Pets on Wheels

Pets on Wheels

Pets on Wheels How to log visits How to log your visit- Step 1: Sign into POW system

Step 2: Volunteer menu select My visits Step 3: Select New Visit Step 4: Add Visit

Complete visit information Fill in information Pet Name Facility drop down to name of facility visited Visit Date (Need to enter during month of visit.

System will not let you enter for prior month.) Time Started (15 minute increments) Time Ended Number Visited Comments (do not use as a message system) SAVE

For events using drop down for Events-log event name in comments Reminders Reminders are sent the 7th of each month for the month prior. Heres

what it says: Did you forget something? We didn't record any volunteer hours for you last month and want to make sure you didn't forget to enter them. We do ask that your hours are entered by the 6th of the month following so that we can keep our lists current for insurance reporting. If you didn't get to visit because you or your pet needs some time off, please request a leave of

absence at the beginning of the month so that we know not to bug you for your time. Volunteers agree to perform one hour of service each month, and if we rack up five reminders, we need to automatically set your status to Inactive. If that happens, you'll need to send a note to have us reactivate you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local coordinator.

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