Personal Project

Personal Project

PERSONAL PROJECT 2018/2019 ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT Personal Project WHAT IS PERSONAL PROJECT? an independent, individual project that you have to complete in MYP5 should be based around the topic that motivates you and be very CHALLENGING and highly PERSONAL is unrelated to subjects

should reflect the development of the ATL skills, attitudes and knowledge acquired in the MYP should result in responsible action through, or as a result of learning IB requirement for all MYP students in year 5 WHAT DOES THE PP INCLUDE? A detailed report An outcome or product A process journal A PRODUCT OR OUTCOME

an original work of art -piece of creative writing- a novel, a collection of short stories, a song a sculpture a model a business plan e.g. How to help Croatia get out of the recession? a campaign a blueprint or drawing an essay (scientific, litereary or other) a video/computer game,website a course of study e.g.How to play a a film/video

etc. in 4 months? How to learn in 3 months? THE SUPERVISOR each student is assigned a supervisor an MYP teacher whose responsibility is to guide you and advise you while working on your personal project an MYP teacher with whom you meet on regular basis whilst working on the PP-once a month is recommended

should follow students progress on personal project is responsible for the assessment of the project AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Correspond to PP Assessment criteria COMPLETING THE PROJECT select a highly challenging topic of personal interest document the process in the Process Journal from the very beginning till you submit it focus the personal project through ONE global context

structure the personal project report according to the information provided in the PP guide respect word or time limits for the report fulfil ethical and academic honesty requirements What is process journal? A document where you: document the planning and the development of the project (keep weekly planning chart , etc.) keep useful information (photos, quotes, comments, notes, mind-maps, charts, ideas, etc.) record the interactions with sources, for example, teachers, supervisors, etc. explore ideas and solutions and keep useful notes

record resources and research and maintain a bibliography ; evaluate the sources reflect on stages of the project for example plan your criteria for the final product; demonstrate your reflection on learning evaluate completed work It is NOT a diary used on daily basis with detailed writing about what was done. It must show the development of the project over a period of several months It can be be written, visual, audio or a combination of these and might include both paper and electronic formats. IDENTIFYING THE GLOBAL CONTEXT OF THE PP What do I want to achieve through my personal

project? What do I want others to understand through my work? What impact do I want my project to have? How can a specific context give greater purpose to my project? IB MYP GLOBAL CONTEXTS GLOBAL CONTEXTS Identities and Relationships-Who am I ? Who are we? Orientation in Space and Time-What is the meaning of

when and where? Personal and Cultural Expression-What is the nature and purpose of creative expression? Scientific and Technical Innovation-How do we understand the worlds in which we live? Globalization and Sustainability- How is everything connected? Fairness and Development-What are the consequences of our common humanity? CREATING CRITERIA FOR THE PRODUCT/OUTCOME define realistic criteria/ specifications to

measure the quality of the projects final outcome or product they should be very specific- not general or vague document the criteria/specifications in the process journal use them to assess the final outcome or product and report it in your PP report REPORTING THE PERSONAL PROJECT

a written report 1,500 3,500 words in the format of an academic report electronic ( website, blog, slideshow) 1,500-3,500 words an oral report ( podcast, radio broadcast ,recorded) 13-15 minutes visual ( film) 13-15 minutes The report does not replace the product/outcome of the personal project Structure of the written report: Title page, table of contents, body of the report, bibliography or reference

list, appendices- include the extracts from the PP journal ACADEMIC HONESTY must be your own PP must use the academic honesty attached to the PP Guide failing to acknowledge your sources results in failing the PP if you copy someone elses PP you will be required to do a new one the consequences of plagiarism and cheating are based on the schools Book of Regulations

and the Code of Conduct. PERSONAL PROJECT TIMELINE May, June 2018 Timeline 2017/2018 May 2018 Intro to the PP

3 May 2018 Choosing the topic-submit the topic to Ms Kos Supervisor appointed By 14:00 Thursday 17 May 2018

By Tuesday, 23 May 2018 June 2018 First meeting with the supervisor to do list: PP Plan document complete

Making an outline of the goal of the PP Topic narrowed down, if necessary Global context decided PP proposal defined By Monday 11 June 2018 PHASE 1 OF PP May, June 2018 choose a topic and submit the topic to Ms Kos, MYP

coordinator by 14:00, Thursday, 17 May 2018 a supervisor will be assigned and the list of topics, students and supervisors will be posted on the MYP notice board across from the MYP Coordinator's office on Wednesday, 23 May,2018 By 11 June,2018 a meeting with the supervisor MUST be held-global context,planning, be discussed and filled in the Planning document (check the PP guide) PHASE 2 OF PP September 2018-RESEARCH

Finalize the criteria / specifications for the product/outcome Select, evaluate and acknowledge information Meet with supervisor on regular basis and keep record of the meetings, keep all the relevant info,research, screen shots of relevant pages and links Keep the process journal notes /entries PHASE 3 OF PP October 2018 Finalize the criteria/specifications for the product/outcome

Work on product Regular meetings with supervisor-show progress Use PP journal keep notes and entries PHASE 4 OF PP November,December 2018 Work on product Use process journal-keep notes of meetings, development of product, photos, sketches,interviews,etc. Regular meetings with supervisor PHASE 5 OF PP

January 2019 Complete product/outcome Submit first draft of the report to the superviosor Continue meetings with the supervisor Submit the process journal notes/entries PHASE 6 OF PP February 2019 First draft with comments returned to student (1stweek of February) Submit by end of February both hard copy and in digital format

Final draft of the report (3 copies) Product /outcome or evidence of it Process journal extracts( max.10) and any supporting visual aids used during the presentation, if applicable ( 3 copies) Personal project coversheet Turnitin similarity report Completed academic honesty form Bibliography/sources PP festival, 14th March 2019 Presentation /exhibition/showcase

of all PPs at the School day festival Parents, MYP4 students,other teachers are all invited KEEPING IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW/ KEEP THE DEADLINES THERE WILL BE POINTS TAKEN OFF THE PP NO PERSONAL PROJECT ( FINAL DRAFT) WILL BE

ACCEPTED AFTER THE DETERMINED DEADLINE !!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR LISTENING !!! Acknowledgement : This PPT is adapted from the new IB Projects guide for use from May 2016, previously published PP guides and PPTs of XV. gimnazija

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