Objectives - University of Texas at Austin

Objectives - University of Texas at Austin


Problem 18.13 (Use TITUS Square Ceiling MCD diffuser https://www.titus-hvac.com/Products/Diffusers) Problem 18.16 (The building size is 100 ft x 60 ft; use proportion to determine room sizes) Problem 18.19

Problem 18.20 Problem 18.27 (design problem) Objectives Finish with Duct Design Learn about Fans

Example A a c b

B Tabulated calculation: .. C

Size the ducts and calculate pressure drop from - A to C - B to C Local Dynamic losses Losses associated with

Changes in velocity Obstructions

Bends Fittings and transitions Two methods Equivalent length and loss coefficients Conversion Between Methods

Leq V 2 V 2 p C0 f 2 D 2

Duct design concepts Equal friction method Static pressure regain method Equal friction method (the example)

Static pressure regain method Fans Driving force to move air in buildings Raise pressure and produce flow Two main types:

Centrifugal Axial Relevant Fan Parameters

Total pressure rise Static pressure rise Power requirement Efficiency

W m P W tot tot tot

Wshaft Note tot does not account for motor efficiency Balance Point

Fan Performance Centrifugal fans Axial Fans Fan Laws

Approximate relationships Given two aerodynamically similar fans, can extrapolate performance data

Be very careful

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