Wyvernaxe Audley MH (Brock) Pedigree of Max/Shilo Litter

Wyvernaxe Audley MH (Brock) Pedigree of Max/Shilo Litter

Wyvernaxe Audley MH (Brock)

Pedigree of Max/Shilo Litter
(SG026402) Color: Yellow OFA: 24G OFEL:37
Bearpoint & Black Forest Kennels
(United Kingdom)
MPR Brocks Golden Nugget
Dale & Brenda Merritt
(SN40996301) OFA: 28G CERF:LR-22174N
Larkspur, Colorado
Lady Chasity of Windy Hill SH
Color: Yellow
4X-GMPR HR HPKS Hawk of Bearpoint MH
SN13415301 Color: Black
AKC# SR11432502 UKC# R167-771
303-681 LABS (5227)
CP GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corky

Born:8/21/03 Color: Yellow OFA: Good
SN34317504 OFA: 26G DNA Profile #V129103
CERF: Clear Clear: EIC and PRA
CP HPKS Foxxy Lady
DNA profile # V367966
(SN80675111) OFA: 24E CERF: LR-34242N
MPR Seafields Link to Bearpoint JH 2nd 2008 North American Gun Dog Color: Yellow
CP Slocum Trails Pepper SN26906305 Color: Black
AKC# SR59919206 UKC# R221-298 Assoc. Open Pointing
OFA: 27G CERF:81 DNA Profile # V183617
5th KS State Pheasant Championship
Born 11/28/2009 Color: Black
out of 76
AFC Chugach Hills Jazzs Rascal (SF804194)
Clear prgd-PRA LR-10-1242
2006 NAGDA Doubles National
OFA: 25G Color: Black DNA# V30958
Clear EIC LR-D10-007888
Zues Von Blitzdorf

Clear CNM LR-63898
2011 NAGDA Amateur Pointing National Champion
2011 NAGDA Senior Division National Champion

SN76384704 OFA: 37G

Scarlet of Frontier SN54212706

Link & Dancer Puppies
Color: Yellow & Black

4X-GMPR HR Tiger Mtns Midnight Reign SH
AKC# SR18963801
OFA: 24G
CPR Tiger Mountain Miss Molly
Born: 6/23/2004 Color: Black
SN68190502 OFA: 47G Yellow


Duke of South Shore SN24959208
OFA: 37G DNA Profile #V245869 Color: Yellow

Golden Springside JH SN27708102 Yellow

CP Minn Horse and Hunt Club Thor
(S F 4 3 1 0 4 0) Color Yellow OFA: 26G
CP MPR GMPR Grits of Black Forest SH
(S N 2 3 7 1 4 0 /0 4) Color: Yellow OFA:26G CERF: 71
DNA Profile # V 4 7 3 3 8
CP Sugars Golden Canyon (S M 8 7 3 6 0 0 /0 4)

4X-GMPR HR HRCH Black Forest Bear Grits MH
AKC (S N 6 4 0 7 8 0 1) UKC (R 1 4 6 6 0 6) Color: Yellow
Clear: EIC and CNM
Color: Yellow OFA: 24E
OFA: 25G OFEL: 41 CERF: 45 DNA Profile # V 2 3 5 4 1 7 Born: 04/13/1999
CP MPR GMPR Cajun of Black Forest JH SH MH
NAGDA 2007 Open Pointing National Champion
(S N 1 0 2 5 7 7 0 6) Color: Chocolate OFA: 27E CERF: 91
2006 Wyoming State Pheasant Pointing Champion
DNA Profile # V 4 7 3 3 6 Born:02/96
NAGDA 2003 Open Pointing National Champion
N 4 2 3 5 8 1 0 4)
NAGDA 2002 & 2003 Doubles National Champion
OFA: 50E CERF: 48
Color: Yellow
Colorado Quail Classic 2003 Champion
CP Klingers Yellow Sand JH (S N 1 2 9 7 3 6 0 6) Color: Yellow
CPR Bearpoints Bear Dancer JH SR59808401
CP, GMPR, UKSH, UKMH Riks Risky Raider SH MH
Clear EIC, PRA, and CNM
(S N 1 6 5 7 3 3 0 2) Color: Yellow OFA: 34G
Color: Yellow Born: 12/17/2009
CPR GMPR NAHRA Master Horse and Hunt Gabe SH MH
AKC ( SN730892/08) OFA: 25E OFEL: 25 CERF: LR-36107N
APR Bearpoints Black Gold Sierra JH Color: Black
Abbeys Lady Cantessa (SN158522/04)
Color: Black OFA: 27G OFEL: Normal CERF: LR-45644
OFA: 58F OFEL:58 Color: Black
Clear : EIC, PRA and CNM
Viper of Plum Hollow (SN337090) Color: Yellow
Born 2/12/2006
Moonstones Maggie Mae (SN65194/05)
OFA: 33G CERF: LR-32460
Green = Master or Grand Master Pointer Retriever
Color: Yellow
Tuckers Ban-Jozie (SN259060/06)
Red = Titled Dogs

Color: Yellow

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