Parent Power Year 11 MR MASSON A S

Parent Power Year 11 MR MASSON A S

Parent Power Year 11 MR MASSON A S S I S TA N T H E A D T E A C H E R OCTOBER 2015 Point North What is tonight all about?

Understanding the term success Revision Matters (How to revise effectively) Mindset Matters (How to approach your revision and studies) Setting Achievable Goals Taking the next step Guess the number.. 16

28 43 10450 What makes success? Engagement for Learning Regular

Attendance Practice makes permanent Commitment to learning Exam Success

Seek and accept help and support The role of parents..? Parental Support is eight times more important in determining a childs academic success than their background. The Campaign for Learning found that

parental involvement in a childs education can mean the difference between an A and A*. Times Education Supplement 2003 Revision Matters Reaching the summit What will it take to

reach the summit? What got you here (base camp) might not get you to the summit Revision matters. Why Revise?

It takes 10000 hours to master a particular skill. Therefore, a brain requires practice in this skill for it to embed. The same applies for intake of core knowledge. With the curriculums tightly packed with content, this leaves little time in classroom lessons to revisit past learning. The aim of revision is to reduce the amount of information relating to a subject to a series of key points. These key points, phrases or words prompt your brain to retrieve the information stored in it. By revising key learning frequently, the brain embed the information and can then operate normally under the pressures of the exam pressures.

Practice makes permanent, not perfect! Revision Matters With regular, well planned revision starting now, your son or daughter will achieve and exceed their target grades this summer. Without regularly revisiting their work, they will not perform to the best of their abilities. Key to successful revision:

Right conditions Quiet? Music? Water? No TV & No FB! Well planned revision timetable no last minute panics.

Regular breaks still plan time for hobbies. Incentives rewards are allowed. Time Management The largest pressure at GCSE level study are deadlines and time to revisit core learning. An extra hour a day of television, internet or computer game time in Year 10 is linked to poorer grades at GCSE, a

Cambridge University study suggests. BBC News 4th September 2015 Revision timetables: Working Smartly A revision timetable will help your son or daughter plan their time and achieve the most - avoid last minute panics and cramming. Be honest & realistic do they work best in the mornings, afternoons or evenings?

Plan in breaks for regular hobbies. Incentivise & reward. Keep each session between 45 60 minutes max It is WHAT you revise not the QUANTITY that delivers success. Revision Techniques

Different revision techniques work for different people. The student must find the strategies that work best for them. Simply reading over their notes is not revising. They need to do something with the information. Prompt cards Mind maps Post it notes Summary tables & grids Practise using command words describe, explain, analyse, discuss Teach someone else

Memory games Revision Materials/Books Exam board information is provided in your key dates and information cards. Targeted revision materials/books Be specific with general revision websites Sample assessment materials Past Papers

Having the right revision climate. Where can they revise effectively? Do distractions need to be minimised? Are the strategic breaks helping the brain to rest and recover? The LRC is open every day until 6pm

Mindset Matters MISS BRITTAIN DEPUTY HEADTEACHER ndependent learners Successful learners are disciplined, observant and thorough. Able to appreciate and learn from the views of those around them. It is our role to regularly assess, monitor and feedback allowing

our students to gain a truly deep and valued learning experience Mindset Matters The only place success come before work is in the dictionary Vince Lombardi American

Footballer People with growth mindsets know that effort is where its at Work vs Learning Get on with your learning Michael Hows your revision going? Have you been learning really hard to get to grips with.? If you dont sweat it you wont

get it! If you dont sweat it you wont get it! Deliberate Practice Support in partnership

Revision + Mindset = Success? Revision + Mindset + Having a clear plan -------------------------------Success Have a Plan Important Dates

4th November 15: iGCSE English Language Exam (Early Entry) 12th November 15: Year 11 Intervention Meetings @ 6:30pm 19th November 15: Altwood 6th Form Taster Day

23-30th November 15: Pre Public Exam Week 26th November 15: Altwood 6th Form Open Evening 14th December 15: Pre Public Exam results released

18th December 15: Full Report Published 11th January 16: GCSE Certificate of Maths Exam Paper 1 14th January 16:

Year 11 Parents Evening 19th January 16: GCSE Certificate of Maths Exam Paper 2 Have a Plan PPE Week

Monday 23rd Monday 30th November A full week of pre public examinations - replicating the summer exam experience Student will be examined in all subjects Results released via a centralised results day on 14th December Important that revision is already taking place Have a Plan Intervention

A comprehensive after schools study support provision launched after half term. Timetable to be confirmed. Key students invited to after school session, but all welcome to attend any calendared session. Holiday schools will be run at February, Easter and May half terms. Details closer to each holiday period. Raising Achievement Team launching revision skills sessions along with a tutor time curriculum.

Diagnosis Therapy Covey Scoreboards Uses a Traffic Light approach to track and monitor students progress in key knowledge, skills and/or understanding. These are used in each classroom by all Year

11 teachers. Helps students to identify their knowledge gaps and areas to focus their revision and intervention on. Testing Diagnosis

Therapy Testing Steps to Success Plan Student knowledge gaps are identified via the Covey Scoreboard and transferred onto the Steps to Success plan. These form the key areas for students to target in their revision and any intervention support.

The plan also lists any actions for students such as attendance at interventions sessions or key tasks for their revision such as practicing past paper questions. What is Show My Homework? A simple online homework calendar showing homework information, deadlines and attachments for students. Homework will be displayed online, using Show My Homework.

Homework appears in the calendar as a block, stretching from the issue date to the due date. Select a piece of homework for more details. Post 16 Pathways WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NEXT? Access to a broad and balanced curriculum

Confident young citizens High Aspirations Independent learners Encouraging learning environment Values of the gospel Faith, Hope & Joy Every student matters Truly High Aspirations Headline figures from 2015 (Level 3):A*-A: 27%

A*-B: 48% A*-C: 73% A*- E: 99%

98% of students graduating from Altwood Sixth Form went onto their first choice post 18 provision. This included students entering the top Russell Group universities. 19th November 15: Altwood 6th Form Taster Day The Sixth Form taster day offers Year 11 students the chance to experience life within the Altwood Sixth Form through the following programme:Students will be in business dress, as per the 6 th Form uniform code 6th Form assembly Taster lessons in subjects of their choice 3 subjects across the day

Freshers Fair in the Main Hall where students can explore enrichment opportunities on offer at Altwood The chance to speak to past and present students 26th November 15: Altwood 6th Form Open Evening The Sixth Form open evening offers Year 11 students and their parent/carers the chance to find out more detail about the broad and balanced curriculum on offer at Altwood Sixth Form. Subject Stalls detailing the Post 16 course provision

The chance to speak to current students to hear about their study experience A formal presentation with an explanation of the application process. Next Steps. Revision timetable is one in place and is revision strategic using gap analysis information? A countdown to PPE week key revision tasks and knowledge to focus on Materials and exam boards websites, revision books, past papers

Plot the key dates for the year know where the potential stress points are The Year 11 Revision Market 16th March @ 6:30pm Come along to the Year 11 revision market in the main hall. Speak to Heads of Department about key strategies for success in the summers examinations, collect revision packs, past papers and more!

Feedback Postcards Please do complete a feedback postcard. Please leave these in the box as you exit the main hall. Thank you.

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