What is Fair Trade? Farmers in the South,

What is Fair Trade?  Farmers in the South,

What is Fair Trade? Farmers in the South, or Developing world who grow our coffee/tea/cocoa/bananas are often very poor. They struggle to survive because the world system is not fair. Example: The Cocoa Trade

This chocolate bar (use your imagination!) represents the cocoa industry in Ghana Who should have the largest share of the chocolate bar? 1. The hard working farmer who grows the cocoa beans in order to

earn an income for his family? 2. The Ghanaian government who take a tax on any profits made? 3. The UK government who also take tax on any profits?

4. UK Supermarkets that sell the chocolate bar? 5. The multinational company that makes the chocolate bars from cocoa? How is the chocolate bar shared? Ghanaian Govt

8% Ghanaian Farmer 8% UK Govt 17.5% UK Supermarkets

23% UK owned Multinational Company 43.5% Is this Fair? A lot of people say NO!!

Large companies and rich governments take profits away from poor farmers. What can we do? Products with this sign are fairly traded This means that farmers get : A fair price Fair working conditions More control over their own

lives Where can I buy Fair Trade Products? Here is a range of fair trade products available from most supermarkets Whats in it for me?

Not only do the Fair Trade products on sale taste delicious, you will also come away with the knowledge that you are helping others. http://www.maketradefair.com Tough times for cocoa growers Life is hard for cocoa farmers - they are

some of the poorest people in the world and on average earn about 50 a year. In Ghana, West Africa there are about 2 million cocoa farmers. They depend on selling their beans to pay for the essential things in life, like school fees, doctors' bills, farm tools or wellington boots to protect their feet from the scorpions that live

among the cocoa trees. However, world prices for cocoa are now so low many farmers often can't even afford the basics, leaving them with no money for food, medicine, clean water or to pay for their children to go to school. Kuapa Kokoo Working together

In 1993 a small group of Ghanaian cocoa framers realised that by working together they could find ways to solve many of the problems they all faced. They also knew that by joining up they had more chance of getting a fairer deal from the people who bought their cocoa. So, after lots of planning, they pooled their

resources and set up their own co-operative business called Kuapa Kokoo. Kuapa Kokoo means "good cocoa farmers" in the farmers' local language of Twi. Their motto is "Pa Pa Paa" which means "best of the best". In 1994, Comic Relief gave a grant so that Kuapa "good cocoa farmers" could build a

stronger organisation, develop their business and make sure even more cocoa farmers had the chance of a brighter future. Now Kuapa has over 35,000 members in over 650 villages and produces 1% of the world's total cocoa crop! The bar is born n 1998 Kuapa Kokoo joined forces with a group

of UK organisations who care about getting cocoa farmers a better deal. They formed The Day Chocolate Company with Kuapa Kokoo owning one third of the company. This meant that for the first time, Kuapa Kokoo began to benefit from selling chocolate as well as growing cocoa beans and they kicked off the business with the launch of their first chocolate bar - Divine milk chocolate.

Then, in January 2000, Comic Relief teamed up with Kuapa & The Day Chocolate Company to work on a very special project. Together they asked 5000 young people in the UK if they would like their very own fair trade chocolate bar. The answer was a massive YES and so the idea for Dubble chocolate bar was born and we asked YOU to design the wrapper

Tea direct Co-op orange juice Dubble chocolate Bewleys coffee Green and blacks

chocolate Bananas Geobar chewy bars What's it all about? Trade connects us with millions of people across the world who produce the things we buy and use every day. But not everyone

gets a fair deal from it. Many farmers in developing countries, who grow crops like the cocoa in chocolate, don't earn enough to pay for the things that we take for granted, like feeding their families, educating their children and paying for healthcare. Fair trade is a different way of doing things.

Fair Trade is not about charity. It's about paying a fair price for the products which we use, eat and wear. It ensures that you get top quality goods and the people who produce them get paid fairly. It's a practical solution to many of the problems that keep the world's poorest people in poor. ..and it's growing every day!

There are now over 75 Fair Trade products on sale in the UK including chocolate, tea, coffee, honey, nuts, bananas and fruit juice. Fair Trade means that you can change the world at the check out. Look out for the Fairtrade Mark when you are shopping shopping

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