Becoming a Social Work Major at WKU Dr.

Becoming a Social Work Major at WKU Dr.

Becoming a Social Work Major at WKU Dr. Dana Sullivan BSW Program Director 270-745-5313 [email protected] WE HELP What do social workers do? Foster care and adoptions Counseling and therapy for individuals and families Probation and parole services Youth offender services Victim assistance Planning and developing community programs Employee hiring, retention, and retirement or termination Working with individuals who are developmentally disabled

Working with older adults Improving conditions for people who are poor Providing academic services in schools Counseling people coping with an illness Developing programs that promote health Drug or alcohol addiction treatment And much more! OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK 2010-2020 JOB OPENINGS! CHILD, FAMILY, AND SCHOOL SOCIAL WORKERS provide assistance to improve the functioning of children & their families. May assist single parents, arrange adoptions, & foster homes for abandoned or abused children. In they address such problems as teenage pregnancy, truancy. May also advise teachers.

find schools, misbehavior, & Kentucky -- 336 openings/yr -- $17.45/hr; $36,290/yr Barren River -- 19 openings/yr-- 17.52/hr; $36,442/yr Lake Cumberland -- 16 openings/yr - $17.43/hr; $36,241/yr * Among Top 50 occupations with the highest average number of annual openings in Kentucky; Requiring a Bachelors degree or higher; Job openings includes separations and new positions; Median wages are listed OCCUPATIONAL OUTLOOK GROWTH! 2010-2020 In Kentucky SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND BEHAVIORAL DISORDER COUNSELORS ($17.34/hr; $36,070/yr)

MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPISTS ($16.97/hr; $35,290/yr) MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS ($16.56/hr; $34,440/yr) In Barren River Area REHABILITATION COUNSELORS ($15.75/hr; $32,806/yr) MENTAL HEALTH COUNSELORS ($16.46/hr; $34,240/yr) In Lake Cumberland Area MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPISTS (n/a; n/a) MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELORS ($13.81/hr; $28,718/yr) * Among Top 50 fastest growing occupations In Kentucky; Requiring a Bachelors degree or higher; Job openings includes separations and new positions; Median wages are listed BSW since 1974, accredited 1978 Currently >200 social work majors/minors BSW @ Bowling Green, Etown, Owensboro, Glasgow MSW since 2004 MSW degree options Full-time, part-time

Advanced standing Online The Academic Complex houses the Department of Social Work within the College of Health & Human Services Prerequisites for SW Major 9 Classes SWRK 101 and SWRK 205 (must pass with a C) English 100 MATH 183 or Statistics in another discipline; or can take SWRK 344; STA 220 from KCTCS Biology 113 or 120 or 131 PSY or PSYS 100/220 or SOCL100/AGRI 108 (one for admission; both are required no later than the end of the first semester following admission to the program) PS110 or ECON 150/202/203 (one for admission; both are required no later than the end of the first semester following admission to the program)

Admission Criteria and Process Attain sophomore standing at time of admission Completion of prerequisites (see previous slide) GPA 2.5 or higher Students enrolled at WKU fall 2009 or later GPA 2.2 or higher - Students enrolled at WKU prior to fall 2009 Submit application, including an essay essay: this is an introduction of yourself to the faculty and a sample of your best writing you must include one paraphrase or directly quoted material, with APA (6 th Edition) style documentation in your essay. Provide an APA style reference list for your source. Sign off on NASW Code of Ethics agreement Sign off on BSW Student Handbook agreement The BSW Program Director will contact you to set up an interview

Application Deadlines April 1/May 15 for students seeking admission for the following Fall semester at all campuses November 1 for students seeking admission for the following Spring semester at WKU Bowling Green ** ** The BSW enrolls cohorts at the regional campuses in Fall semester ONLY Once youre admitted. . . Following admission to the major, a minimum of five semesters is required to complete the courses for the major, which will very likely include one summer session for your field placement. Regional campuses will have one summer semester of field. Plan now for using your financial to account

for summer field. Course Sequence: SW Major First Semester SWRK 330:HBSE I SWRK 357:Case Management SWRK 375: Generalist Practice I ACE Advisor Consent Elective Second Semester SWRK 331:HBSE II SWRK 345: Research SWRK 379: Skills ACE Advisor Consent Elective

Course Sequence (cont.) Third Semester SWRK 381: Generalist Practice III SWRK 378: Gen. Practice II SWRK 395: Policy Fourth Semester SWRK 480/481 (field placement and seminar) Fifth Semester SWRK 482/483 (field placement and seminar SWRK elective During the five semesters

students must complete all Gen Eds. and electives to fulfill 120 hrs. for graduation Waiting for the decision . . . Turn in your application by the deadline The BSW Faculty will review all applications and make admissions decisions The Program Director will inform the applicants of the decision. Please note, this typically occurs after grades post each semester (ex. around May 15 and Aug 15 for fall admissions and around Jan 15 for spring admissions) If accepted, student takes SWRK 330, 357, 375, BUT applicants cannot enroll in these classes until acceptance is verified . . . but some must be enrolled as full time student. So . . . This is the time to work closely with your SW advisor (typically the BSW Program Director at this point) so you will know how to plan for the next semester. Tuition Rates 2017-2018 estimates (in-state rate) Fall semester/spring semester: $5,101 per semester or $10,202 for the academic year (AY) Summer tuition is calculated differently: Summer: tuition is assessed per credit hour at the rate of $425 per credit hour for summer 2018. $425 x six credit hours for SWRK field & seminar = $2,550 All of this information is available on WKUs web site @ Financial Aid. Rates will likely change with each AY. Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) Eligibility Cumulative GPA of 2.5 SW cumulative GPA of 3.0 or B average in all SW classes At least 3, and not more than 4 semesters of

undergraduate SWRK courses to complete Completed one SWRK practice course, typically SWRK 375, prior to enrolling in second of two PCWCP specialization courses, SWRK 450 and SWRK 451 Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) Benefits Up to four semesters of tuition (instate rate) Stipend for four semesters Employment with DCBS upon completion of the BSW and PCWCP (consistent with state personnel requirements) Dr. Dean May is WKU site coordinator for PCWCP Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP)

Obligations Enter into a contractual agreement with the Cabinet for Health & Family Services Apply for employment within specified time frame Failure to complete the above may lead to forfeiture of funds and reimbursement to Cabinet in one lump sum Social Work Minor SWRK 101 SWRK 205 SWRK 330: HBSE I SWRK 331: HBSE II

SWRK 395: Policy 21 hours SWRK elective (3-hour) SWRK elective (3-hour) Please note: The BSW Program Director advises the social work minors. BSW Scholarship Program Applications are available on the departmental web site at Youll need a social worker when ... You come into the world too soon

You are bullied You get poor grades You want to be a foster parent Your friends pressure you to get high

You struggle to readjust after military service You didn't want this baby Your best friend has panic attacks You feel like running away You find drugs in your sons room

You cant forget the assault Your mom gets Alzheimer's You want to adopt You can't afford respite care You wonder if you are drinking too much

Your children ignore your medical decisions You lose your baby Your retirement check won't pay the bills Your child with a disability needs friends You learn you have a terminal illness

Your spouse wants a divorce You need a nursing home Your neighborhood needs a community center Life's Challenges Social Workers Are There For You! Thank you! QUESTIONS? Dr. Dana Sullivan

[email protected] Ms. Rebekah Daday [email protected]

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