Jython Environment For Students (JES) Final Presentation Team

Jython Environment For Students (JES) Final Presentation Team

Jython Environment For Students (JES) Final Presentation Team 3 David Raines Claire Bailey Jason Ergle Josh Sklare July 16, 2002 1 Introduction Jython

Environment For Students (JES) Client: Mark Guzdial Team: Claire Bailey - Technical Writing David Raines - Project Manager Jason Ergle - Design Lead Josh Sklare - Technical Lead July 16, 2002 2

Goals Create a Jython programming environment For new Introduction to Media Computation (CS1315) class Target audience is non-technical students and first time programmers July 16, 2002 3

Key Requirements Provide an editor with Syntax Highlighting for loading, modifying, and saving Jython files Provide a command prompt for interacting with Jython interpreter, as well as running loaded files Error messages should be understandable by

the target users July 16, 2002 4 Key Requirements (cont) Debugging will be provided by a popup window containing variable names, types, and values Implement Easy

July 16, 2002 in Jython and Swing to maintain and extend 5 Design The major functionality of the program is divided into two different classes, JESUI and JESInterpretor JESUI contains instances of the other UI Classes. Also handles the events generated by the program.

JESInterpreter executes the command line. JESProgram is the main part of the program. July 16, 2002 6 UML Diagram July 16, 2002 7 UI Design

Mac Version: July 16, 2002 8 Debug Window July 16, 2002 9 Accomplishments We

built an IDE that will be used by students this fall Requirements were well defined Met all requirements within the deadline Little need to modify or append them Code July 16, 2002

is easy to read 10 Accomplishments (cont) Schedule was well divided into tasks Everyone was able to work in parallel Shell of program was completed first

Development information kept in a public place Swiki: http://coweb.cc.gatech.edu/mediaComp-plan/10 Document repository Status updates Change control Bug list July 16, 2002

11 Accomplishments (cont) The July 16, 2002 client is happy with the outcome! 12 Assessment Original Schedule: Actual Schedule:

July 16, 2002 13 Assessment (cont) Some tasks took longer than originally planned Interfaces of objects should have been more descriptive

Interactions with the client were good Swiki was very useful Overall development process went smoothly July 16, 2002 14

What we learned Benefit of well defined requirements and a good, modular design Keeping an open dialog with client is very beneficial Design should be as specific as possible, especially with object interfaces

July 16, 2002 15 What we learned (cont) Benefits Clearly July 16, 2002 of dynamic languages identified team roles are good

16 Demo July 16, 2002 17

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