petrol If you have driven somewhere for a club or society event, you can claim for fuel UP TO 45p a mile. It can be less, but not more than this. This includes minibuses The amount members can claim back is up to the committee, you need to calculate what you are expecting and have agreed with the committee this should be realistic for your society

budget For this you do not put the petrol receipt on the app Instead, we need a screenshot of the journey you are claiming for with the mileage visible OR you can also take a picture of the milometer before and after

the trip and submit that instead the app: eXpense365 accepting a claim All claims on the app must be approved by 3 people This is generally the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the society. If one of these members is absent, the claim must be sent to one of the full-time officers to approve the claim This is the same process if the claimant is President, Secretary or Treasurer Please be aware that full-time officers are working full time and therefore it may take a couple of days for this to be approved. the app: eXpense365

rejecting a claim As approvers, you are also responsible for rejecting claims that are not submitted correctly This would include if there is no receipt/evidence attached, if the evidence is unclear or does not add up to the total you can reject any claim if you do not agree with the money being refunded You should also reject any claims for alcohol the policy on this will be available All app claims are reviewed by finance, so for any wrongly submitted claims that are approved, the process would only be longer the app: eXpense365 what is it not for?

People who have not paid to join your club or society only people who have paid to join your club/soc will be able to submit claims. Reimbursements for non-members will done on a case-by-case basis email [email protected] for queries like this the app: eXpense365 what can I not claim for? Receipts from the last academic year or before there is a cut off date for claims! Membership refunds email us at [email protected] to arrange this You cannot claim back money on behalf of someone else who has not set up the app this is to protect you and your members therefore please download the app! Things you dont have proof of payment for keeping track

Cash In is money coming into your account from tickets, hoodie sales, cash deposits in the bars and bank transfers. MSL Rec will show anything sold through the SU website CB or SOC are how approved and paid app claims

will appear on your ledger. Cash Out is money you have spent on paying invoices, reimbursing people via the app, and refunding people These are the total amounts in and out of your account in the time period of the ledger Closing balance is

where you check how much money is currently in your subs account how much you have to spend keeping track of your expenses keeping your own record The template spreadsheet can be found on the website in the committee hub. Scroll down to keeping track of your finances template spreadsheet Opportunities > committee hub > finances Even though there is a ledger on the app, it is important that you keep your own spreadsheet with more detail, as the app only provides a basic overview

Payment runs in finance happen on Wednesday it may say paid on the app but it then takes 2 days to be processed and visible in the members bank account grants grants what are they? Societies Exec meets once a month during term time and can give up to a total of 10,000 a year in grants for societies, this is the same with Sports Exec who also have 10,000, however their process is slightly different Made up of students representing each category of

society who vote on grant requests You can apply for any amount, but be realistic! Email all requests to [email protected] You can find more information on Opportunities -> Committee Hub --> Sports and Societies exec grants what grants are available? Society Grant 10,000 for any society equipment, project, event or activity Deadline is week before Soc Exec meeting Look online for criteria and guidelines

Major Event Grant Major events organised by societies that are a new concept Must have high demand and have clear aims Student Group Collaboration Fund Events organised by two or more socs Can get 20% of cost up to 100

Green Impact Fund For reducing your negative impact on the environment 50 for 3 environmentally friendly events/activities, 75 for 5 DSD funding You can get up to 40 for each session you host These sessions can be used as taster sessions, workshops or activities, anything you can think of Speak to Chloe Platt, our DSD Coordinator, for this General Info

general info If any of your committee change, you need to let us know asap so we can add them as website and app admins. Be aware that there is a 10 charge for any foreign payments made this charge will be put onto the society if you do wish to make this payment If you are doing an event that will cost over 250, you need to let us know so we can support you. You must send us contracts before you sign them this includes agreements for venues for summer balls and external events. Wherever possible, please avoid accepting cheques however, cheques must be made out to 'Union of UEA Students' if they are used. For all of the above, please email [email protected] sponsorship

sponsorship what do I do? Talk to us/UEAsport before you sign anything We will need to issue them an invoice to make sure we can keep track of the money as it comes in. This will get it into your subs account faster we would need 3 approvers for this too To raise the invoice, all of the company details, as well as how much will be invoiced and what it is for will be needed beforehand If you manage to get sponsorship, please email the accounts team [email protected] and they can raise the invoice.

GDPR what is it? It stands for the General Data Protection Regulation New legislation came into effect in May 2018, so you need to be aware of how to use any data Outlines how data can be stored and used, to give control back to citizens and residents over how their personal data is used You need to think about:

Why are you collecting the data How are you collecting the data What the data will be used for How it will be stored and destroyed How does this affect my club or society? No details can be collected on paper This includes getting members to write their names and email addresses down, or taking paper registers at events You are only allowed to use peoples data for the exact reason they gave it to you For example, if people have signed up for your society, you are only

permitted to email them about society related activities. You cant use their data to try to sell them things etc, as they have not consented to their data being used in this way. What should I do instead? Collect all data through the website If you need an attendance list for an event, get people to buy a ticket through the website and you will get a list of those who have done so. The tickets can be free If you really need to take a paper register, please contact us at [email protected] and we can organise something with you.

What happens now? By signing the register of this training session you are confirming that you have heard and understood the implications of the GDPR, and accept that you will treat all data accordingly A copy of the GDPR Regulations 2018 will be emailed to you after this session. useful contacts useful contacts Activities & Opportunities Officer 2019/20 Ali Perez Elected by students Helps improve the student experience Will help you through any issues you may have

Chairs soc exec and sports exec, who give grants to clubs and societies Contact Ali at [email protected] useful contacts Opportunities Minifey zHeadAlun of Opportunities Department

Oversees the department Helps implement the elected officers manifesto Student Groups Administrator

Money Societies exec Society development General questions Website Elections Training Expense App Membership [email protected]

Student Events Coordinator Events Risk Assessments Trips useful contacts Opportunities Chloe Platt Student Events Administrator

(Do Something Different) Organises the DSD programme Event running Student Opportunities Coordinator (Buddy Coordinator) Victoria Cook Student Enterprise Coordinator

Enterprise Pop-up markets Fundraising Organises the Buddy Programme Event running

Student Opportunities Coordinator (Widening Participation and Outreach) Working to improve outreach opportunities and widening participation useful contacts other departments Union Info - Union House Reception

Contact them about: General union queries and information General website queries Booking a room Printing Society Packages that have been delivered to Union House [email protected] useful contacts other departments Jonathan Murray Marketing Coordinator

Poster questions Getting your event on the plasma screens in Union House Getting items into the undergrad and postgrad newsletters [email protected] union opportunities Money enquiries: [email protected]

App enquiries and general enquiries: [email protected] useful contacts UEA Sport Sophie Thomas Student Sport Performance Manager James Raywood Student Sport Operations Manager

Oversees all sports clubs Manages storages Coordinates off-site facilities Budget and Subsidy man Jacki Robinson BUCS & Comps Administrator

Organises everything BUCS Organises travel, accommodation, entries Supports sports clubs and scholars to maximise their performance Katie MacCallum

Student Sport Administrator Can help you with all your general queries Thanks for coming! Any question s? please fill in the feedback forms!

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