Phrases Part Deux:

Phrases Part Deux:

Phrases! By Mrs. H-D The definition of phrase a group of words that: does not have both a subject and a verb -and is used as a single part of speech (adjective, noun, or adverb) 1) Prepositional Phrases A group of words that starts with a preposition Used as a single part of speech Is usually used as a modifier (adjective or adverb) to describe or tell more

about something EXAMPLE: He stumbled to the sink and emptied the contents of his stomach into the sink Can you find the prepositional phrase? A few years ago, our family visited South Dakota and saw a famous monument to great American leaders. My mom took the pictures on the next page when we were visiting this scenic spot at Mount

Rushmore Matt is good at tree-climbing but better at needlepointing flowers. Is 6 hours too long for a study session? Over the years, his hairline has headed north. VERBALS Tricksey little things that look like verbs but dont act like em!! Example 1: Example 2:

Savannah burps frequently. Burping is Savannahs favorite activity Mrs. H-D, your lectures exhaust me. The exhausted student lost her finger in the doorway. Example 3: On Saturdays, I work. On Sundays, I rest. There is a time to work and a time to rest. TYPE 1: The Participial phrase

Participle: A verb form that can be used as an adjective Examples The incredibly tiring lecture left all of the students in ineffable pain and ennui. I was comforted when Mrs. Dash rubbed ointment onto the place where my ear used to be. NOTE: Participles often show up as predicate adjectives. He was angered. UNC fans are tired of losing.

Therefore, a participial phrase is A phrase that starts with a participle! Examples Pausing for a moment to consider the implications of his actions, Jeremiah plunged the sword into the kings puppy. We saw Hannah running rapidly to the window with a twelve foot python in her arms. Give it a shot: ID the

Participial phrase Having worked hard, Erin threw herself on the sofa. Todays newspaper, printed last night, gave all sorts of details about the election. The notes given to Mr. Hicks classes helped immeasurably. Annoyed by the incessant babbling, the English teacher threw himself out of the window. Type Two: The Gerund Phrase

Now where the hey did the name Gerund come from? A family name? Gerund: A verb form ending in ing that is used as a noun Examples I enjoy running. Bethany gave up sniffing glue 10 years ago. Studying is worse than sandpapering your elbow.

The gerund phrase: a phrase that starts with a gerund, duh! Examples: Refusing to laugh at Mrs. H-Ds jokes can result in poor academic health. Harper Lees most publicized achievement was writing To Kill a Mockingbird. Give it a shot: ID the Gerund Phrase

The gentle pattering of the rain was a welcome sound. Frodo feared going to Mount Doom alone. Exciting and challenging, wildlife photography is surprisingly similar to pursuing prey on a hunt. Scouting out locations is important to both the hunter and the photographer. Type Three: The Infinitive Phrase

Infinitive Definition: Verb form usually preceded by to; used as a noun or a modifier (adj or adv). NOTE: You may be more familiar with foreign language, where the infinitive is often one word (Spanish: to talk = hablar) Examples To stumble would be most uncool. (used as a noun subject) No one wants to leave. (used as direct object) Her goal is to win (predicate nominative). There must be a way to break Mr. Hicks will, said Donna. (used as an adjective)

NOTE: Sometimes the word to is omitted (which can make it VERY confusing!!) Example: Help me [to] clean out my ear. The clowns made her [to] have nightmares. NOTE #2: Unlike other verbals, an infinitive is allowed to have a subject. It becomes an infinitive clause that still acts as a single part of speech. DANG thats confusing!! We asked Travis to buy us all monkeys. Many consider HP IV to be the best of the HP

books. I wanted him to help me with my PreCal. So the infinitive phrase is a phrase that starts with an infinitive Examples Trey vowed to steal Mrs. H-Ds UNC mug as soon as the bell rang. Michael earned enough extra credit to

make an A++++ on his quiz. Dania tries to steal Jacksons wallet every day (without him knowing it). Give it a shot Dancing with the Stars is the show to watch this year. Ill help you get that beetle out of your ear. Daddy says that its a sin to kill a mockingbird, Mrs. Maudie. Dont you dare steal my magic shoe!

Would Christina like me to give her all the answers on the quiz? You betcha! A Last type of phrase: The Appositive Def appositive: A noun or pronoun set beside another noun to help identify it. Example: My student Will is actually a Norweigian spy. Heroin, a drug, is not the same thing as a

female hero. The appositive phrase? I dont even need to say it. Appositive phrase make your own definition! Examples: My paper, the best piece of writing ever known to man, is 640 pages long (size 4 font).

Jackies new hat, a tasty pimientocheese design that never goes bad, tastes quite delicious. Michelles dog, a Swiss Alsatian, growled at me and encouraged me to change her essay grade from A to A+.

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