Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Robert Burns, Scottish poet What does this proverb mean to you? Discuss the meaning by giving an example from your own

experiences. (5-7 sentences) Of Mice and Men John Steinbecks Modern Novel An Introduction Robert Burns poem

TitleAnalyze ConnotationWhy would the poet write it? Connectwhat can you predict about the novel? We are learning about cultural ideals Forming cultural ideals How does the power of an image

create a cultural ideal? Image, culture, Stocks, depression, cause/effect How does this image evoke emotional complexities? Intellectual ones?

Author Steinbeck was born in Salinas, CA Spent summers working at factories and ranches, inspiring his fiction. Displays empathy for the less fortunate and the need for harmony

in the universe Man + nature The Novel Published in 1937 Setting: California during the

depression Historical Background: The stock Market crash Reflect What caused the stock market crash?

What were the short term effects? Long term effects? Effects on farmers Reflect What was the cause of the western

migration? What were the effects? Why would men want to return to a normal life?

Structure Act I Act II

Scene i. A sandy bank of the Salinas River Scene ii. The interior of a bunk house Scene i. The same as Act I, scene ii Scene ii. The room of the stable buck, a lean-to Act III

Scene i. One end of a great barn Scene ii. Same as Act I, scene i Structure

We learn about the characters through DIALOGUE. What type of characterization is this? Narrator: Third person Omniscient BUT The characters actions and dialogue are the substance. Thematic Connections

Loneliness Based on the background, why would loneliness be a common theme in Depression Era literature? Can you be alone and still be around people? Explain.

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