Belmont Drives Electric Information Session Saturday, November 12,

Belmont Drives Electric Information Session Saturday, November 12,

Belmont Drives Electric Information Session Saturday, November 12, 2016 Presentation Overview 1. What is Belmont Drives Electric? 2. Why Drive Electric?- Environmental Benefits 3. Why Drive Electric?- Affordability 4. Whats it Like to Drive Electric?- Charging 5. Whats it Like to Drive Electric? Misconceptions 6. Whats it Like to Drive Electric?- Hear from Local EV Owners 7. Q & A 8. 3 Easy Steps to Driving Electric through BDE What is Belmont Drives Electric? We are a community program for Belmont residents sponsored by

the Belmont Energy Committee, Belmont Light, Sustainable Belmont, and Belmont EV enthusiasts. Goal to promote the use of EVs throughout town and to encourage EV owners to charge smart in order to reduce our towns impact on the environment. 50 NEW EVs by March 2017! How? by providing you with all the knowledge and tools necessary to decide whether driving electric is right for you and your family. Goals in Belmont Climate Action Plan (2007): Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% by 2050 75% Belmont Citizens voted for it Green Community Designation (2014): Reduce emissions 20% in 5 years

Achieved to-date (2007 to 2014): 5% CO2 reduction Not enough!!! Vehicles cause most of Belmonts CO2 emissions Residential All Belmont Fuel Oil Fuel Oil Vehicles Electricity

Vehicles Electricity Natural Gas - more than 1/3 of all emissions Natural Gas - almost half of all residential emissions Why Drive Electric? Environmental Benefits

Best ways to reduce CO2 in your household Heating Solar EV 1. 3. 1. Replace your car with an EV (-3.2 t CO2) 2. Switch from Gas to Heatpump (-3 t CO2) 3. Solar (-2 t CO2) 2.

Characteristics of Belmont vehicles Belmont MA Average miles traveled: 23.2 mi/day Average fuel efficiency: 18 mpg 33 mi/day 17 mpg EV Range All EVs have enough range for daily driving (typ. 70-110 mi)

PHEVs go electric for daily drive and gas for longer trips High-end EVs can go 200+ mi Range anxiety is not a big concern Comparison of Emissions for different Cars or Solar Switching from a Car (20 mpg) to an EV (savings 3.2 t CO2) is equivalent to: Driving 7,700 fewer miles per year Consuming 360 fewer gallons of gasoline Cutting household electricity by 47%

Carbon capture of 3 acres of trees Sources: EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, U.S. Energy Information Administration EVs have lower GHG Emissions and Cost Less Chevy Suburban Toyota 4Runner Ford Mustang 5.0 BMW 528 Mercedes E BMW 320 Subaru VW Passat Lexus RX450h

Honda Fit Ford Fiesta Smart 4-2 Chevy Volt RAV4 EV Prius C C-Max Accord Hybrid Focus EV Prius PHEV Smart 4-2 EV Leaf Chevy Bolt Chevy Spark EV Tesla 3 BMW i3

Tesla S Source: MIT - Other Environmental Benefits No tailpipe emissions Improved local air quality Reduced noise pollution Big Picture Considerations More Renewables Energy on the Grid >>> Greener EVs

Overnight charging >>> Cheaper AND Greener Off-peak power is cheaper (15% Belmont Light discount) Electricity at night comes from more renewable sources (wind, hydro) EVs and Renewable Energy >>> A Virtuous Cycle EV batteries can be charged when renewable energy is available Future smart grids can utilize EV-batteries as part of a carbon-free energy cycle

Why Drive Electric? Affordability Savings- Ownership or Lease State Rebate- up to $2500 Federal Tax credit- up to $7500 Competitive (and transparent) group-buy deals- on leases and purchase About 50% off the MSRP Example is Chevy Volt: MSRP is $35,000 Purchase for less than $20,000 Lease at 165/month for 36 months Savings- Operation

Will charging make my electric bills skyrocket? No.. e-Gallon is about $1.65 on Belmont Light rates Belmont Light Charging Incentive, 15%= $1.43/gallon Free public charging Free workplace charging Special charging deals (Tesla and Nissan) Charging Equipment $250 discount 30% federal tax credit (time-sensitive) Lower maintenance from no internal combustion engine Leased vehicles under warranty Cost per mile Volt Lease

Volt Buy Malibu Lease Malibu Buy 35,000 37,000 0 $2,500 $2,500

$400 37,000 0 $2,500 $2,500 $1,028 Cost of ownership/lease MSRP Tax Credit MOR-EV Rebate Net Money Down after MOR-EV Rebate Monthly Payment ($2,500)

0 $165 35,000 ($7,500) ($2,500) 0 $500 Operation Monthly Fuel @10k miles per year With Belmont Light Smart Charging Cost of charging equipment + estimated install discount Tax credit, 30% Charging equipment total

Charging Equipment/month $44 $38 $1,000 ($250) ($300) $450 $38 $44 $38 $1,000 ($250) ($300) $450

$38 $63 $63 0 $63 $63 0 0 0 Totals per month Cost per mile

$241 $0.28 $576 0.69 $463 0.56 $1,091 $1.31 Whats It Like to Drive Electric? Charging

Charging Options Level 1 DC Fast Charge Level 2 CHADEMO Level 1 Level 2 SAE Combo Tesla DC Fast Tesla Supercharger

Voltage (V) 110 208 - 240 480 400 Current (A) 12 32

32 - 63 250 Power (kW) 1.3 6.6 - 7.2 25, 50 120 Miles/hour charged

5 20 - 25 100 - 200 300 20 Charging Stations Home Public Level 2

Public DC Fast Charge 21 Smart Charging Stations Connected to a charging network Capabilities Home Track energy usage, GHG savings Program charging times Send reminders/messages

Demand response Public Track energy usage, GHG savings Access control Charge for charging Customer support Send reminders/messages 22

Public Charging Stations MA 23 Public Charging Stations- Boston Key Locations in MA Logan Airport T-Stations Hospitals Universities Public Parking Workplaces Restaurants

Hotels Malls Cities/towns 24 DC Fast Charging Stations- New England CHADEMO and SAE Combo Tesla 25 Whats It Like to Drive Electric?

Misconceptions Battery Range and Reliability Fully electric cars get from 85 miles up to over 300 miles on a charge Try recording your daily driving mileage for a week Plug-in hybrids (e.g. Chevy Volt) have a backup gas engine Batteries are reliable -Manufacturer warranties: Chevy Volt / Nissan Leaf 8 year, 100,000 miles Tesla 8 year infinite mile warranty Growing EV Choices Plug-In Models

PHEV Chevy Volt Chevy Volt 2016 26 Currently Available Ford Fusion Energi Toyota Prius Plug-in Ford Focus Cadillac ELR Mercedez S 550

Ford C-Max Energi Volvo XC90 Porsche Cayenne Audi A3 E-Tron with many more coming in 2016 BMW i8 Porsche Panamera smart EV

Toyota Rav4 EV BEV Older BEVs do not have fast charge capability most new models will have a fast charge option Honda Fit Fiat 500 E BEV with DC Fast Charge Nissan LEAF

VW e-Golf Chevy Spark BMW i3 Kia Soul EV Tesla Model S Tesla Model X Mitsubishi i-MiEV Mercedes B Class

Electric Cars in Winter 70,000 electric cars in Norway at end of 2015, 25% of new car registrations in 2016 Similar handling to gas-powered cars Electric motors can spin up/down very quickly, giving automakers the chance to integrate excellent traction control for great handling on icy roads Battery range loss 10-20% in cold weather Pre-heat cabin remotely while car still plugged in Whats It Like to Drive Electric? EV Owners EV Owners

Ade Tesla Model S 90D John Volkswagen eGolf Claus Chevy Volt Kim Nissan Leaf Questions? 3 Easy Steps to Drive Electric 1.Take a free, no-obligation test drive 2.Take advantage of EV rebates 3.Charge smart and save Step 1: Test Drive Test Drive event in the parking lot immediately following this presentation

Schedule a test drive online by visiting or calling 617-8555405 A number of dealers offer pick-up-at-your-door test drives Step 2: EV Rebates Belmont Drives Electric has worked with local dealers to establish no-hassle, pre-negotiated lease deals for Belmont residents. We will walk you through the application process for available state and federal rebate programs for your new electric vehicle $2,500 state rebate through the MOR-EV program $7,500 federal rebate Step 3: Charge Smart Belmont Light customers are eligible for an up to $250

discount off the price of a level 2 EV charger. Belmont Light is also offering customers up to 15% in annual rebates off their retail rate for using programapproved charging equipment and charging your EV only between the hours of 10 PM and 9 AM. Thank you! Visit: Email: [email protected] Call: (617) 855-5405

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