Warehouse Consolidation David Thompsen and Nichole Grawer August

Warehouse Consolidation David Thompsen and Nichole Grawer August

Warehouse Consolidation David Thompsen and Nichole Grawer August 21, 2018 #JDEINFOCUS Bio David Thompsen Fleet, Facilities and Warehouse Manager at MTA Love Fishing, Flying, and everything else in Alaska

#JDEINFOCUS Welcome Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card Awarded at end of session Take brief electronic survey Visit: https://emeraldcube.com/1/ Must be present to win

#JDEINFOCUS EmeraldPris m Best in class CNC monitoring and alerting tool built, proactively identifying issues and changes that can affect stability and uptime FraudID Proactively detects and alerts

for suspicious accounts payable, payroll, accounts receivable and general ledger activity within JDE E1 Managed Services JDE sensitive data protection with military grade encryption (AES) On-demand and managed services models with 24x7 coverage and 100%

certified on-shore team. OBIEE, JDE E1 CNC, Functional & Development Project Services EmeraldClou d JDE Upgrades and Net New Implementations, as well as Oracle Business Intelligence &

Hyperion Secure managed hosting solution built exclusively for JDE E1 environments and powered by AWS EmeraldVision SaaS based Business Intelligence solution built specifically for JD Edwards #JDEINFOCUS

EnCrypto Two Warehouses Union

Large Palmer Service Orders Work Orders Yard and Warehouse Big Items Expensive Items

#JDEINFOCUS Non-Union Small Wasilla Sales Orders Small Items Many Items Test and Repair on-site Master Plan Tiger

Paw JDE #JDEINFOCUS Which Direction

Executive Approval Labor Physical Move E1 Inventory Changes Timetable One Warehouse

Union Large Palmer Sales Orders Employees Work Orders Yard and Warehouse Big Items Expensive Items #JDEINFOCUS Labor Union vs Non Union

Layoff Hire Retain Retrain #JDEINFOCUS Physical Move Make Room Reorganize Increase Size Reduce Obsolete Items

#JDEINFOCUS E1 Inventory Changes Review Data Scrub and Clean up Delete Obsolete Items Reclassify In House Transfer Unique Items #JDEINFOCUS #JDEINFOCUS

Execution 1. Created new Item Numbers 2. Move Inventory in JDE 3. Update Item Branch Records Create New Item Numbers R41826 Item Branch Duplication Creates the new Item Branch Record AND the Location record. Only records without a match will get copied. Be sure to data select the branch

or specific items you want to copy Cannot choose only non-obsolete items. #JDEINFOCUS Can copy into multiple branch plants Can select what table records to copy Cost information, Price Information, UOM Conversion Factor, etc.

#JDEINFOCUS Move Inventory in JDE Key Considerations Move On-Hand or Available? Are both Branch Plants lot controlled?

Are items serialized? Import Data from a spreadsheet or enter 1 by 1? Are All AAIs setup for the new branch plant? Are all items numbers the same across branch plants? #JDEINFOCUS Same Item Numbers Across Branch Plants Inventory Transfer P4113 #JDEINFOCUS Use item from the new Branch Plant

Inventory Reclass P4116 #JDEINFOCUS Obsolete old Item Branch Records Change stocking type to either O or U O and U will allow adjustments, Issues and Transfers to assure accurate tracking of the quantity in the warehouse. JDE will not allow Purchase Orders or Sales Orders for O or U items. U will enable sales of the product until it is used up but

will not allow it to be purchased. #JDEINFOCUS How will items be planned? PO Generator or MRP? Update Commodity Codes and Planning Codes Menu Changes #JDEINFOCUS Test Script

#JDEINFOCUS Go Live/Lessons Learned Include everyone from the start Test until it breaks, fix it and test again Have a good consultant Use motivated people Set goal dates Go live! #JDEINFOCUS

Attend Our Education Sessions Visit us at Booth #626 #JDEINFOCUS Upcoming Events Upgrade Success Stories and Tools Thursday, September 20 @ 1:00 pm EST Sign up: emeraldcube.com/educational-webinars Part II: JDE on AWS Maximum Availability Architecture Thursday, October 11 @ 1:00 pm EST Sign up: emeraldcube.com/educational-webinars

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