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Orrville Police Department 2009 Annual Report 1 Mission Statement We the members of the Orrville Police Department are committed to working with the community to enhance the quality of life. We will take a proactive approach to deter crime, preserve peace, and enforce the law with respect for the constitutional rights of all citizens. We will strive to reduce fear and provide a safe community environment. We will act in accordance with our Code of Ethics and actively pursue our core values of courage, honor, respect, and compassion. Courage We are committed to maintaining the physical and moral ability to face fear, danger, and adversity and the will to place the safety of others above our own. Honor Our personal and professional conduct shall never fail to exemplify commitment, teamwork, and dignity or be such as to bring discredit upon ourselves or our agency. Trust We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of allegiance to those we serve and those who serve beside us. We will always perform in a competent, moral, and ethical manner. We will communicate openly, honestly, and transparently and accept responsibility and accountability for our actions.

Compassion We will treat all members of the community and the department with dignity, respect, empathy, and understanding and will never fail to be caring and to treat others as we would wish to be treated. 2 Orrville Police Roster Name Dino J. Carozza Matthew E. Birkbeck Howard R. Funk Michael D. Bishop Chris S. Pauley William L. Stitt James A. Davis III (ret. 101209) David E. Marks Joshua M. Hunt Mitchell A. Zimmerman Jaime McGreal Michael W. Smith Ryan J. Pitchure Jared Haslar Nathan M. Maimone Randy L. Regan Andrew W. Dalessandro Title Chief Captain Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Sergeant Patrol Off Patrol Off Detective Patrol Off

Patrol Off Patrol Off Patrol Off Patrol Off Patrol Off Dep. Patrol Dep. Patrol Hired 122187 110195 062491 061791 080398 071700 092187 071999 110501 111405 112807 012908 031008 100608 102008 051905 031609 Name Pamela I. Morris Matthew J. Riley (res.2/8/09) Paula D. Knode Rachel Thompson Randy L. Regan Barbara J. Cogar Christy Vernon Tricia A. Kick Title

Dispatcher II Dispatcher II Dispatcher II Dispatcher II Dispatcher II PT Disp II PT Disp II Dispatcher I Hired 042390 042103 090799 082707 070609 090173 072808 050393 3 4 Community/Public Relations Bureau by Sgt. Bill Stitt The Orrville Police Department has launched several new public relation programs this year and has expanded others. As in the past two years, Officers and Dispatchers of the Orrville Police Department participated in the Shop with a Cop program. Detective Joshua Hunt has been integral in getting this program off of the ground and selling tickets so students from our city have the opportunity to have a great Christmas. Officers also participated in the Bunny Trail, Character Education, Library Day, Touch a Truck, Healthy Kids Day and other numerous public events. We have also hosted a number of police department tours for adults and students. This summer, our department began a Vacation Check program for city residents. Through the media, we introduced a program that has officers checking on houses while the homeowners are on vacation. The homeowner will call the police department and supply the dispatcher with information such as the dates and times of the vacation, what cars are in the driveway, any people that may be in and out of the home and emergency contact information. This information is forwarded to the road patrol officers, who get the

information via the mobile computers in the cars. Officers will then hand check all of the doors and windows of the home. If anything is found amiss, officers secure the house and contact a key holder. This program has really taken off and we have received a huge response from the community. One other program we became involved with this year is the Cops n Kids program. We have partners with Quota International of Orrville to provide children with books. Quota was also kind enough to help out with our Shop with a Cop program this year. We intend on expanding the Cops n Kids program in 2010. 5 The Orrville Police Department has also established a Twitter page and a Facebook page. If there is any important information that we need to get to the public quickly, they are added to Twitter and Facebook. Via these programs, we are able to get information out to the public more quickly then ever. We are also updating our department website on a monthly basis. The Orrville Police Department website and Facebook have an updated list of warrants with the pictures of the offenders. As in past years, Officers have continued to provide extra foot patrols to the Boys and Girls Club, Dunlap Hospital, Orr Park and other local businesses. We have found that this is a great way to prevent crime and get officers out to meet members of the community. Officers are also providing extra checks in the downtown area, businesses and churches on the midnight shift. A Neighborhood Watch area has been established in the West Market, Kirk, Jefferson and South Elm Street area. A neighborhood watch coordinator has been established and signs have been posted in the area. I hope to add further areas in the upcoming year. Officers are also making use of our Crime Prevention cards on the afternoon and midnight shifts. If an officer sees an issue such as an open garage door, safety issue or unsecured bicycles, a card is left at the residence reminding the homeowner of the oversight. We have really increased the use of these cards and have had a positive response from residents in the city. I have really enjoyed the positive response from our city residents about these new programs and hope to have another great year. 6 Detective By Detective Joshua Hunt 2009 was a busy year in the Detective Bureau and Orrville Schools. I conducted several lengthy investigations including the CVS, Rite-Aid armed robberies that reached across multiple county lines, a task force was created for agencies to work together and in the end, three people were indicted and convicted. They received sentences ranging from 7 to 15 years.

2009 also saw a spike in heroin use, not just in Orrville, but Wayne county and the surrounding area. Orrville PD along with MEDWAY DEA was able to identify one of the main suppliers of heroin to this area, Kenneth Johnson. After a joint investigation, Johnson was indicted and convicted of trafficking in heroin. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison. His arrest made a significant reduction of heroin in Orrville. I also conducted the Erin Speicher investigation that prompted a multiple count indictment for Mrs Speicher having sexual relationships with several students from Rittman High School. This investigation again was joint effort between Rittman Police Department and Orrville Police Department. Each of these investigations show how important it is to work with other agencies and how successful you can be when you work together to combat crime. 7 School Resource Officer I really enjoyed my roll of SRO this year. I was able to team up with the Orrville Turning Point Coalition and plan a prom alternative for the high school students not attending prom. This was a great success. We used the Orrville YMCA, had swimming, dancing and a X-BOX 360 Madden tournament hosted by Bennets and Game Stop. There were 64 kids in attendance. It was a great alternative to attending parties for kids that night. I believe its important to show kids you can still have a good time without drugs and alcohol. I conducted several drug education, and sexting/internet safety courses this year for kids in the high school and junior high. I believe we will continue to build a lasting relationship with Orrville City Schools and OTP. 8 School Resource Officer This year we participated in the Wadsworth FOP Shop with a Cop program. This year was the most successful year we have had since starting three years ago. With the communities support, we were able to raise enough money to take 25 kids shopping on December 12 th. Because of the huge number of kids we teamed up with the Orrville Fire Department and members of the City Administration. These kids had a day they are likely never to forget. Orrvilles Quota Club and Orrville Lions Club also paired up after the shopping to wrap all the presents the kids had purchased that day. The support of this program depends on the commitment of the community. We received donations from multiple organizations, people and businesses. We would like to thank each of them for their help. We are looking forward to a Wayne County program

in 2010! 9 BAC Datamaster Summary By Sgt. Chris Pauley The Orrville Police Department has utilized the BAC Datamaster 230 times in 2009. This is a 68% increase over 2008. Orrville officers administered 111 tests for people who were arrested for Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated (OVI). Additionally, officers administered four tests in which the offender was charged with both OVI and Under Age Consumption (UAC). In 2009, 37 people were tested for Under Age Consumption without an OVI charge. In total, there were 41 people tested for UAC, which is one more test from the previous year. Our BAC Datamaster was also used four times by the Home Arrest Department. Orrville officers did test three individuals for disorderly conduct violations; however, these three individuals are only a fraction of the total number of people who were arrested for disorderly conduct throughout the year. The BAC Datamaster is required to be checked once a week to make sure that the machine is still calibrated. Officers are required to perform proficiency tests which are administered by the Ohio Department of Health. In total, there were 15 proficiency tests given. The highest test of the year was .315g/210 L of breath and lowest test was .002g/210 L of breath. 10 Special Operations Bureau 2009 Year End Report by Sgt. Michael Bishop The Orrville Police Departments Special Operation Bureau is responsible for developing strategic response to incidents which are outside the scope of day to day patrol operations. The Special Operations Bureau organizes, and maintains the Special Response Team. The Bureau also has the duties in the

area of training, intelligence gathering, and investigations with special crimes involving drugs, alcohol and gambling violations. Special enforcement problems that require unique tactics are typically assigned to the Special Operations Bureau. In 2009 the Special Operations Bureau remained very active. The Special Response Team was activated on two occasions and was placed on standby status two other occasions for potential high risk situations. In addition to the aforementioned incidents, the team was utilized during one of the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency round ups. On January 18th, the team responded to execute a high risk warrant on a residence in the south end of Orrville. The suspect had a known history of violence and allegedly threatened two persons with a hand gun. The suspect in this incident was a convicted Felon and was prohibited from possessing a firearm. The Tactical Team assembled and prepared for the warrant service. The warrant was served and the suspect was taken into custody without incident. During the subsequent search of the residence a loaded handgun was recovered, marijuana, illegal prescription medication, drug paraphernalia, and drug instruments were seized. 11 On May 19th, the Tactical Team was called to assist the Wooster Police Department Tactical Team with the execution of a high risk warrant service. Team members responded to Wooster to assist in serving a search warrant at an apartment building where a resident was suspected of selling Heroin. The warrant was served and three adult males were taken into custody without incident. During the search of the apartment a handgun and several knives were recovered along with a large amount of Heroin and U.S. currency. During a June 29th MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency roundup, called Nebel Wand (Smoke Screen) the Tactical Team was utilized in the apprehension of three suspects indicted for multiple drug related offenses. Those indictments included Trafficking in Heroin, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, and Prescription medication. Members of the Special Operations Bureau assisted in two other County wide roundups. On October 1 st, Operation Cold Train, five members assisted and on December 10 th, Operation Crack Frost, six members assisted. The Special Response Team consists of six Entry Officers or Operators, one Sniper, a Hostage Negotiator, a back-up Negotiator, and the Team Commander. The number of Operators had declined over the years due to retirements, and fortunately in May we added two new members to the Tactical Team. Ptl. Michael Smith and Ptl. Ryan Pitchure joined the team as Operators and attended Basic SWAT School held at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. Another addition to the team was a back-up Hostage Negotiator. Officer Jaime McGreal joined the team in August and attended Basic Hostage Negotiator School also held at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. In 2010 we will again add two new Operators to the team. Ptl. Jared Haslar and Ptl. Nate Maimone have been selected

to attend Basic Swat School. The addition of these two officers will greatly improve our ability to respond appropriately to any high risk call. Training for the Special Response Team continued on a monthly basis throughout the year. The team was fortunate and grateful to be able to utilize two residences purchased by the J.M. Smuckers Company during 2009. The properties were purchased as part of the companys expansion and were going to be demolished. The use of a residence for training provides realistic situations that cannot be duplicated on the Departments firing range. All members are crossed trained in assignments and weapons to remain effective in accomplishing the mission of the Special Response Team. The department added Air-Soft Weapons to provide additional realistic training. The use of Air-Soft weapons allows 12 the team to train in places and situations where real weapons cannot be used. Sgt. Chris Pauley and I attended Tactical Team Leader Operation Planning at the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy in August 2009. The training provided us with insight on how other teams respond to and plan for operations, And it provided positive reinforcement to our current policies and procedures for responding to high risk situations. In 2009 the team was able to train with the Rittman Police Department Tactical Team on two occasions and the Wooster Police Department Tactical Team on one occasion. Training with other agencies is critical. The training provides Commanders an opportunity to evaluation of each teams capabilities in the event of a major large scale operation that would require assistance from outside agencies. In addition to team training, the Commanders and Team Leaders from Wooster PD, Rittman PD, the Wayne County Sheriffs Office and Orrville PD met on four occasions to discuss and review operational plans and procedures to assist each team in the event assistance would be needed. Intelligence gathering is another area of responsibility the Special Operations Bureau is tasked with. During 2009, the Bureau submitted 197 intelligence reports to the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency. The intelligence gathered and Submitted by this department helped to secure numerous search warrants in Wayne County and the Indictments of Numerous defendants. During three county wide round-ups, officers from the Special Operations Bureau assisted MEDWAY by arresting several persons from Orrville on drug related charges. Most of the indictments were directly linked to our intelligence gathering. The drug trafficking trade is very mobile and some of the names associated with drug activity are common throughout the County. The Special Operations Bureau will continue to provide as much intelligence as possible to assist the MEDWAY Drug Enforcement Agency in the war against drugs. 13 The Special Operation Bureau remains proactive in the enforcement of drugs, alcohol, and gambling violations. In May, the Special Operations Bureau conducted an Under Age Alcohol Detail. Members of the Special Operations Bureau and on shift Patrol Officers conducted surveillance at locations where alcohol is sold. During the operation, one clerk from a convenient store was charged with Illegal Sales of alcohol to Minors. The clerk sold beer to a nineteen year old female who was operating under our guidance. Only one violation occurred this evening, but there is still room for improvement and the Orrville Police Department encourages locations that sell or serve alcoholic

Beverages to check identifications all the time. The Special Operation Bureau will continue to conduct these types of operations in an effort to stop the sale of alcohol to minors. On November 13th, the Special Operations Bureau conducted a Drug Interdiction Detail. The Detail consisted of Four additional road officers and two K-9 Units from the Wooster Police Department. The K-9 Units were used to Search for narcotics in vehicles stopped for traffic violations. During the detail two suspects were charged with Possession of marijuana and a third suspect was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. 14 The Special Operations Bureau assisted the Orrville City School District on November 18 th and 19th with their School Safety Plans. State law requires an annual testing of each School Buildings Safety Plan. We have been able To assist the buildings administrator in identifying any potential safety issues should an emergency situation arise. The School District Administration has done an excellent job in making changes to the daily operations in an effort To make the schools as safe as they possibly can. Det. Hunt presented some new ideas to add additional safety measures to the buildings for emergency responders such as Police, Fire, or EMS. One of the ideas presented was a lettering system to the doors at the buildings to provide and assist in faster response from emergency personnel. If you notice at the High School, all the doors have been marked with letter identification. On December 9th, the Orrville High School and Middle School Administrations requested a K-9 search of the Facility for controlled substances and contraband. The Special Operations Bureau was assisted with K-9 units from Wooster Police Department and the Wadsworth Police Department. The search resulted in no controlled substances or contraband being located. The school administration has taken a very proactive approach to prevent controlled Substances and contraband from entering the school and we will continue to assist the administration in anyway we can to make the Orrville City Schools a safe learning environment for our children. In summary, 2009 was another great year for the Special Operation Bureau. The officers who comprise the Special Operation Bureau continue to strive toward excellence in their preparation for serving the citizens of Orrville in any situation which may occur. 15 Citations and Warnings 2500 2040 2000 1500 1135

1000 768 1083 756 1282 705 1263 1282 740 500 0 2005 2006 Citations 2007 Warnings 2008 2009 16 Alarms 400 355

350 300 260 293 291 234 250 200 150 100 50 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 # of Alarms 17 Escorts 90 80 70 60 50 40

30 20 10 0 75 79 84 81 67 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 # of Escorts 18 Part 1 Criminal Offenses Offenses Homicide Rape Robbery Assault Burglary Larceny MV Theft

TOTAL # Reported 0 5 10 29 41 93 3 181 Unfounded 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 # of Actual 0 5 10 29 41 93 3 181 # Cleared 0 4 6 28 20

36 2 94 # Juveniles Involv 0 1 0 11 4 6 0 22 19 Investigative Reports 2009 652 101 2008 643 114 2007 705 86 2006 709

98 2004 508 98 0 100 200 300 Felony 400 500 600 700 800 Total Reports 20 Adult Arrests (excludes traffic arrests) Crime of Offense Assaults Assaults-Agg B&E Commitments

Court /Prob. Viol. Disorderly Conduct Domestic Violations Drug Law Violations Drunkenness OVI Forgery/Counterfeit Fraud Liquor Law Violations Menacing Menacing- Agg 2006 6 1 1 12 5 23 8 3 2 52 0 0 1 2007 5 0 0 17 4 10 7 2 5

42 0 0 6 1 3 0 0 2008 4 1 5 4 2 23 8 2 2 41 0 0 1 2009 4 0 6 6 4 29 12 6 1 90 0

0 0 3 0 1 3 Crime of Offense Murder Murder- Attempted Poss Stolen Property Rape Robbery Sex Offenses Theft / Auto Theft / Larceny Trespass UAC Vandalism Warrants Weapons Violations All Others TOTALS 2006 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 11 7 10

2 123 1 3 2007 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 0 13 1 93 1 0 2008 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 8 2 24 0 128 0 1 2009

0 0 0 0 0 2 0 4 1 37 2 152 1 3 276 218 263 364 21 Juvenile Arrests (excludes traffic arrests) Crime of Offense Assaults Assaults-Agg B&E Court/Prob Viol. Curfew Disorderly Conduct Domestic Violations Drug Law Violations OVI Inducing Panic

Liquor Law Viol. Menacing Menacing-Agg Rape Robbery Sex Offenses 2006 0 0 0 5 25 3 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 2007 4 0 3 2 9 1 2 5 0 0 0 0

0 0 0 0 2008 0 0 2 3 25 1 5 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2009 2 0 1 1 29 1 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 0

0 0 Crime of Offense Theft / Auto (inc unauth 2006 0 2007 2 2008 0 2009 0 Theft / Larceny Tobacco Violations Trespass UAC Unruly / Runaway Vandalism Warrants Weapons Violations All Others 11 1 1 10 13 4 2 1 5

11 0 8 7 18 2 2 0 1 3 1 2 17 15 0 4 1 1 5 1 4 19 11 1 1 0 2 TOTALS 87 77 83

86 use) 22 Arrests 90 2009 2008 83 2007 83 2006 86 367 295 237 276 93 2005 0 50 100

223 150 200 Adult 250 300 350 400 Juvenile 23 Accident Report I. Total Accidents Reported

A. On Private Property 182 Seat Belt Data 41 # of drivers 277 # with seatbelts 243 II. Total Personal Injuries from Accidents 42 # of passengers 82 A. Injuries on Private Property 0 # with seatbelts 78 III. Total Citations from Traffic Accidents 106 A. OVI Arrests from Accidents _ _3_ IV. Accident Data by Time and Day 2 0000 to 0059 0 0100 to 0159 0 0300 to 0359 1 0400 to 0459 4 0600 to 0659 11 0700 to 0759 9 0900 to 0959 4 1000 to 1059 16 1200 to 1259 13 1300 to 1359 20 1500 to 1559 14 1600 to 1659 8 1800 to 1859 10 1900 to 1959 4 2100 to 2159 3 2200 to 2259 1 0200 to 0259 0 0500 to 0559 3 0800 to 0859 15 1100 to 1159

11 1400 to 1459 14 1700 to 1759 5 2000 to 2059 4 2300 to 2359 24 Unknown Hitskip Time Data 3 0600 to 1759 2 18 Public 8 Private Sun 11 Mon 17 Tue 29 Officers Time on Investigation 138 Top 5 Contributing Circumstances Improper Backing 30

Assured Clear Distance 27 Failure to Control 23 Failure to Yield Improper Turn Pedestrian 2 1800 to 0559 5 Hitskip Clear Wed 25 Thur 41 Moped 0 Bicycle 1 Train 0 5 Unknown Fri 35 Sat 24 Unk__0_ Motorcycle 0 Fatals 0 Hrs 58 Min. 17 13 Accidents Per Month Jan 22 Feb 17 Mar 10 Apr 15 May 13 Jun 11 Jul 21 Aug 17 Sep 11 Oct 20 Nov 10 Dec 15 25

2009 Department Training Name Chief Carozza Capt Birkbeck Sgt. Funk Sgt. Bishop Sgt. Pauley Sgt. Stitt Ptl. Davis Ptl. Marks Ptl. Hunt Ptl. Zimmerman Ptl. McGreal Ptl. Smith Ptl. Pitchure Ptl. Haslar Ptl. Maimone Ptl. Dalessandro # of Seminars 2 3 6 5 4 3 0 0 5 0 6 4 4 4 2 1

Hours 19 44 90 100 147 91 0 0 46 0 100 76 76 20 32 1 Name Disp. Morris Disp. Riley Disp. Knode Disp. Hostetler Disp. Regan Disp. Kick Disp. Cogar Disp. Vernon # of Seminars 1 0 2 2 1 1 0 1

Hours 8 0 32 40 24 24 0 24 26 OPERATIONS 2009 CASES 2007 - 2009 FELONIES 2007 2009 MISDEMEANORS 2007 - 2009 CHARGES 2009 ORRVILLE 2009 ORRVILLE POLICE INTELLIGENCE REPORTS 2007 2009

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