PEARL: Pioneering Education - An Advanced ... -

PEARL: Pioneering Education - An Advanced ... -

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences PEARL: Pioneering Education - An Advanced Resource for Learning Dr Henny Mills, Dr. Roger Bird, Graham Patterson and Dr. Stuart Edwards PEARL Project Overview 1. Aims: Use of tablet for obtaining lecture and practical handouts Take notes in lecture and practicals Improve accessibility to University Virtual Learning Environments Improve student learning experience Use instead of any paper handouts (100 sheets per week per students) 2. Trial Details: 1 Year trial (AY2011/12) Use tablet instead of any handouts in lectures and practicals Trial tablet devices Apple iPad: Needs to be synced to laptop or computer Use iTunes Motorola Xoom (Android) 3 Acer Iconia (Android) Trial tablet findings Student findings and comments

Easy to use for students Good for overall student experience Found helpful for revision and more... Dual screen use Allows to search document for words etc. Lighter to carry than paper All notes and handouts organised Handouts available all the time Constant access to email and ness Student experience in lectures + Can be helpful to access lecture notes + Availability of previous lecture notes (cross-reference) (students prefer to listen) + tablet good for practicals as slides can be seen in colour etc. + check previous practical notes + helpful for fieldtrips, taking notes and pictures and access to notes + some students record lecture and allow to timestamp notes with voice - Problem is speed of lecture and taking notes on tablets Take notes for diagrams and equations difficult

Can be difficult to take sufficient notes in given times Some students stopped using them in lectures Chosen Tablet for AY2012/13 Toshiba AT300: Android 4.0, Ice Firmware version - Cream Sandwich NVIDIA Tegra T30SL quad core processor. 25.7cm (10.1) capacitive LCD 8.95mm thin and 590g ~10 hours battery life Size SD, Micro-HDMI and Micro-USB 16 GB SSD Pre-loaded apps: Paid and installed by CEG Student introduction to PEARL 3 inductions sessions (120 Students): Handout tablet and set it up (Wifi, Email, Calender, H: drive) Edit a document and take notes Drop in session

Students have to sign agreement Current status of PEARL Problems: Timetable Wi-Fi reliability and strength Student forget tablets Taking notes is slow progress looking at ways to improve Working with ISS Use of Turning point/responseware Do you like the use of tablets for teaching in digital format? 54% 31% Do n t m in d No 15%

Ye s A. Yes B. No C. Dont mind The tablets are generally easy to use 53% 44% es M os t ti m Fa l se 2% Tr ue A. True B. False C. Most times

The tablet is useful for Access Email Access Ness Follow lectures Take notes Revision Have all handouts with me 7. General student experience 8. Practicals 9. Access lecture notes 37% 20% 14% 10% 5% 6% 6% 1% 0% Ac

ce ss Ac Em Fo ces ail l lo s N w e le s s ct Ha Ta ure ve ke s Ge all no ne ha te ra n d l s ou Rev s tu i de ts w sion nt ith ex p e me r ie Ac ce n ss Pra ce

c le ct tica ur l e s no te s 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I used the tablets for taking notes in lectures 48% 18% 18% 13% ot es en

ne ve rt m pl ic No ,I co oo st ak at ed w ho no w ti No ,i No

,I do n t k So m eti m es 5% Ye s 1. Yes 2. Sometimes 3. No, I dont know how 4. No, it is too complicated 5. No, I never take notes My difficulties with the tablet are

19% 19% 16% 13% 11% 9% 6% 5% 3% N i-F o W i i n i -F le i in ct ur hal l e ro s T Ac A a o ce cce kin ms ss ss g n i i

Do bili bili ote t w y t ty t s nl oa o tim o B B di n g et a ha ble Un Fil ndo de e rs st uts ta ru nd ct u in g h Key re ow bo a it r d w or ks No Wi-Fi in halls

Wi-Fi in lecture rooms Taking notes Accessibility to BB Accessibility to timetable Downloading handouts File structure Keyboard Understanding how it works W 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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