Out with the Old, In with the New:It is the DEU - NJSNA

Out with the Old, In with the New:It is the DEU - NJSNA

Out with the Old, In with the New: It is the DEU Dedicated Education Unit Sandra Foley, RN, MSN Merrill Schuetz, MS, RN-BC Disclosure Statements Objectives At

the end of the presentation the participant will be able to Discuss the rationale for establishing a dedicated education unit Describe the process for establishing a dedicated education unit Identify the various roles within the dedicated education unit Institute of Medicine Report

Education-Practice Gap Clinical Models Traditional Clinical Limited faculty/student nurse ratio Limited learning experience Limited unit interaction

Residency Programs Evidence-based Expensive Limited hiring flexibility Clinical Models continued Dedicated Education Unit

Innovative Maximizes patientstudent nurse experience Unit collaboration Objectives For An Innovative Clinical Model To establish a clinical education model Continued quality education of baccalaureate nursing students in a complex healthcare environment Where the practice environment actively participates in

the educational processes Maximal student learning outcomes grounded in clinical reality What is a Dedicated Education Unit? The Dedicated Education Unit Is a Partnership Uses staff nurse as Clinical Instructor (CI) Clinical Faculty Coordinator (CFC) serves as mentor to CI

Establishment of Partnership William Paterson University Baccalaureate nursing program established in 1939

One of New Jersey's largest nursing programs University is located less than 5 miles from the both campuses Had long-standing clinical affiliation A Collaborative Effort University of Portland

Well-established program (2003) Extensive web-site University of Massachusetts Amherst School of Nursing Baystate Medical Center Driving distance No consultation fee!!! Road Trip Who are the Key Players in the DEU?

Dedicated Education Unit Unit Manager The Unit Manager.. Approaching the Unit Manager Cooperation of the DEU Manager Clinical Instructor Scheduling The

Clinical Instructors Attributes BSN preparation Clinical experience of at least 2 years Interest in teaching

Preparing The Clinical Instructor: The Workshop Do Get specific Prepare them to be teachers Give them a peek at the bigger picture Dont

Be theoretical Prepare them to be preceptors Bog them down with details Establish Guidelines Develop tools for the CI: Weekly plans

Daily evaluation of students Journals Self assessment sheets Unit Preparation

It Takes a Village Students Clinical Faculty Coordinator The roles and responsibilities of the Clinical Faculty Instructor

Working through CIs as opposed to working with nursing students Thereness Staff development Thats Me Student Selection

Nursing students apply to join the DEU: Letter of intent GPA Faculty support Once selected, students are then assigned to their CI in pairs Assignments The

unit structure determines the assignment The ratio nurse-to-patient-tostudent Scheduling managing credit hours vs. shift hours Accountability Student

Like Nurse and Clinical Instructor Accountability all nurses, the shift does not end at 7pm: Everything must be done before the student nurse leaves the unit

Clinical Instructors have to give Clinical Faculty Coordinator their evaluations of the students on a weekly basis Clinical Instructor CI Incentives Students were invited to conferences & presented at

rounds Balancing CIs workload outside of the DEU St. Josephs RN Stars Satisfied Customers I believe this is the way all clinical rotations should be set up. I felt like I was going

to work, not clinical. The DEU is a more independent and focused experience Thank You Panel Discussion

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