INNOVATIONS IN HUMAN SERVICES COUNSELING CAREERS Lisa Boone and Ted McCadden Community College of Baltimore County National Council for Workforce Education Welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself What interested you about this session? CCBC at a Glance 3 campuses surrounding Baltimore City 3 independent colleges until 1999 3 extension centers

Offering day, evening, weekend, and (soon) fully online degree options A birds eye view of CCBC. 03/01/2020 4 Our Values: Learning Responsibility

400 International Integrity Students Excellence and Average Age: 30 Female: 59% Minority: 47% 67% Enroll Part-Time 320 Non-Native

Speakers CCBC: 63,951 Students 35,552 Credit 28,399 Non-Credit 11% Enter Directly From High School 41% Pell Grant Recipients 57% Work 20+ Hours

Per Week FY18 CCBC Data 03/01/2020 81% Need Remediation Goal: Degree 36%, Transfer 46% History of the Programs Chemical Dependency Counseling (Dundalk campus)

First program in Maryland to prepare Alcohol and Drug Counselors Opened in Fall 1988 Statewide program Historical connection to non-credit (continuing education) 1 certificate Human Services (Catonsville campus) Opened in 1990 Continuing education provider for Baltimore Psychological Association 3 certificates Mental Health (Essex campus) Opened in 1980s, Selective Admissions Graduates work in Human Services settings

2 certificates Merger of Programs Discussion began 18-24 months before moving forward Identified overlap between programs and discussed crosslisting courses Focus on workforce development---what jobs do our students have? Discussion with stakeholders Advisory Boards Credentialing bodies Employers/Internship Placements Leadership of three programs decided instead to combine programs

Human Services Counseling One degree with two Areas of Concentration (tracks) Human Services Behavioral Health Counseling Six certificates Human Services Generalist At-Risk Youth Practitioner Elder Care Practitioner Behavioral Health Counselor Trainee Behavioral Health Counselor Advanced Adolescent Behavioral Health Counselor

Future Areas of Development? Psychiatric Rehabilitation Veterans Services ATOD Prevention How did we get there? Identified the courses that were common (only minor modifications) Developed common General Education requirements This included some of our own new courses Devised a list of core courses (21 credits) Identified momentum points to plan around Stackable credentials of certificates within the degree

Students in either AOC earn a certificate (or two) within the degree requirements The Results 26 new or substantially modified courses Develop the Common Course Outlines Used an introduce, reinforce, master approach to skills at the macro level of program development Needed approval of Academic Deans Curriculum and Instruction Committee General Education Review Board College Senate

VPs and college president Board of Trustees Maryland Higher Education Commission What makes our program unique? One of very few integrated programs for behavioral health Addresses opioid epidemic through course content All students take a Psychopharmacology course All students are trained in opioid overdose response and certified to administer Narcan Stackable credentials Aligns with two certifications (Child and Youth Care and Behavioral Health Counseling)

Graduate level Behavioral Health Counselors completer certificate Fully-online program (coming soon!) Statewide Health Manpower Shortage tuition reduction National accreditation Articulation agreements with a variety of transfer institutions Self-Paced Courses Workforce need identified Governors charge to reduce barriers to workforce in response to opiate epidemic Developed new, self-paced online course Registration at any time (without late fee); grades assigned upon completion Requires one face-to-face (or virtual) meeting with

instructor Career/certification advisement Recruitment for program Financial Support No additional faculty support for pilot year Coordinators had a 1-class reduction in teaching load to launch program Perkins grant funding: Tutoring Certification test funds for students Faculty professional development Small, internal grants to fund projects

Connections to Workforce Development Service learning integrated at several points in the program Reflective career development woven through courses beginning with Intro course Internship as a capstone experience Combines work experience with career development goals Input from Advisory Board, State Workforce Development Task Force, credentialing bodies Academic advising and career counseling with Program Coordinators

Whats Next? Expansion with FT faculty at 3rd campus Hire of advisor/case manager Online offerings and Quality Matters program certification Open Educational Resources Credit and Noncredit partnership Prior Learning Assessment Stackable Bachelors Degree (BPS) Strengths Partnered with community agencies who had a stake

in our graduates Program developers: Focused on workforce development in the macro and micro levels Dedicated to the programs merger Liked to write! Challenges Resistance to change by faculty and administrators Growing pains of

expanding across multiple campuses and sharing resources Course materials Faculty CONTACT US! Lisa Boone: [email protected] Ted McCadden: [email protected] Please rate this session! 1)Visit from your phone or tablet

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