Philadelphia Next Steps Meeting

Philadelphia Next Steps Meeting

County Name Next Steps Meeting DATE Next Steps Meeting Purpose: The Next Steps Meeting is designed to be a starting point for the countys efforts to begin the CQI process of developing an action plan for enhancing case

practice and system performance. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Effort Mission: Pennsylvanias Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) effort is the vehicle that will sustain positive change for our child/youth and family outcomes...

Compliance Quality Defining quality practice is a key component in shifting PAs quality improvement efforts beyond compliance based requirements. If quality practice is not defined, it is too easy to fall back into a compliance

based way of evaluating practice. True CQI goes beyond basic compliance and focuses on continuous learning about practice and outcomes (Casey Family Programs, 2005). Key Components of CQI Effort Quality Service Review (QSR) and

Licensing Review Onsite Review Case Reviews, Focus Groups, Exit Conference Licensing Review Next Steps Meeting Establishment of a Countys Sponsor Team and Improvement Team(s) County Improvement Plan (CIP) Technical Assistance (TA) Collaborative

Quality Service Review (QSR) Onsite Review: Case Reviews In-depth review of small sample of cases interviews with family team members Rating 23 indicators and providing rating rationale Oral presentations of QSR case-specific

findings (team debriefings) Immediate feedback to caseworkers & supervisors on case-specific findings Focus Groups and Key Stakeholder Interviews Exit Conference Final Report QSR in County Name

Collaboration of State, Region, County and Community State Site Leads Names Local Site Leads Names

QSR Reviewers # State reviewers # Local reviewers Focus Groups Coordinator/Note taker Name Facilitator - Name

Onsite QSR - Case Sample #Cases Reviewed: #In-Home #Out of Home Onsite QSR Case Sample County specific information

Onsite QSR - Strengths Areas of Strength Onsite QSR - Concerns Areas of Concern Sponsor Team and Improvement Team(s) Sponsor Team:

Provides high-level oversight; Assures resources; and Sets expectations of the countys continuous quality improvement efforts Improvement Team(s): Initiate and manage continuous improvement efforts and maintain hands-on responsibility for continuous improvement efforts

County Improvement Plan (CIP) The County Improvement Plan (CIP) outlines the priorities the County agency chooses to focus on to improve specific outcomes as a result of a comprehensive review of their practice. This review is not limited to the QSR findings, and may also include a review of additional data such as the County data packages provided by

the State, quantitative measures produced by the county, as well as the results of other qualitative data. Next County QSR Note when the countys next QSR will be Statewide TA Collaborative

The establishment of a cohesive group of Technical Assistance providers who work in collaboration with child welfare agencies to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families. County-Specific TA Collaborative Collaborative members which could include: OCYF Regional Office SWAN

CWRC ABA AOPC Questions/Discussion/Next Steps Questions Discussion Next Steps: Sponsor Team will meet County Improvement Plan will

be developed and submitted in 120 days from the last day of the onsite QSR Improvement teams will take action and monitor the work outlined in the County Thank you for coming today and for all you do for the children, youth and families served by County Name CYS/DHS!

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