Poor Richard's Almanack

Poor Richard's Almanack

Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin Worked as a printer for his brothers print shop By the time he was 16, he was writing columns for his brothers newspaper Moved to Philadelphia to open his own print shop Retired at 42 Played an important role in the drafting of the Declaration and enlisting the French to help in our war. Responsible for inventing street lamps, lightening rod, and bifocal eye glasses and establishing the fire department and public library (among many other things) Ben Franklins Secret

to Success In his autobiography, he describes how he attempted to become the perfect person/citizen. Using logic and scientific reasoning (values and elements of the time of Rationalism), he attempted to achieve perfection at 1 virtue a week, adding another virtue when he became successful at maintaining the first.

13 Virtues to Perfection Temperance Silence Order Resolution Frugality

Industry Sincerity Justice Moderation Cleanliness Tranquility Chastity Humility He made this list in a particular order, thinking that his achievement of the previous virtue would help him accomplish the next one He was not successful in achieving perfection (no one would be). However, he became a better man

because he tried. Poor Richards Almanac Franklins most popular and enduring contribution to American (literary) culture was his publication of Poor Richards Almanac. Franklin published the manuscript under the pseudonym Richard Saunders. The character was a dull and foolish astronomer who became thoughtful, pious, and humorous over the years. Whats an Almanac? Almanac: an annual publication containing information, observations, and advice

What was in an Almanac? Practical information about the calendar Sun and moon phases Weather (from the previous year) Agricultural advice Aphorisms & proverbs Whats an Aphorism? Aphorism: short, witty (and often humorous) homespun sayings and observations with a message about life or humanity (also known in our culture as proverbs and maxims) Example: If you would know the value of money, try to borrow some. Such aphorisms were often at the top and

bottom of each page of his Almanac. Directions: Part 1 Create the following chart in your notes (choose 5 aphorisms or proverbs) See the list at your station. Fill in the chart, discussing the interpretation of each aphorism and how it reflects the virtues Franklin valued.

Aphoris m or proverb Write the aphorism or proverb here Meaning/ Interpretati on Write the meaning or interpretation here

Directions: Part 2 In your groups, come up with two additional aphorisms or proverbs that you have heard/referenced before. (They cannot be examples from this PowerPoint) Choose your favorite one of the three and illustrate it in your notes. Examples:

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