Personal Learning Plan - Charles Campbell College

Personal Learning Plan - Charles Campbell College

Personal Learning Plan Create a Resume What is a Resume? A document that details: Your work experience Your educational qualifications Other relevant information such as: Memberships and affiliations; Skills and capabilities; and Personal attributes

Sometimes also called a Curriculum Vitae or CV What is the Purpose of a Resume? The purpose of a resume, along with a cover letter, is to get an employee to invite you for an interview It is the purpose of the interview to get the employee to decide to offer you the job Generally, a resume is not sufficient information to be offered a job

What must be in a Resume? Details of previous jobs that you have held: Job details (employer, position title, dates) Duties, roles and responsibilities Highlights and achievements Educational qualifications Memberships and affiliations

Skills, capabilities and personal attributes Contact details Optional Inclusions for a Resume Cover page Name Qualifications Summary statement Contact details

Date resume was prepared References Only provide references up front if requested Speak to referees before providing their details Summary Statement A short statement about yourself and the nature of the job you are seeking This is the first impression that you create.

Use this opportunity wisely Sometimes called your Elevator speech Previously a professional engineer turned to teaching in the subject areas of Design & Technology and Mathematics Summary Statement Example A professional engineer capable of both logical problem analysis and creative solutions that focus strongly on technical and operational factors to suit the clients requirements. Seeking to take an active role where experience, interpersonal and technical skills will contribute to the successful completion of projects Rules for Resume Writing (1) Make it stylish

Use different font styles for different levels of detail in the resume Use spaces between sections Be consistent! Dont overdo the style Keep it elegant but simple Dont rely on colour

Photos and graphics are not always appropriate Rules for Resume Writing (2) On every page: Name Job title / position applied for Contact details (phone and e-mail) Date resume was prepared

Use headers and footers (except on title page) Check spelling and grammar Check other details, especially references when provided Rules for Resume Writing (3) Most important information first Previous jobs Qualifications

Memberships and affiliations Other information if it is relevant Reverse chronological order Most recent first Oldest last Rules for Resume Writing (4) Do not include unnecessary personal details:

Date or place of birth Drivers licence unless required for the job Residential address (unless it is to be used for postal correspondence rather use e-mail) Primary school Secondary school once you have a tertiary qualification Rules for Resume Writing (5) No more than two pages of detail

Reduce font size if necessary (down to 11 pt.) Use bullet points Use two columns if necessary The detail pages should be able to stand alone as a complete resume Title page and references are additional pages E-mailing a Resume Never send a resume in native word processor file format (i.e. filename.doc)

Always send resume in pdf file format Employer may not have the same fonts installed Different printers change page layout Install pdf printer driver Use web-based doc to pdf coverter Filename should include your name Suggested Templates

MS Word (2010) has templates for creating resumes. Suggest looking at: Chronological Chronological minimal Functional Entry-level Essential Tried and Tested Resume Template

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