First developed in Sweden 2009 by Mojang. Markus

First developed in Sweden 2009 by Mojang. Markus

First developed in Sweden 2009 by Mojang. Markus Persson It did not set out to be a commercial success. Originally: a game for players with an interest in coding/programming. Began as a simple PC Java game. Java is a flexible multiplatform language. Not a conventional RPG game. Virtual Lego. A sandbox game - free structure; self-build open-world; players are free to roam and construct their own worlds and narratives. Non-competitive. No advertising /marketing budget. Relied on word of mouth ( social networks) for distribution+ featured on web comics such as Penny Arcade. Beta version alone had over 1m purchases. Official release in Nov 2011 already had over 16m registered users. Multi-platform example of digital convergence available on many platforms PC Tablet games consoles Android & iOS this helps ensure its reach and success. Since 2014 it is owned by Microsoft who purchased it for 2.5b dollars. It is used in medical & educational contexts; also used to teach coding skills. Live versions are common Playstation Network, Xboxlive arcade shows the global nature of digital media; it is participatory and loved by online Pro-Am (Professional-Amateur) communities 1) First developed where & when and by which person? 2) Commercial? 3) Originally: a game for ?

4) Programming language? 5) It is not a con. XXX. 6) Has been called Virtual . (Clue: kids building game with blocks) 7) Type of game: 8) advertising /marketing budget? 9) Relied on . for distribution 10) featured on web comics such as: 11) Beta version alone had over ... 12) Official release in 13) already had over . registered users. 14) available on PC, Tablet, games consoles, Android & iOS mobile devices this helps ensure its reach and success. Multi & example of digital convergence 15) Live versions are .. 16) shows the nature of digital media; it is participatory and loved by online Pro-Am (. )communities 17) Since . it is owned by who purchased it for .. dollars. 18) It is used in . contexts; also used to teach .skills. 19) Simple blocky, non showy character helps it to appeal to . 20) Digital download was available before . version 1) Sweden;2009. Mojang. Markus Persson. 2) Originally not commercial (free download?) 3) & originally a game for players interested in

coding. A simple PC game 4) Java ( a flexible multi-platform programing language) 5) Not a conventional RPG 6) Virtual Lego 7) Sandbox game: a non competitive, free structure, open world; players are free to construct their own worlds and narratives 8) No advertising/marketing budget unconventional distribution method 9) Word of mouth (via social networks) 10) Penny Arcade 11) Beta had 1m+ downloads 12) Nov 2011 official release 13) Already had over 16m registered users 14) Multi-platform helps ensure success 15) Common; Xbox, PS etc 16) Global; Loved by professional-amateur communities 17) 2014 Microsoft 2.5n dollars 18) Medical, educational,coding 19) Children with learning difficulties 20) Physical

Wide-ranging appeal especially to younger players perhaps due to its simple, blocky structure its not showy like many games and does not rely on slick, clever graphics. Multi-platform presence helps its success. Word of mouth distribution. viral aspects. - Does not need marketing and promotional budget. Bypasses the conventional production process of large corporations and conventional game producers such as EA Participatory. Shirky Produser Prosumer Also global (Marshall McLuhan): global village Minecraft, post 2014, became a way to promote the Microsoft brand through downloadable & cloud based versions of the game. Digital release before physical release Microsoft has tried to regain control of the game by issuing various official releases and variations through Minecraft

Realms. Other companies such as Facebooks Oculus are working on a VR version despite initial resistance from the original studio. Shows how large media corps dominate. Minecraft Movie due to be released in may 2019 Minecraft: useful extra facts to demonstrate knowledge What is it? Comment (contexts, industry, audiences etc) Yogscast Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft Realms Minecraft marketplace In-game purchases Nintendo Switch & DS PS Vita Cross-play

Oculus Rift Digital convergence MINECRAFT PRESENTATION TASK Powerpoint/ Keynote MINECRAFT Presentation for Wednesday 13TH Feb. Your presentation must look good. Slides should be suitable for sharing on social media and sites such as Slideshare. Make your slides visually attractive and not too cluttered. (use plenty of media language and concepts in your answers) You should cover the following points: suggested slide structure: 1) Brief history and evolution of the game do you think it has adapted to modern audiences and technologies? In what way are its distribution and promotion different from conventional video games? 2) Why do you think Minecraft is so successful? Try to give as many reasons as possible. To what extent does the game suit a range different platforms (PC, games console, tablet, smartphone)? 3) Minecrafts presence beyond the actual game: reboots, spin-offs,film, merchandise, social media buzz. 4) Socio-economic, political and cultural contexts 5) How have ordinary users helped the promotion and distribution of the game? What does this say about Clay Shirkys views on digital audiences and participatory media. 6) Minecraft vs Fortnite. What do you think? Does Minecraft have a future? VR? Put each of these into a meaningful sentence relating to Minecraft: Multi-platform Non competitive

Creative Clay Shirky Participatory Prosumers and produsers Marshall McLuhan 1960s global village Conglomerates David Hesmondhalgh Contexts over to you Social Economic See big text book and OCR factsheet. RESEARCH work for Fridays lesson 15th February try to finish in the lesson or complete for Tuesday 26th Feb 1) Compare Minecraft trailers to trailers for other games (e.g. GTA, Fortnite, COD) and write a 50 word summary of your findings. 2) Either a) Research the Minecraft official website and make 5 bullet point comments about codes & conventions; layout, mode of

address etc. Or b) In a game you are familiar with, describe the opportunities for collaboration rather than competition developing online communities TRAILER COMPARISON ACTIVITY Part A For each trailer, list at least 5 key codes & conventions. You must mention representations, audience, narrative, genre Minecraft. Fortnite Assassins Creed Part B) What codes and conventions make the Minecraft trailer different from the others? Why is this the case? Mention economic and social factors (contexts) Read this article from the evening standard Feb 17 about the UKs thriving video games industry. Make notes about the reasons for its success and be prepared to argue the case for UK industry.

Google: evening standard + Londons Video game scene is thriving Or click below: ame-development-scene-is-thriving-from-aaa-blockbusters-to-indiemobile-games-a3469751.html Guardian article meet the blockheads et-the-blockheads-a-rare-glimpse-inside-minecrafts-hq Media Guardian Keith Stuart Feb 2017 A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart is published by Sphere at 7.99. Buy it for 6.79 at Importance of London as a powerhouse for the games industry summary of Evening Standard article. 1) Facts 500+ games cos based in London Industry 4.2b to Uk economy. Monument Valley is an example of an award-winning game produced by a small independent company, Commercially more important than TV film fashion & music U16s now spending more time gaming than watching TV London hosting games conventions e.g London Games festival competing with global events such Gamescon

Cinemas are starting to show live computer games being played by experts (like Wimbledon) 2) What factors have helped to make London so important in video games production? Tax breaks for companies (gvt help/ subsidies) Londons multi-cultural, international character young talent from all over the world aware of what makes viral content (despite concerns about Brexit, the industry is optimistic about continuing to attract the best from all over the world). Production is helped by this pool of worldwide talent Smartphones have hugely helped the growth of mobile gaming. Distribution is helped by the ease of downloading games. Pokemon Go is an example of the type of game that successful producers want to produce. The best money-making (AAA games) games are produced for the major platforms PC, Xbox and Playstation London provides a home for large and smaller production companies Crowdsourcing (money given by ordinary users) helps to kickstart new games. The success of the Uks music industry is now being used by the games industry. UK as a major hub for the games industry - Connection with Minecraft? Minecraft started as a small, non-commercial game It was produced by an independent company, not a large conglomerate (although Microsoft later took it over in 2014) This success show how a small unsophisticated game can become a worldwide commercial success. Started off as niche and quickly became a viral mainstream hit. This is the type of success that the games industry is able to produce (unlike the film industry which requires huge production and distribution budgets.)

Digital convergence (the use of different types of platforms) has meant that it is now much easier for producers to get their games into a global market. Minecraft - A-Level concepts and theory 1) How was it different from other games in terms of development and marketing? 2) Comment on links with Clay Shirkys ideas on audiences as active participatory creators 3) In what ways does it illustrate the idea of a shrinking technological world as Global village (Marshall McLuhan)? 4) Explain digital convergence and how this concept applies to Minecraft 5) Who owns Minecraft? Who makes money out of it? What does this say about media industries and the power balance between audiences and conglomerates. Essay A What factors are important in the production, distribution and consumption of video games? Refer

mainly to Minecraft in your answer. (15 marks) Essay B Explain the impact of digitally convergent media platforms on video game production, distribution and consumption. Refer to Minecraft to support your answer. (15 marks) Complete work on Guardian meet the blockheads article Use yesterdays work on the UK games industry and convert your notes to a neat graphic form related to Minecraft. See example below 500+ games companies based in London Multicultural character of London Tax breaks from govt

help small companies UK has a strong reputation in SFX, gaming and music production Essay planning Production Java Open source software Not AAA Low-key Simple Unsophisticated Digital ..? lego Explain the impact of digitally convergent media platforms on video game production, distribution and consumption. Refer to Minecraft to support your answer. 15 marks Distribution (getting to product tp the What is the question about? (explain

digital convergence and how it works in practice) What 3 areas MUST you talk about? Remember to include FACTS + ANALYSIS Digital convergence = The coming together of content in one digital device; The ability to use the same product on numerous digital platforms (PC, consoles, handheld, mobile) Consumption, consumers Cross-play Sandbox genre Global reach Versatile Global UGC (in game purchases Pro-Am) democratization consumer, advertising, promotion, sharing, audience reach)

No need for conventional ad campaigns word of mouth Fandom Success of beta version Number of users before official launch Impact of Microsoft purchase of the game in 2014

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