NSCHS 2018 Final Powerpoint for Rising 9th Grade Parent Night

NSCHS 2018 Final Powerpoint for Rising 9th Grade Parent Night

Welcome to North Springs Charter High School A School of Higher Learning where Our focus is on Student Achievement! Incoming 9 Grade Student/Parent Information Night th Administration Team Principal Mr. Michael Hanson Assistant Principals 12th Mr. Eric Jones 11th Mr. Kevin Rogers 10th Mr. Kevin Rogers

9th Dr. Mulanta Wilkins Freshman Academy Administrator Dr. Mulanta Wilkins [email protected] g 470-254-2492 NSCHS Counseling Staff Dr.

Johnson- dept. chair (Last names ADa) Mr. Ellis (Last names De-Ka) Ms. Butler (Last names Ke-Reg) Ms. Foney (Last names Reh-Z) Ms. Carreras (Graduation Coach) Mr. Landreau (Magnet) (CCC) Ms. Smith (School Social Worker) Ms. Blinder (School Psychologist) Ms. Rocha (Bilingual Liaison) Ms. Bryan (Registrar) High School 101 7 classes (55 minutes per class)

School Day 8:20 AM - 3:30 PM Progress Final reports every three weeks via Home Access grades posted at the conclusion of each semester Yearlong Course = 1.0 credits One Semester Course = .5 credits Grading Scale:

A (90-100) B (80-89) C (70-79) Below 70 is Failing- No credit earned 7 additional points are added to a final grade higher than 70 in approved Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses Staying on TRACK Grade Level Placement/Promotion: Sophomore = pass at least 5 credits

Junior = pass at least 12 credits Senior = pass at least 19 credits Graduate = 26 credits N. Springs (State of GA 23 credits) Graduation Requirements CLASS of 2022: 26 credits required English 4 credits Math 4 credits Science 4 credits Social Studies 3 credits CTE/World Language/Fine Arts* 3 credits *Note: 2 or 3 years of World Language credits may be required for

college admission Health/Personal Fitness 1 credit (each .5) Electives 7 credits ** Students may exempt for personal fitness if they have 3 years of JROTC or if they have participated in a varsity sport- May take test to exempt their junior year of high school. High School 101-Grading In middle school grades are calculated using the

system of averages. Example 8th grade English *Semester 1- 60 *Semester 2-80 *Yearly average-70 student passes class In high school grades are not averaged Each

semester is independent. Example 9th grade English *Semester 1- 60-(below passing) *Semester 2- 80 *No yearly average student fails 1st semester and needs summer school to earn course credit Middle School Credits: Students can earn High School credits for certain courses theyve taken while in Middle School. Math (Typically, Algebra and Geometry)

Physical Science World Language - The combination of 7th and 8 th grade World Language equals 1.0 HS credit Intro to Art Other electives as approved They are calculated in the overall Fulton County numeric GPA listed on the transcript. High School credits earned in Middle School are not included in HOPE Scholarship GPA calculations. Colleges may not include these credits in the GPA More information will come from the Middle School at the end of the school year about how your Middle School credits will transfer to High School .

** Once a MS credit is accepted and added on your transcript it cannot be removed. Graduation Testing Requirements All students must take an EOC -End of Course Test in the following areas during high school: Social Studies (US History and Economics) Math (Algebra I and Geometry) English (9th Lit and 11th Lit) Science (Biology and Physical Science)

***EOC Counts as 20% of students final grade in approved EOC courses Instructional Levels Coursew ork Regular/On Level Honors Advanced Placement (AP) Balance Your Schedule! In high school it is important that a student have a balance in their schedule where they are challenged yet not overwhelmed how can you achieve balance? Balance academic courses with electives, as well as balancing honors and on

level courses. If you have a high B or solid A in a on level class, have a conversation with the teacher about being recommended for honors for the next year to add more rigor to your schedule. Each year schedules are built in the spring for the following year. Keys to being successful in HS Choose a realistic and balanced schedule Have a plan of attack- set goals for high school Push yourself to be the best Stay Involved or get involved in an activity that sounds appealing Understand you have a VOICE- do not hesitate to reach out to teachers

Common Issues Freshmen Face Not studying/preparing enough for tests/quizzes/ exams Failure to complete homework Lack of organization (homework getting lost in the backpack or locker) Worrying more about fitting in or socializing than grades Not attending help sessions with teachers when needed Not taking responsibility for grades and staying on top of current assignments and/or using the opportunity to do test recovery to raise a grade

Required 9th Grade Academic Classes LANGUAGE ARTS 9th Literature and Comp 9th Literature and Comp Honors SCIENCE Biology

Biology Honors Required 9th Grade Academic Classes Other 9th Grade Classes SOCIAL STUDIES AP Human Geography Ms. K. Olson- teacher OTHER

[email protected] org AP Human Geography ( year long course) available for those recommended Graduation required social studies classes begin in 10th grade with World History All 9th graders will take Study

AVID or AP Skills, Hug General Health (1 semester) Personal Fitness (1 semester) 9 th

grade required electives World Languages Honors courses exist in level II and higher Why take Chinese at NSHS? Study Chinese all four years: Chinese 1 to Chinese 4 Honors, have fun while exploring a new language and culture Participate in the exchange program with our sister school in China or host a student Earn scholarships to go to

summer camps in China or in the U.S. Participate in competitions to earn free trips to China Possibility to participate in the Governor's Honors Program Fine Arts Band Orchestra Chorus Art Drama

Dance Technical Theatre Career Pathways Career and Technical Education (CTE) Career pathways are used to assist students in linking their high school coursework to post secondary training at four year universities, technical colleges, military training or apprenticeships and future careers. Students

may earn three credits in a coherent sequence of CTE courses through a self selected pathway leading to college and career readiness. Electives Please review the specific electives needed for your child Students have had the opportunity to review our elective handbook (online) and select classes that they are interested in taking if they are not in the magnet program during 8th grade tours-SSCMS transition visits were held in Feb. Students should understand we do not make schedule changes after course verifications are established. Choose electives and courses wisely.

(Students will meet and work with their counselors throughout their high school years to prepare for successful completion of graduation requirements. Sample Schedule 9th Lit./Comp 2. Biology, honors 1. GSE Acc Algebra I/Geom A 4. World Language (optional) 3. Health/Personal Fitness 6. AP Hug /Study Skills/Tools College Success 7. Elective

5. Pre-registration Recommendations for core classes were made by 8th grade teachers. Students chose electives with input and guidance from parents and NSCHS counselors. (curriculum guide on website) Please see your students middle school counselor for more information or questions regarding MS teacher recommendations. Supplemental

Instructions Please contact the Special Education contact person at each school if you need additional help with transitional services. Please contact the TAG contact person at each school if you need additional help with transitional services. Sports Eligibility

To participate in any sport, you must pass 5 out of 7 courses the preceding semester - summer school is considered an extension of spring semester All athletes must be on track to graduate at the beginning of each school year Summer Bridge 2018 Held on the campus of North Springs Charter High School. A four-week program for

100 incoming freshmen only Monday, June 4, 2018 Friday, June 29, 2018 Only for students that are registered and will be attending NSCHS during the 2018-2019 school year. .5 Health/.5 PE $100 Registration - online option for payment on April 9, 2018 -May 15, 2018.

8:30 AM 3:00 PM School Lunch will be served daily to the students. Students must attend classes on time every day and remain on campus until the end of the session day. Summer Bridge- Day in the life Magnet Information Math/Science

VPA Magnet Magnet Magnet Information Sheet North Springs Charter High School 2018-2019 Incoming 9th Grade Magnet Student Information Sheet REGISTRATION Mrs. Lori Bryan is looking forward to meeting with all the Magnet families to register your student. Every Magnet parent received an e-mail with all needed information. If you are a Non-Magnet Sandy Springs Middle student, your registration information will

automatically come to our school. AUDITIONS - If you are a Dual or VPA (Visual Performing Arts) only student you will receive your audition schedule prior to Spring break. Auditions are scheduled for April 23-24, 2o18. If the student doesnt audition, they will be placed in an introductory course in a VPA discipline as a freshman. Once schedules are set, there will not be any changes made. COURSE SELECTION Course selection sheets for Magnet students will be sent to your students middle counselor late next week. Please consult with your students current counselor if you have questions regarding their placement in their core classes for next year (Math, English, Social Studies, Science and World Language). For electives, students will either be placed in Magnet electives or another elective of their choice, if space permits in their schedule.

Math/Science Magnet- Students must take the entrance assessment for proper course placement. If you have not taken the assessment, please contact Mr. Landreau to register. Testing dates are 3/24, 3/27, and 4/14. MAGNET INFOMRATION MEETING- Thursday, April 12th, 2018 @ 6pm. NSCHS Auditorium If you have any questions, please contact our magnet coordinator. James A. Landreau 470-254-2080, office

[email protected] Ways to Get Involved Service Org. School Spirit Sport s School events Clubs

Go Spartans Acade mic Teams SGAStude nt Govt School Pride Class of 2022 GO SPARTANS!!

Gear Up Days will be held in August before school starts- Please stay tuned for more information

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